What I Wore: Peacocks and Butterflies, and Color!

I am a neutrals-loving woman. My closet is full of navy, black, and ivory, and I like it that way. But I could get in the practice of wearing color, especially for summer. And especially if it’s in the form of an easy, versatile sundress.

I showed the Alice dress by kika to you last week, and here’s the delightful Charissa. It’s the ultimate summer dress, with a box-pleated skirt and just the right amount of coverage up-top. The color’s called “Peacock,” a saturated azure blue. So I painted my toes sapphire, just to be bluesy.

The dress is courtesy of kika, a woman-owned and environmentally aware company. Made in the USA, too, yay for the home team.

Gladiator sandals by Steve Madden, thrifted. More knee-showing, hide the children.

I’m adding more color with a sheer butterfly scarf, courtesy of Scarf World. They have hundreds of offerings, in silk, chiffon and poly, and the prices are sweet. This style is large enough to serve as a wrap or a swim-bottom cover-up.

Dress and scarf play nicely together. Peacock and butterflies.
More colorful offerings from kika and ScarfWorld. The Delia dress, Mimi jacket and Cherries scarf.
Who knew a neutrals-woman could sneak over to the colorful side?
Have a sensational day and stay fabulous,

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  1. Blue becomes you, beautiful woman! That shade in particular. What a lovely dress- and hurrah for Team USA. I'll have to check out the website. Thank you for linking up, Patti-cans! You are thee best.

  2. Wonderful shade of blue! And very summery, too. I am a colour girl myself. I used to wear a lot of black and grey, but maybe 4 years ago I decided I needed some colour. And Now I find it hery difficult to wear black.. And navy has always passed for neutral for me (I don'tbdo beige…), it is so much kinder to my pale skin than black.

  3. I love kika dresses because they are so easy to style in 100 ways and because you have to show your nice legs and not hide them!

  4. Colour loves you, baby! So do those shorter lengths. looking fab! x

  5. Beautiful dress; the color is amazing on you. And that butterfly scarf is fantastic!

  6. A fabulous color for the season! Nice sto see you in such a wonderful shade that definitely works well with your coloring!

  7. Such a pretty color! Every now and then I have to break out of the neutral zone too.

  8. Is there a rule whereby if you show your knees you must not show your head? Both you knees and your head are lovely so I encourage you to show both! The dress and scarf are quite lovely too!

  9. That looks like one of those "perfect" dresses. And if we could see your lovely face we would see that you look awesome in this blue

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