Coming Clean: What’s Your Routine?

“Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” -Thomas Aquinas
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I used to be a 100% shower person. Bath tubs were for rinsing out rayon dresses, or, on Friday night, sitting on the edge to shave my legs for the Big Date.

At our cottage, we showered outside almost every day! Our yard was private, and we had hot water, and it was so enchanting to shower while watching birds, cats, turtles and the occasional snake. Only one time was I “caught” by a bug exterminator guy, and I think he shrieked louder than I did.

In the last year, I’ve become a bath person. Not sure why, except perhaps because we finally have two bathrooms. Now I can luxuriate as long as I like. In the tub, I can: stretch out, think, plan, sing, sip wine (evening bath only), listen to music, audio books, or the baseball game. Lovely.

I only use the shower when washing my hair, twice a week. It’s too tricky to get my head under the bath spout, trust me on this.

Some products for making the bath even more enjoyable:

  • Grapefruit Bath Bombs. These smell heavenly and are eco-friendly, too. I use them a couple of times a week.
  • Be Well Bubble Bath. This one actually helps soothe sore muscles, and has a clean eucalyptus scent. Long lasting bubbles, too.
  • A pretty or funky headband, to keep my hair out of my face and add a little glam.
“She felt faintly embarrassed by the sheer profusion of things she had for putting in baths, but she was for some reason incapable of passing any chemist’s or herb shop without going in to be seduced by some glass-stoppered bottle of something blue or green or orange or oily that was supposed to restore the natural balance of some vague substance she didn’t even know she was supposed to have in her pores.”
― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Are you a shower or a bath woman? Or do you change it up, as the spirit moves? If you have a favorite bath product, please share below, and stay fabulous.

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  1. Japanese custom is to shower off first, then soak in hot water. That way may work better for you, Marciel!

  2. I can't just lie in a bath unless I have been gardening and my muscles are really aching. I swim quite a bit and love the power showers at the pool, massage and shower in one.

  3. Oh I couldn't live without my bubble bath! It's the only time I meditate! I've tried doing it everywhere and never ever managed it, til it occurred to me that the one place in my house where I am quiet, at peace, completely silent and at one with my thoughts, is in the bath! Love it! x

  4. Yes, Epsom salts are great! we order 50 pounds or so a month and the UPS guy looks at us funnY!

  5. I prefer bath, and in Britain I baths. In Finland My bathroom is equipped with a shower only (and a sauna, which I hardly ever use), so I take long showers. And I mean long… The earlier the morning, the longer the shower, but 30 min is standard…

  6. sorry for your health issues, Jess. I have used Epsom salts too and they do help with soreness, don't they.

  7. I love both! I am fortunate to have a lovely big soaker tub so I have luxury baths. They are purely for enjoyment since I shower for cleanliness and there is not getting one's head under the tap in my bath either, so hair washing must be done in the shower. I love lavender scented bath bubbles and my cat sits on the edge of the tub and unknowingly drags her tail through the bubbles.

  8. I love water in every possible way – showers, baths, swimming pools, seaside, you name it. 🙂 Your routine sounds soooo relaxing, especially with a glass of vino! 🙂 An outside shower is fantastic. 🙂 I experienced it when vacating on the Black Sea.

    I usually take a shower as a daily routine (twice a day in summer), but I used to be more of a bath girl back in Russia… so I guess it changes over time. I am also a huge fan of banya (steam bath) – I wrote about it in one of my posts –
    That is the best way of deep relaxation for me up to date. 🙂

  9. Well, I suppose I am a litle different. I have EDS, a chronic connective tissue disease that effects my muscles, creating knots. For me, my bath is a necessity, but also I enjoy it. I take 2 baths a day. I put in 2 cups of Epsom salts ( we buy in bulk), bubble bath. I play my swing music, and just kind of rest a bit thinking about the day. I may use aromatherapy at night. The epsom salts help relax my muscles and get me going for the day. Then I use Sombra on my legs for pain releif, ( better smelling than ben gay)

    Please stop by


  10. It's so much fun showering outside! I've stayed on a boat before and they had a solar heated shower installed on the roof. We showered in plain view once it was night 🙂 (on the ocean)

  11. Showers! I love the idea of a bath, soaking, etc., but when I get in I am immediately bored, so I wash, and then I turn on the shower anyway to make sure all the soap and whatever are off me…all that water! So – definitely a shower person!

  12. I mainly take showers except when we go and stay in hotels and then I luxuriate in a bath using all the freebie bath oils.

  13. This is weird, because the other day someone else was talking to me about showering outside. It sounds great, except for the snake! And then I was thinking about having a bath yesterday – I shower, but we have a big tub now and yet we rarely use it. It does feel great if I've been on my feet all day though!

  14. I love a nice bath but don't take them as often as I'd like because I'm afraid of using so much water during a drought year. 🙁

  15. I've been enjoying baths the past few years .. but I'm with you showers on hair washing day…Be Well Bubble Bath sounds divine!!!

  16. I'm both a bath and shower person. But, when I bathe, I thoroughly enjoy it! Cute post!

  17. Strictly shower here, unless I'm sick, freezing cold or the shower can't physically be used. It's more about time than preference.

  18. Oh, no, Patti! I didn't mean to rain on your parade. I told you it was just a thing. 🙁 Go enjoy your bath, m'dear! It sounds so relaxing and soothing. Don't mind my Monk-like hang-ups!

  19. I'm a daily shower-er, but this reminds me about how much I used to love relaxing in a bath in the evening. Not sure why I got out of the habit….

  20. I mostly shower for time reasons, but at night sometimes I like a bath with Epsom salts. I don't do much in the way of bath bombs these days, but back in the day I used to get them from Lush.

  21. I don't bathe because I have this thing – a probably misguided thing but a thing nonetheless – about swimming in my own grime. Your bathing sounds a lot cleaner and more aromatic. 🙂

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