The Urge To Chop

The urge to chop. Do you get it sometimes? The urge to whack away at your hair? And what do you do about it?

The pandemic and subsequent time at home has many of us eyeballing the shears. I’ve trimmed my own hair three times – the ends only – already since February, with good results. Not to say I don’t miss the salon experience, and my hair goddess, Joy.

My hair is very fine, curly, and on the fuzzy side. There aren’t a lot of styles that suit it. I’m not complaining; I really do like curly hair. Yes it’s thin, but as my dear Dad used to say “Who wants fat hair?” (he was quite bald) (miss you, Dad).

My dad had a fantastic smile.

“Sure, my life isn’t perfect but my curls are.”


I am coming upon a major whack-my-hair-off period, I can feel it. I know that I can’t go too short, as it will look like I have no hair. I also have a long face and strong chin, and cute pixie cuts are generally not flattering on me.

I am drawn to messy, shaggy cuts that you can scrunch and play with. I don’t mind using pin curls, light gels, and diffusers, but I won’t have a hairstyle that has to “stay put”. It also has to be friendly to Florida’s high humidity (i.e., feature lots of curl/wave).

Here are some styles I’ve pinned to my Pinterest account. I’m not going to do anything dramatic yet, (am I?). Maybe best to wait for a consult at a future appointment with an ahem, hair professional.

The back is pixie-ish but the fat waves/curls make it less severe for
my angular face. Pinterest.
Love a curly chin-length bob like this one, and the model’s hair is fine
like my own. Great slide how here.

“Why didn’t you comb your hair?”- most of the girls with curly hair have heard this at least once.

When I scrape my hair back in a knot, it looks like a short haircut. I like the look but still am reluctant to do a Big Chop.
This is my favorite wig, by Ellen Wille. I love, love this style but my own hair is too thin to replicate it.

Have you had the urge to chop? And any happy or horror stories about cutting your hair at home? Late at night in the bathroom with a dim light? 😊   Please share in the comments, and have a great hair day.

Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash (hands that is!), xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these goodies:

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  1. you should try shaving your head at least once in your lifetime…its so liberating and feels amazing….AND your hair comes back looking so much more…(perhaps it the gratitude of having hair again that makes it appear so awesome ;P ) . its super cheap..only needing a spot of shampoo for the first few months of regrowing….no product required, no hair dye, no appliances required, or the electricity to run them… eco friendly, you are saving the planet ! <3

    • Hello Meg and thanks for coming over – i love your reply! I’ve considered shaving my head more than once, and if I have two glasses of wine I want to do it even more. But my head doesn’t look good to me without some hair. I applaud all the women who do it! Stay safe, xxx.

  2. I learned my lesson when I chopped off my below-shoulder-length hair after seeing the movie, “Ghost,” thinking I would look as adorable as Demi Moore did with a pixie cut. Hahahaha. The photos from that period still make me wince. I’ve also been talked into shorter cuts by stylists, even though for my height and face shape, a short cut was soooo not a good decision. Now that I’m in my 60s, I realize that I often used a major hair change to distract from other problems, like boredom, stress, bad relationships, stupid jobs, and lack of patience to let my hair grow out from my last ill-advised chop. I think you have the better solution with your wigs, which give you a selection of lengths when the chopping urge hits.

    • Hello Candy and thanks for coming by and sharing your short hair stories. I agree we get this urge often when we are bored or stressed (hello pandemic!). Wigs are wonderful, and solve the boredom/bad hair day issues. Stay well and safe, xx.

  3. LOL! Love it! (I’m behind in my reading & am just catching up on your blog but saw this & had to jump ahead!). Yes, I chop off my own hair & have for years. As Chris says, why pay someone to make me cry when I can do it myself for free? My hair’s not as wonderfully wild as the styles shown — LOVE that first style especially! — but it has enough natural curl, body & texture that it hides a multitude of cutting sins unless I completely screw up (usually on the back & then I get my husband to even things out as best as he can, promising to not kill him if it all goes pear-shaped 🙂 ).I’ve let my colour grow out (discovering to my profound shock that my life-long natural ash blonde is now charcoal & silver: who the heck knew THAT was going to happen?? Fortunately I absolutely adore it.). One advantage of getting old(er) is taking things less seriously, so even if I have a hair disaster I no longer think it’s the end of life as I know it, I just shrug it off & pretend it was the look I was going for 🙂

    • LOL – I do the same for trimming the back of my hair – I promise my husband not to get mad if it turns out “choppy” : > Thanks for coming over, stay safe, and have a wonderful weekend. xx

    • Yes, you really rock the minimalist hair look, Shelley. I’ve saved quite a few dollars in the last seven months too, but then I blow it on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream : > Stay safe and fab, xx.

  4. You been reading my mail. Fed up with my hair, concerned with COVID rebound, for the first time in my life, I have googled how to cut my hair.

    I like to think that I can get away with it better with curly hair.

    • Hi Dusty and thanks for coming over. Yes, curly hair is very forgiving! Just do a little at a time (or not) and you’ll love the results. Stay safe and well, xx.

  5. Patti your hair looks beautiful ,fun ,and très chic and matches the positive exuberant personality of your articles .I myself happily trim my ends to save money as hair salons have raised prices to ridiculous wasteful amounts. I have went au naturale (grise) in color and feel I look better .I have long hair and like wearing it it a messy Bardot in the 60s up do.

    • Hi Joan! Oh I love a messy Bardot updo, one of my favorite looks. Cheers to natural grise, and stay fabulous, xx.

  6. My last professional haircut was in October 2020. It is currently a little longer than shoulder length in the back, with something shorter like bangs on the front. Back in my college days I had the desire to chop so went to my best childhood friend, a licensed cosmetologist. Told her what I (thought) I wanted. She cut. And cut again. Then told me if I wanted more off I would need to come back another day… which I did. Then regretted it something fierce. I have also had Romeo else many moons after that cut the front and sides so short I could even use a small battle curling iron. So I am pretty happy saving the money and aggravation of going somewhere and paying someone to make me cry. I can go that myself. Thanks for the memories!

    • Hi Chris and thanks for coming over, with your tales of hair woe! Yes, it’s grand when we can do it ourselves, and try not to cry : > Stay well, xx.

  7. Patti,
    It’s so good to see you. As I was growing out my natural color, I did a “big chop” a few years ago. The style was similar to your first option. I adored it at first and I think that you’ll look fantastic in that cut. After a while though, I really started to miss my mane. Now that it’s longer again, I’ll be sticking with this length.


    • Hi Rena and wonderful to see you too. I’ve liked your hair at all its lengths – it always looks full and healthy. And silver is the best! Stay well, xx.

  8. My hair is the longest it has been in many years (nearly to the middle of my back). With our blazing Northern California heat, I keep my hair up most of the summer. I also wash my hair every other day and on the not wash days, I moisterize with a hair serum.

    • Hi Tami! I agree, putting your hair up is great in the heat (same here in Florida). Sounds like you’ve got a good routine! Stay safe, xx.

    • LOL, Kim, I love it that you whack your own hair. We grown-up women can do so many things, with all we know! Stay fabulous and well, xx.

  9. I found that a little dry wax in my hair makes it look thicker. Biotin also helps.

  10. My father was a barber. This means that I think I am qualified to cut my own hair, lol. Early in life, I acquired my own set of haircutting scissors. I have whacked at my own curly locks since at least the age of 16 (I am 62). I like a short cut, close on the sides and back and longer on top — accomplished by the technique long known as “shingling.” When my hair gets long enough that it curls into my ears and eyeballs, I reach for a cutting implement, pull the hair straight away from my skull, and cut off the bits that stick out longer than the rest.

    Heck, there are blind barbers who cut only by touch. I have the advantage of seeing what I’m doing in a mirror for the front and sides … I can cut the back by touch.

    • Great that you can cut your hair so well, Lin! It gives you a lot of freedom. I have had haircuts that *looked* like the stylist was blind, but never an actual blind barber : > Stay safe and well, xx.

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