Four Years Of Style: Evolution Not Revolution

I started Not Dead Yet Style in April 2011. I didn’t post a picture of myself for months, and when I finally did, it was with my head cut off! I was awkward about showing myself, and I wasn’t sure I wanted my patients or co-workers to “find” me.

I have no such shyness now, and enjoy posting outfits as well as faces and hands. I’ve been wondering recently how or if my style had changed in the last four years. I have a better camera now, and post larger images. My hair was long when I started, then short, now longer again (I prefer it long). I do get pangs for our beautiful little cottage when I see pictures from 2011-2012.

But I dress pretty consistently through the years, and do a lot of repeating. Here’s a mini-retrospective of my Not Dead Yet style. And yes, I have left off the most embarrassing ones, and the wardrobe malfunctions. Saving those for my book. ☺

From June 2011, my very first Visible Monday post. (Vis Mon returns in just five weeks.)
The outfit is cute (sim skirt) but my head’s missing. I loved that porch and garden.
January 2012. The pics were so small. Here I’m showing my face and
experimenting with style. Karina dress. I love the socks.
February 2013. We’ve just moved to the condo on the beach. I got a lot of wear from
this thrifted knit dress (sim) and I still wear those Docs (sim) all the time.
June 2013. Bigger pics, shorter and blonder hair. And trousers! I loved these trousers (sim) but
they, uh, shrunk in the wash.
July 2014. Short hair and a long dress, from Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy shop. I was putting a toe into the
Boho revival (sim).
December 2014. That same gray knit dress, this time with black booties (sim). One of my favorite looks.
I retired from my psychotherapy practice this month.
May 2015. Biggest pics and a better camera. And a lovely Karina dress.

What I see is no style revolution but a subtle evolution to a more relaxed and confident woman. I also noticed:

  • I like dresses more than trousers.
  • Nothing’s too tight or short; I like easy, flowy clothes.
  • I seem more comfortable smiling and posing as the years go forward. Progress!
  • I prefer longer, fuller hair, and now I aim to make it as big as possible.
  • I’m not a huge risk-taker. I stick to my soft, feminine style, lots of neutrals, and fun shoes.

Dear readers: what have you noticed about your style evolution?

Stay fabulous,

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