Visible Monday #83: Nice Tough Girl

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I wore this Eileen Fisher dress just a few Visible Mondays ago! It is so versatile, and comfortable, that I find myself repeating it quite a bit. I bought it at a Buffalo Exchange consignment store in Manhattan for just $30, a very sound purchase.

Today I am pairing the dress with a bead necklace, made by a friend, and my new, killer Doc Marten boots. Yes, at age 57 I have purchased my first pair of Docs (via eBay), and I love them. Comfortable, funky, and a nice counterpoint to the ladylike dress.

Marilyn Monroe as Theda Bara, by Richard Avedon, is behind me.
Do street-savvy, tough, Doc-wearing women wear cozy cardigans?
Contemplative cat contemplates the mysteries.

 Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Patti, I would never have guessed those boots were Doc Martens. I guess they are branching out like Uggs are and making more stylish boots. They look great with your dress. You always look perfect in whatever you wear.

  2. Damn right, they wear whatever they want to!  Very cool Doc Martens on you Patti.  And they go with everything – cardigans, dresses, you name it.  You'll want to wear them everyday.

  3. I love the versatility of your dress!  Pieces like that are the best – you can wear them over and over and you're usually the only one who knows that it's the same dress worn 82 different ways a month 😉

  4. Patti, I LOVE those boots! They look great, and work so well with the ladylike dress and necklace, a fabulous combination. Though I rather think the Docs will look fabulous with anything and everything!
    Sorry I'm late, but I'm here now! xxx

  5. The thing that makes a Doc-wearing woman street savvy and tough is her clear style vision that says she can wear a cardigan with whatever she pleases. Love this tough simplicity. (And the artwork on the wall.) 

  6. So many fabulous visible women here today! Love it!

    I love your sexy grey dress and the contrast of the warm-tone boots – so badass. That picture is awesome.

  7. Love, love, love your outfit! What a fun link-up. Next week I will get brave and participate!

  8. I tend to wear the same things over and over and over again. That's one of the reasons why I started my blog — was to try and help me get out of my rut. I love both your looks — not even sure which one I like better … I love the dress, and I love the Docs. 

  9. I saw some Docs at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and was so disappointed when they were too big. This is my first time participating in your link-up. Thanks for making this possible. And by the way, street-savvy, tough, Doc-wearing women can wear whatever the heck they please! You look great!

  10. I'm working (well, was, now I'm in my pyjamas!) the grey and tough boots look today, too. You look very sleek and elegant in yours!

  11. Oh wow Docs, i am impress and they are so so cool!
    The dress is perfect with the dress!

  12. Ooooh Patti, you look hot in those boots- they are so so so gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful colour! I saw some turquoise dms I fancied recently but they were quite expensive!!!xx

  13. *LOVE* those boots! They will last forever, Docs are such a good brand. There is an EF near my head office in London, I must go and have a look…

  14. Love the Doc Martens! I have a 20 year old British pair of the black combat boot style that a few much younger friends have offered me a substantial amount of money for. I won't part with them, of course! 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  15. This is my favorite combination, great boots with a beautiful dress.It's a perfect go-to outfit. I absolutely love those Doc Martins, can't believe I gave mine away (20 years ago, haha). It's hard to find a nice simple dress to just pull on and accessorise with, this one is so perfect.  I finally went to my first Buffalo Exchange in Portland, Oregon a few months ago, what a fun store.

  16. You look super classy today in those long lean lines.  I love that cardigan.  

  17. Very, very cool boots Patti.  I love the cognac colour.I would love to see a side view.  I always remember my nieces being suitably impressed when they saw that my Mom, their Nana, wearing Doc Martens.  The juxtaposition between boots, classy dress, and cozy cardy gives your outfit a look again, I love it, look.

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

  18. Yay on the Docs purchase. I think you are never, ever the wrong age for Docs. They are made for juxtaposition, it is their punk nature. They wouldn't want to be restricted to one type of person or one type of outfit. They are from the people, for the people. Yours are particularly stylish though I must say!! Thanks for hosting xx

  19. I love this look. Perfect on you who are so slim!And your booties are adorable too. Let's enjoy the Florida cold weather :-)Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves).
    I will post on visible Monday and make sure I link to your blog on my page. Thanks again!

  20. I love the grey dress on you and those boots but the best accessory you have IMHO is your radiant smile 🙂 Thank you for hosing the fun party. 

  21. Yes, of course cool cats can wear a cardi – if they can't then I'm doomed! 
    (Gosh, it looks as though Marilyn is up to no good at all over your shoulder!)
     I really like this pared down, elegant look on you, Patti.

  22. I was way past the age when Docs first showed up so I thought I could never wear them. But yours are fabulous! Love the color and their style. I might need to rethink Doc Martens.

  23. Patti, those boots are just GORGEOUS!! I REALLY love them.  Sorry for the capital letters, but honestly, they are beautiful.  That's it.  I want some.  I've been thinking I need to reintroduce some Docs into my life.  You've convinced me. xx

  24. Hi Patti!! You look really lovely-those boots were an amazing buy and go so well with your dress and cardigan! I've linked up to your post too, thanks so much and have a great week ahead xx

  25. It's great when you find a staple treasure that you can wear over and over. Love the Doc Marten boots – they look fab!

  26. Patti, that is a great dress because it looks good simple or dress up. I love it with the boots.


  27.  These boots are fantastic, Patti! I love how you are wearing them with this elegant dress. You look great! I love also your hairstyle today.

  28. Love your boots!  I live in the pacific northwest and wear boots through June.. Just found your blog via Jeannie and love it (also fifty!)


  29. Oooh the new boots are drool worthy. Isn't ebay the best? I've never had a pair of Docs, but I have always admired them! I did grow up in the 90s with the plaid and goth and all that. Your cat figure is such a cutie!

  30. Great contrast!  This dress can be taken in so many directions; pairing it with the boots is fun and as you say, funky.  Love the Richard Avedon piece as your background for Monday.

  31. You look so pretty and those Docs look gorgeous!!!   I think I need a close up of them next time– such a beautiful color to them. I like whatever is happening in that pic behind you, too!!

  32. It's hard not to get upstaged by Marilyn cavorting with a tiger skin.
    In your stompin boots, I think you manage.
    This is a great look — even with the addition of the cozy cardi.

  33. love the combo – fierce and feminine! and the white cardi! if i knew where you were i would come ..borrow it.

  34. I have been coveting a pair of Docs myself.  I had a pair of green square toe boots which I ill-advisedly gave away when I turned 30 thinking I was just too old to wear them anymore.  I have regretted it ever since.  

    yours look fantastic.  I love the edge it gives your sheath.  just perfect.

  35. There is something so fun about wearing an outfit with a good mix of femininity and tough girl and is one of my favorites… Great look!

  36. I love your dress and your fabulous Doc boots.  I don't have a pair of these but now I want them

  37. I've drawn the conclusion that Docs go with EVERYTHING!!  The holy grail of boots and oh you look so sharp here Patti in yours:).  Thank you so much for Visible Monday, hon, I meet so many lovely people every week! xoxo

  38. I love those boots! I think it is fantastic that you just bought your first pair! They are normally so comfortable. 

    You look so luminous. That picture behind you is incredible. bisousSuzanne

  39. Docs and dresses, slouchy cardigans – man, everything is recalling for me the glorious early '90's today! Gorgeous combination of elements Patti, and thanks for having us all over! 

  40. Hi Patti!  I really like those Doc Martins!  They are sleeker than most.  I am a Doc virgin also…..

  41. Wow I LOVE those Dr Martens! Doc Martens were my go to shoe in my late teens and early twenties so I have great affection for them.  I had a brogue style pair in burgundy I wore to death.  Your dress is very elegant and I personally love cozy cardigans regardless if they are street wise or not!

  42. it really is a fabulous dress, Patti!  I just love it on you…wish I could find one similar at consignment!!

  43. Your Docs are awesome!!  Great color and I love the straps.  I had a pair of Docs oxfords in the '80's and I wish I still had them.  The dress is perfect, too.  You can do so much with it!!

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