The Fun Is Always On The Other Side Of . . .

The fun is always on the other side of a yes. I’m a huge fan of Tina Fey. Smart, funny, talented, and did I say funny? And pretty fabulous looking too. At age 50, she looks better than ever.

Looking fab without and with makeup. Source.

She’s got some ideas worth pondering too. A few years ago I read an article about Tina’s philosophy of “yes” and it hooked me in. “The fun is always on the other side of a yes”, she says.

“A couple of times I’ve been called on to do things — jobs or whatever — where I’ve felt, Maybe I’m not quite ready. Maybe it’s a little early for this to happen to me. But the rules are so ingrained. “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward” has helped me to be more adventurous. It has definitely helped me be less afraid.”

How often do I say “no” before I even consider the possibilities on the other side? Moonlight walk on the beach: I might be too tired or too chilly. Leather skirt above the knee: I’m too old for that look. A week in NYC: I always say “yes” to that, and the fun never stops. See, it works. 😊

Sometimes we receive the power to say yes to life. Then peace enters us and makes us whole. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tina goes on to say: “And even if you abandon one idea for another one, saying yes allows you to move forward.” So maybe not the leather skirt but a denim one, and as short as I like. And with teal tights if the mood is right.

A decorative reminder. Sadly, it’s sold out. Here’s a positive tee.

I know what you’re thinking: women can say “yes” too often, and become burdened with responsibilities. The other struggle is to learn to say “no” to unreasonable requests and demands. We have to do that to maintain our sanity and our dignity. I try to do it once a day!

. . . . But saying ‘yes’ begins things. Saying ‘yes’ is how things grow.

-Stephen Colbert

And today I am going to practice “yes”-ing the possibilities. Who knows where I’ll go?

What do you find yourself saying “yes” to these days? I’m saying no to travel and crowds, but yes to new styles, books, music, and masks with personality.

Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

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  1. A good rule of thumb for alone time is to take a day for yourself between every couple of days you spend together.

  2. Thanks so much for your positive yes article .I just said yes to a reasonable on sale lovely faux shearling hooded long coat I had wanted and had been saying no as fear of covid death and my age. I so enjoy daily healthy exercise nature walks like Thoreau and this will keep me warm I thought of you when I let myself say yes thank you..
    “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.- “Henry David Thoreau

    • Good morning Joan and thanks for coming over. Your coat sounds like heaven and I hope you enjoy it every chance you get. Ahh, Thoreau, there’s a good calming read! Stay well and fabulous, xx.

  3. Absolutely! After a boyfriend broke up with me, declaring I was not exciting enough, I became determined to be more interesting. He did me a favor. I signed up for the Peace Corps and ended up seeing the world. It was a huge adventure, all with a safety net–nothing reckless. I don’t regret a minute, and I am SO glad we broke up.

    • Wow, what an inspiring story, TOF. You said yes to an expansive adventure. Not exciting enough? Bull-shirt! Thanks for coming by and sharing, stay safe and fabulous, xx.

  4. Great advice, Patti! My inclination is often “no” but all of my favourite adventures have been due to a “yes”.

    Hope you and Sandy and the kitties are well, my dear. Hugs!

    • Hi Sheila, lovely to see you. I too have to fight my inclination to say no – yes has brought a lot of great times! Hope you are well and safe on your beautiful island, xx.

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