How I Learned To Show My Knees: Kika Sundress

I heard from the very nice people at kika clothing a couple of weeks ago. They asked me to take a look at their collection, and to sample a couple of pieces. I turn down most offers to promote clothing, because it either doesn’t fit my style personality, or doesn’t seem high quality. Kika is a big winner.

Here’s how they describe the company at their website:

 kika was founded by women, for women with the goal of making every woman feel beautiful, stylish and comfortable in her skin. . . We make sustainable, eco-friendly clothes that are classic, stylish and extremely comfortable using custom dyes to ensure each item is truly something special.

In addition to offering well-made, comfortable and eco-friendly pieces, kika invites women to become Stylists and host Trunk Shows and participate in the business. And, their pieces are made in the USA, so yay for that!

Kika‘s co-owner, Kim, contacted me herself, and invited me to choose two items to feature. With Florida summer in mind, and my reduced work schedule (more time for play), I chose an Alice and a Charissa dress. I’ll show you the Charissa, in beautiful Peacock, next week.

Below is Alice straight up, in Ink. It’s a sweet summer dress, made of organic cotton and spandex jersey. It’s stretchy and easy to wear. Machine wash and air dry, and zero wrinkles. Oh yes, and pockets.

The length on the Alice is shorter than my usual skirts, but works well for the hot weather.
I might add tights for Fall/Winter.

And you can layer, to create different looks and add coverage, and/or you can scarf it:

With a print jacket from MarketPlace, a thrifted lace tee (similar), and an infinity scarf. Versatile, yeah?

Have a look at kika‘s stuff, I think you’ll like it.
And please have a wonderful weekend, and Mother’s Day, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and howl at the moon ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, May 19th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. That KIKA dress looks totally adorable on you! (I have a thing about my knees too, but yours look lovely!)
    Dawn Lucy

  2. That dress is really lovely on you and your knees are just lovely too!

  3. Your knees are well worth showing off and this dress was just the perfect way to do so. I'm a huge fan of Kika products, they are beyond soft and incredibly well made. I absolutely love all the different ways you layered and took this dress to new levels.

  4. I think you look just wonderful in a shorter length, Patti! It's a cute dress and you have fabulous legs, show them more often please! xxx

  5. Show your knees more, you have amazing legs and look like a total goddess! xxx

  6. Lovely looks–pockets are a rarity in a dress. Love that! You look amazing in a shorter length too. Such great legs! Show them off 🙂

  7. That is a wonderful dress – I love the simple shape and rich colour, and it most certainly is not too short on you. Flash the gams! I'm not familiar with the brand Kika, but I would definitely wear that dress, especially since it has pockets, which we all know makes every item of clothing better.

  8. What a beautiful and sexy dress. It looks so good on you!! And well paired with my favourite sandals. Although versatile I prefer the dress on you as it is. That is the best way to show your great figure and it is the Paris simple chic!! Very goid choice.

  9. I really like the sundress on you! SHow those Gams more often girl! Very pretty to dress up and down. xx jess

  10. Love the Alice dress so cute .. Comfortable with style is a winning combo .. Kika is a fantastic company both the styles and tbe people.

  11. Love this dress. Cotton knit and pockets…reminds me of the comfort discussion in one of your previous blog posts. Debbie @

  12. Enjoy your blog, i will sign up. your knees are great. kika is a awesome company

  13. What a gorgeous dress. And don't worry about showing too much leg — our gams are the last thing to go!

  14. You should have shown your legs another time, they take the eyes away from the dress! Those pockets make the dress a winner! And the color too.

  15. I love my kika pieces! they got me through my pregnancy and they are so comfortable.

  16. Your legs are amazing! I'd be showing them off, if I was you! Great dress, but I'd only wear it if it was several inches longer (as my legs aren't as amazing as yours).

  17. I LOVE kika. Eco-friendly, soft and comfy, stylish AND Made in LA….what more could a girl ask for? 🙂

  18. You look gorgeous!!! Perfect little run around dress for hot days!

  19. Thanks so much for featuring kika! You look absolutely adorable in the Alice!

  20. Patti! Adorable dress, gamine-like, yet still enough sophistication for you! And your gams are gorgeous, so show off those knees please! I particularly like your lace tee option!

  21. Oh, what a pretty dress on you! And so many options for play! I never would've thought to throw a sheer lace top over it but that totally works. Will definitely check out this store. Have a gorgeous weekend, Patti. 😀

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