Love The One You’re With (That’s You)

The importance of loving our physical selves was in the background, and sometimes the foreground, at the recent Vancouver 40+ Blogger Meetup. All the attendees looked gorgeous to me, because of their effervescent presence as well as their physical beauty.

I was likely the oldest woman in attendance, but I didn’t think about that or “feel” older than the 40-something women. In fact, I felt without-a-specific-age, and comfortable in my skin.

Partial group photo courtesy of the fabulous Sheila.
From left, Pao, Melanie, Sylvia, me, Greetje, Sheila.

We didn’t fuss a lot about figure-flattery, although we had a blast while trying on clothes. All the women at the recent meetup know the figure-enhancing techniques, but we don’t always make much ado of them. Because we wear what we love, not necessarily what’s recommended for an apple or orange or papaya shape.

I have a smallish waist, and often surrender it to looser fitting clothes. I enjoy loose fitting clothes. I have features that I don’t mind showing off – like my pale fuzzy hair and nice decollete, but I don’t always show my body shape. Here’s photo evidence; I’m wearing an over-sized zebra sweater created by Suzanne (similar), and drawstring Eileen Fisher linen trousers (similar):

And my red Kate Spade purse (sim), thrifted for $30 in NYC. (Allow me a small smug here)

Some of my features I’d rather keep to myself, or have magically (not surgically) altered. These include: age spots on my hands (bring back gloves!), droopy upper thighs and a flat-ish butt. I don’t race around naked but nearly everyone sees my hands and my clothed ass. And it’s all OK, it’s part of the package that is me.

I believe we can flaunt our so called “flaws,” or cover them and learn to accept them, but there’s no joy in hating them. Love that one you’re always with. xox

Stay fabulous,

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