Loving a Navy Sequined Skirt, Is It So Wrong?

I have nothing profound to say: I just love this Old Navy, navy skirt. It has a net top layer, a swishy underlayer, and sequins! And I wear it to work! Today I added a very soft washed-linen shirt, an off-white belt, and casual studded shoes. Did I mention I love this skirt?

Oh, I left my head out because it had lots of pincurls in it, and was not really ready for blog-time.

Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: Marin Apparel Co., Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: White Mountain, Magnetic Bracelet: 7-Eleven!

Reminder: Monday June 27th is the first Visible Monday group posting for anyone who’d like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and send me a link to it. I’ll post all the pics and links here.

Do you have a very favorite skirt? Share!

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  1. Une femme – Thank you, I like a piece that can go both day and evening, don't you?

    Angie – Wish I could go back to Crete right now – the sky there is so beautiful, and the people are so friendly.

    Serene – I could definitely see this skirt on you, with your own creative styling – you are a skirt person, I think!

    Anne – I love pencils too. If you like to thrift, (I think you do) there are usually tons of skirts in good condition, so you can try something festive without too much investment.

    Terri – I do a few pin curls most mornings to refresh my curls before I head out. Even tho I'm naturally curly, it helps shape them. Were you "happy amazed"? I'd love to see a pic.

  2. It's a pretty skirt and I like the blouse you've paired with it. Do you do pin curls a lot? I tried it once last summer and was amazed.

  3. I think it's very cute! My "favorite" skirts are all fairly classic, straight, pencil skirts. I love them, but I'm starting to think it's time for something a little more festive and fun! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh, my! What a lovely skirt! I just love skirts and I don't know that I believe if there is such a thing as a day time or night time skirt….okay, maybe SOME exceptions. But this skirt and the way you've styled it is just gorgeous and certainly daytime appropriate. Sequins in the middle of the day!! FABULOUS!!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  5. It looks great to me,nothing over the top! Crete is where I live the last 12years. I fell in love with the place. It's a powerful little place on earth!

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