Visible Monday! Have a Look At Us, Will Ya?

We started writing and thinking about invisibility over the last month or so: for example, here, here and here, and reading external articles like this one, and this scary one (Anne alerted us!).

We decided we didn’t care for it. Invisibility, I mean.

So here we are, waving our flags, tossing our manes and tooting our horns. Women of a certain age (the age does not matter), who have been pushed to the sidelines by the mainstream fashion media, are announcing our manifesto: invisible no more.

We have agreed: we’re already confident about our varied accomplishments, and we sure don’t want to forfeit any of that cool wisdom stuff we’ve acquired. We just enjoy being appreciated for the physical, aesthetic beings we are, as well as the brainy, thoughtful ones.

Every day, and today in particular, we’re putting the spotlight on hot fashion, confident style, and the awesome women of the blogosphere. Ok, I’m not really all those things, but I’ll start anyway. Here’s my first VM pics:

Striped sweater: Consignment, no tag!, Skirt: Limited, Shoes: Nine West
Pearls: Consignment, Favorite Owl: eBay

I love stripes, just love ’em. I added my chunky faux pearls today, in honor of VM. Mr. Owl is a regular feature who always makes me smile. My high wedges make me walk with with a little more attitude. And now I see my skirt is a bit sheer, oops. More meaning to Visible Monday than I had planned.

Today’s Visible Monday Participants! Please go check them out:

Anne from The Frump Factor
Pam from Over50Feeling40
Beryl from My Niece Told Me To Start Blogging
Debbie from Thrifty Girl Vintage

Happy Monday and keep the spotlight on.

Being VM and all, I should have included my head-parts. I am still fighting a cold, and had not done any beautifying. So, I slicked on some gloss and added the head. Visible me, lack-of-hairdo notwithstanding:

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Invisible is exactly how I feel, and I have been trying to sort out how to dress age appropriate but not invisible. You did a fantastic job with your outfit, love the skirt. I look forward to next week.

  2. Brenda – thanks for reading! I'm smiling at the "older lady" comment – isn't that a kick in the pants? And how did that happen, when just a couple weeks ago we were 35?

    Please do participate in Visible Monday, it's fun.

  3. Just ran across your blog and love it! I turned 5l this year and I'm still so surprised when I look in a mirror or one of the kids at work describes me as the "older lady"! Amusing and disconcerting all at the same time. When did I become my Mother?

    I've sewn my own clothes most of my life and sell some on Etsy, so you'd think I would have a grip on my own style!

    However, coming to love and dress my older, fluffier body has been a struggle. I don't like looking in the mirror and even if you searched the internet over, you wouldn't find a picture of me. Obviously I need to change that, so maybe…just maybe…I'll be here for the next Monday reveal!

    Love the blog! Brenda

  4. I covet that sweater. I have a somewhat similar one from Max Mara (via eBay), but yours has so much more style with the different gauge stripes!!

  5. Sounds like fun. I was inspired by the earrings worn by the mother on Burn Notice last night to bring out the really big hoops and dress around them.

    • its gotta be a plus when you can get a free T and its stylsih .. i think it is. with the env ….. it could mean anything which i like …and the boots ! love themm …. man i havent been able to online lately i miss your blog !

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    • Very nice view you have on your way into town! I love that shot – Are people allowed to go inside that cave or explore there?Happy Scenic Sunday!

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  6. Oh my! What an elegant look! I LOVE black and white and it's so cool how you put together your pearls and owl! GORGEOUS!!!! I hope you feel better! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. I read the articles and again I came to the conclusion that others determine how we should live our lives and again everything is planned for us before we know it.
    Determine our value sa a person on how young and beautiful we look doesn't make sense. As a society we become more and more paranoid and we are pushed to believe crazy things.This has to stop. You've got a beautiful face. Alas!I hide my face ,not because I don't like it but because I don't feel comfortable with going public.
    The long skirt is definitely a statement!

  8. I love this look–the stripes, the sheer skirt, the pearls, the wedges. And that head at the end made ME grin from ear to ear. Cheers for visibility!

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