Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Me?

I just thrifted this skirt, and just in time for the heat wave, I think. It’s very cool and airy. A thin white cotton underlayer with a lively print layer on top, and a stretchy waist. Heaven for a hot muggy day.

Actually I have the usual Floridian dilemna: tropics-hot outside and nicey-icy in the office. The backseat of my car has several choices of cover-up, from a denim jacket to an emergency rain slicker. My office holds a couple of nice neutral cardis, in case I forget a top layer.

This white shirt was also a thrift find, by TravelSmith. I looked them up and frankly, their catalog looks a little, um, mature for even middle-aged me. But this shirt — you actually can wash it in the sink, hang it up, and it is ready to wear in a few hours. No wrinkles! Who doesn’t love that on a summer’s day?

Shirt: TravelSmith, Skirt: Unknown, thrifted, Belt: Thrifted
Flats: Lauren Ralph Lauren, Owl: eBay

How are you dressing for the two-temperature-zone situation?
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  1. Don't dismiss Travel Smith based on their catalog styling–they are marketing to those who have time and money to travel in style–the retirees. Many items are perfect for tropical dressier occasions. Their suiting is washable and looks really nice after a long car or plane ride–a big plus here in sweaty SC, and they have a lot of travel dress styles that can be dressed every which way–a lot are very similar to the Athleta ones hip, active young women love to wear with sporty shoes….watch the lengths –they come in mid calf, knee length and rather short….

  2. You look very cool yet very put together. I love your hair! Mine is stick straight and I wish it would curl like yours.
    Speaking of heat waves, it is 103 degrees here in Wichita today. I feel like I am melting!

  3. I love this whole look! It's light and airy and so feminine! It's funny, sometimes I'll come across something from a particular line that I associate with "granny like" stuff and I'll end up loving that one item. Go figure…I guess we should keep an open mind eh? You look beautiful! ~Serene

  4. This is a nice stand out of the crowd outfit!I wish I was that brave to show my face but i'm glad you took the chance!Great outfit!You seem to have a nice living space!

  5. Lovely. Actually, I think you were lucky to find a good white blouse…and clothing made for travel tends to be carefree. I have a backpack/purse by Mark Thompson made for traveling, but I really like it for every day.

  6. When I lived in Texas we all kept a sweater or jacket in the office in the summer, and dressed in layers in the winter. Add in the "it's just me" factor and it really gets complicated!

    I have a couple of TravelSmith's tops, though you do have to be selective. I like their tunics. I've also got a pair of their stretchy travel pants that are great for days on an airplane or in the car.


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