Minimalist To The Bone

There is the minimal closet – the fewest pieces needed to dress oneself for work and play. The extremes of this concept are the six-piece wardrobe, for example. This idea intrigues me but I am far from living it!

Then there is minimalist style, clothing with simple lines, few flourishes, often inspired by Japanese design. It’s streamlined, a bit austere, clean, and reduced to the basic form. Think Jil Sander and Yohji Yamamoto.

The pieces from complexgeometries represent pure minimalism to my eye. I couldn’t dress exclusively this way, but I find a kind of soothing beauty in them. No prints, not a single ruffle, just a few colors in the palette. It would be a pleasing wardrobe for one of my personae. Not to dive into whole heartedly, but I’d like to put my toes in these serene waters.

Here are a couple of pieces that appeal to me:

Asymmetric “Wave” tee
I really like the easy flow of this tee. I’d wear it with both skirts and jeans.
Channel tank dress
The deep drapey cowl is feminine but simple. I would mix this dress
with a lot of other pieces, and thereby destroy the minimalism!
The Orbit tee has a cape in the back. I love a cape in the back!

What say you? Does minimalist style please your eye or bore you silly?

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  1. I think Complexgeometries did the best in earier collections, especially Fall 2009 because those collections were like Le Corbusier's architecture to me.

  2. I am FAR from a minimalist…. but I do find these pieces very appealing as a stylish backdrop for signature accessories!  Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I love a minimalist piece, they are great basics and easy to wear

    Ariane xxx

  4. Love the Channel tank dress which reminds me of COS.
    I'd pair it with very plain silver jewellery.
    The shirts are both too wide for me, I prefer more tailored ones.

    Lady of Style

  5. I just saw this post and I have to comment because I've been obsessing over minimal stuff recently.  I definitely struggle with the pendulum swing of minimal/maximal tendencies.  Like you, I always have to add stuff!! 🙂  I love the pieces you've chosen here.  Really love them a lot.

  6. These are lovely Patti – I'm often drawn to more simpler designs & cuts, but recently have started wearing more prints and layers, and hankering after studded boots! I still think my style is pretty minimalist though. I'd lie to have the top two pics in my wardrobe…

  7. Count me on the side of "no, thanks". My first thought is "how sad". Then I thought "alien space travelers", "lifetime in mourning", "the dog ate my wardrobe". If I HAD to pick one piece it would be the Orbit tee worn with bright colored pants and the biggest neck-thing I could find.

  8. I think it goes without saying that I couldn't "do" minimalism, but I could try!  My version would involve that FABULOUS grey t-shirt, which I would probably end up adding my 70s green leather cropped jacket, a bolero or maybe one of my peach silk bed jackets.  That's the best I could do;) xo

  9. The black dress is a yes for me. I'm not sure i could wear the other pieces though. Black slacks, yes, But I feel better and look better with color around my very pale face.

  10. minimalist color would not work for me but the rest of it would.  I love the idea–and I could give up all the frou-frou.  I think….

    Thanks for the thought tho.

  11. The pieces you have chose are really gorgeous, Patti.  I think you could wear them well.  Personally, I need accessories…just for my mental well-being!  If I had your lovely, trim shape, I think I would wear all of those pieces!

  12. I love that black dress – the draping would be very flattering on. I'd clutter it up with a lot of colour and accessories! I'm not much of a minimalist…more of a maximalist!

  13. I think minimalist can be very clean and chic – it's great as work wear.  I love that draped dress! I do love maximalist OTT things much more though.  A six-piece wardrobe would bore me silly!

  14. All are such beautiful pieces! I love the navy cape-tee. I love minimalism and draped stuff, but the reality is I look better in color, structure, and prints. It's good aesthetic, and one I wish I could pull off.

  15. I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessories- don't like fancy or frilly clothing- but I'm not a fan of minimalist style.  May be just a tad too simple for me.

  16. I used to always dress this way. I was queen of the minimalists. It was quite freeing. And it can be very chic. But as I got older I started to feel a bit like a nun. The lack of color started to make me feel sad. Now I'm still a minimalist…a Colorful minimalist.

  17. It won't surprise you to know that this wouldn't work for me! Too plain, too pared down, too loose fitting for my tastes, and the lack of colour would make me sad! I can appreciate the simplicity in some respects, but not to the exclusion of colour and print and a load of accessories! xxxx

  18. What a perfect time for me to find your blog! I can't imagine surviving with a six-piece wardrobe but I'm preparing to spend four and a half months working in China and am figuring out how to fit everything I'll need into my suitcase. I'm definitely looking at a minimalist wardrobe… choosing a few pieces that can produce many different looks. Perhaps you'd like to check out my latest blog post which is on this very topic. I'd love to know your opinion. 

  19. I'm afraid I'm maximalist all the way! I do like the shape of cape in the last picture  but I'd have to wear it with a pile of bling and psychedelic flares! x

  20. Thinking about a minimalist wardrobe, for when I travel, has helped me pare down my wardrobe. It's been a revelation to have clothes that work together, that I like, and want to wear.

  21. Minimalist style isn't for me as I already dress this way and I'm trying to break free of it 🙂  I've really enjoyed blogs that layer different patterns and textures so that's what I'm trying to create in my own closet.  Since I'm not very creative (I'm so jeans, t-shirt, go type) that it's been quite a challenge for me.


  22. I think it's good to have a few tops that stand-alone, particularly in the warmest weather when one thing is all you can stand to wear. The shirt with the cape seems like that kind of an item. It wouldn't really do under anything.

  23. A plain black dress is a must in every wardrobe however I find that bare to the bones minimal dressing rather dour, and dare I say it…old. 


  24. I love the pieces you've picked out!  I've always fantasized (probably because my closet is an overflowing hot mess of a ton of clothes that don't work for me) about doing a serious downsizing of my closet– not 6 items, though!!  My magic number was more like 20!!  I read the article you linked and it resonated with me.  Particularly, the parts about how bad all this fashion based consumerism is for the environment (it's bad– I just read a huge article on the stats) and the fact that I am now influencing my daughter, whose closets are already unmanageable. It seems to me I'm doing a slow roll in the right direction…  

  25. I'll be honest… This actually sounds wonderful to me! I love the pics you've chosen! I don't like a lot of ruffles or embellishments on my clothes. I enjoy the clean elegance of these looks. I think it's also easier to work with a smaller focused wardrobe than with a large varied closet. I love it and I'm inspired to more focus my palette and style. Hugs!! Serene

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