What I Wore: Tutus for Grownups

I have fallen for this layered net skirt and wear it a lot (last seen here). It makes me feel youthful but not silly. The length is just right and it’s black – hello, favorite non-color!

I paired it with a semi-sheer blouse by JJill (thrifted), and a medium blue suede belt that’s proven to be more versatile than I expected. I’m wearing my black Impo thrifted booties for additional grown-up flair. I see now I could have benefited from a nice pair of dangly earrings and a touch more lipstick. The camera tells more than the mirror.

Sassy in a tulle skirt by Old Navy.

Have a superb Saturday, and don’t forget: Monday, October 29th is Visible Monday. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. Firstly, you look great. I notice things in my own photos too that I don't catch in the mirror. Funny how that works.

    Secondly, I love the skirt. It's a great, grown-up tutu.

  2. What a fabulous skirt. I think we all need something that makes us feel so amazing. I think the delicate tulle is perfectly grown up.

  3. This post makes me happy that I finally broke down and ordered a tulle skirt in black from the same eBay vendor that Allison of Wardrobe Oxygen ordered hers from. You look so lovely and chic that it will be like Christmas when it arrives!

  4. Your skirt is so lovely, and perfect with the patent booties! I love seeing black in different textures, it doesn't appear quite as black, but very sophisticated. I really like the top on you as well, it's very good with your light colouring, and very feminine. I think it's a very well balanced outfit!

  5. Wonderful tutu! Yours has a very elegant feel to it – I love tulle and tutus! I think there were five in my closet when I last looked!

  6. Fantastic tutu! It's fun and sophisticated, and I like how you've paired it with the blouse and that solid belt and shoes. Aren't cameras tricky? They point out things my eyes miss all the time – and I don't always like what I see!

  7. Yikes, I think I forgot to hit submit (perimenopause).

    I love the tutu-esque vibe of this, Patti! I wear skirts like this as layering pieces up where it's cold. You look relaxed and fresh!

  8. Allison at Wardrobe Oxygen had one of those on recently and I had to admit I liked it, yours as well. I just can't see myself wearing anywhere but to a party. Where will you wear yours?

  9. Adorable skirt!! I love the bit of tulle. I always see things in photos I don't notice in the mirror. Am trying to learn from it. 😉

  10. Hey Patti!  You look great, and I am all for the tutu trend as well!  I am so looking for netted and tulle under- and over-layers now!  And boy are you right about the camera telling all.  I have learned so much about myself from my work with my blog/camera!!

    Lynn Dylan

  11. Wow!  Love this look on you.  I wear my tutu skirt (beige color) with a longish  black sweater and black leather boots.

  12. I can't believe that skirt is Old Navy.  It's fabulous and I love the styling; especially the addition of the blue belt.

  13. Patti, you have the cutest skirts for real. =) That top is pretty too. I really like your skirt and own a similar black lace one (a few inches below the knee). Mine is also pleated and has a few black iridescent sequins sprinkled all over it like stars. It looks like a Midnight-themed skirt, it truly is beautiful & unique. =)

  14. Hi Patti.  There are so many aspects of this ensemble that I love, In particular, it's the balance of girly vs edgy.  I believe that to a certain degree it's the camera that asks for stronger make up, though a shade a little closer to your lovely nails would have looked nice too.  Happy weekend.

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