Dressing “Young” and Funky Over 60 – It’s All Good!

Dressing “young” and funky over 60 – it’s all good. Don’t listen to the “rules” about what not to wear over 40, 50, 60 or 70. Wear what you love, and what makes you feel like the real “you”. Make your own guidelines that are meaningful for YOU. For me: nothing too short or tight or too low-cut, because that’s how I roll. I was the same modest dresser at 30.

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These knit divided trousers were found in a boutique in Soho, NYC. I love it that they are not completely predictable, and have a city vibe. They were an impulse buy, which I don’t often do – but maybe I should? 😊

It’s a gorgeous, windy December day in Florida. The wind is tilting the potted plants.

The cropped gray knit top by Free People was rented via Nuuly. I love the dropped shoulders and the asymmetrical cut – modern and still “me”. I like the wide neckline too, it’s flattering to show off a lot of neck and a glimpse of collarbone.

I’ve had these Steve Madden “Troopa” boots for over five years. The everyday-wear bracelet is a beloved ID chain from my friend Bryan. Yes, if you look carefully I am going steady with Bryan, a very cool over-60 former photographer, artist, model’s agent, and AIDS activist from NYC.
Hold onto your hair in this wind. In my case it’s the Wiki wig from Ellen Wille. She makes realistic wigs that look and feel wonderful.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I totally agree, Patti! We should all wear what makes us feel good and feel free to be a little funky! ESPECIALLY over 60, right? I love your casual style that is uniquely you.
    Happy holidays,
    xx Darlene

    • Hello Darlene and thanks for linking up on Christmas Eve! I adore those little red sling-backs. Have a happy holiday, xox.

  2. patti! i needed your post today! i just threw out a SHOULD I social-graphic out there to get the opinions of ladies of whether i should keep the thrifted long, tiered metallic skirt i bought as a skirt or up-cycle as a Copy-Cat Anthropologie dress…and i cited one reason of maybe not to upcycle into a dress because of my age–i’m 48…and i have vericose veins…and the dress would not look good with tights….and most women told me to forget about my age….and then i saw your post and just reconfirmed this!…would love to show you what i want to upcycle—but i would share the link only with your permission…thanks, eva

    • Hi Eva and thanks for coming by! I like your skirt-as-a dress, a la Anthro. And I’d wear nude fishnets or similar with it, if I wanted to cover my legs. But you do you, and you’ll be fine! Happy holidays, xox.

  3. I am wearing a similar outfit to this one today (great minds think alike), so am obviously sending love for the pants and sweater combo. “Very NYC” is the best compliment I can give, and I know you understand πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas Patti!

  4. Agree with wearing what you love, no matter your age. Love this outfit on you. Funky and casual. Boat necklines are so flattering. And those Madden boots are very cool!
    Happy holidays to you

    • thanks so much for your kind words, Theresa, and for linking up. Happiest holidays to you too! xox

    • Good morning Debbie and thanks for linking up! I loved your story about your 8 year-old self and the magic you made. Merry Christmas to you, xox.

    • Good morning, Mireille and thanks for linking up. Your Christmas Day outfit is perfect, love your statement earrings! Happy holidays to you, xox.

  5. I love this combo, Patti. You’re right, the divided trousers are super cool. And I love how you could rent your top. A great look that says you’re an interesting person – in the best way.

    • Thanks Pao. Looking “NYC” is my favorite compliment. Love, love your checked coat, xox.

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