Older Women: Represent With Your Selfies!

Here’s a good Sunday read from the Guardian, “Why Older Women Should Become The New Selfie Generation.” The author, Helen Walmsley-Johnson, thinks we women of a certain age should lead the way on visual media — since we’ve been (largely) ignored by main stream advertisers. She writes:

“It’s satisfying and uplifting to learn that 71% of women aged 50-64 are entirely happy with the way they look. That’s a whole 8% higher than the figure for women aged 18-34. But which of these two groups is the one you see posting the ubiquitous “selfie” all over the place?”


“Perhaps we should lead by example and show that growing older is a wonderful, liberating opportunity for reinvention, to let go of some things while embracing others.”


Here’s Ms. Walmsley-Johnson’s makeup free selfie:



And here’s mine (after coffee, natch):



This is what we look like, and we’re fine.

Have a wonderful day, and stay fabulous,



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