Lazy Me, Two Cats in a Tree

Some days I just don’t have a lot of creative juice flowing, style-wise. It’s good to have staples to pull out of the closet, add a favorite boot, and keep a low if nice-looking profile. Is that a long-winded way of saying I felt a little lazy today?

I chose a silky pale peach blouse, black wool pencil skirt and Gianni Bini caramel boots. My only accessories, besides the watch/wedding ring, are a thin animal print belt and sparkly bracelet. Not breaking any fashion barriers here, but I’m neat and no children will scream.

Every day cannot be the Superbowl, right?  : >
I do harmonize with my new chair.
Skinny G: “Ha, I own the third floor.”
King: “I am Basement Cat. I patiently await your doom.”

Have a wonderful Thursday! Whether you throw a fashion touchdown or just make it out of the huddle, you are fabulous.

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  1. It may be a simple outfit, but classy – and with a luxurious feel from your silk shirt, it's beautiful! The fabric on top of the chair is gorgeous too!

    Your cats are lovely, and how nice of them to sit still when they're having their picture taken.

  2. I love the color of those boots.  And this is such a pretty, simple outfit.  You look lovely.

  3. Your cat dialogue is hilarious. Love what you're wearing! I'm a basics girl. That print belt is the bomb!

  4. This is a perfect lesson on lazy dressing due to the fact that it is elegant, simple yet so striking.  The best part is you made it look as though you put a lot of effort into the outfit.  I think you look amazing.

  5.  I know! I was hesitant about buying the tree. But they just love it. I did spray it with catnip spray first.

  6. Those boots are awesome! Although I do have to say, kitty pictures do tend to absorb all the squees. I keep wondering how our kitties would like a 'tree'. They tend to climb all the furniture as is.

  7. I like your classic simple look Patti, it do not look lazy to me. However, your cats looks a little bite lazy 😉 That is why I would like to be a cat if I would be born again! 

  8. Oh Patti!  I just LOVE that outfit!  It's sooooo elegant!  If that's just grabbing stuff out of the closet, I need you to come grab some stuff for me out of my closet!!  Hugs!!  Serene

  9. Patti, I think you've brought your signature elegance to this simple outfit. But I am worried that I will have nightmares featuring Basement Kitty tonight…

  10. Ooh, I always love your elegant style Patti, and today is no exception.  The French would say it's a Je ne sais quoi.  An almost effortless chic ensemble.  The little touches of bling in the belt and bracelet are just the right touch.

    Great photo with the carpet, the throw, and your new chair.

    AND, last but not least…Skinny G and King!  Love, love them both.  This is the first time in the many years I've had cats that I've not had a black cat.  {Sigh}  Magic passed over a year ago at 18-1/2, and I still miss his great character.  

  11. I love simple dressing.  Just think it looks so classy.  Love the cats!!

  12. Fabulous, simple and chic outfit, Patti! I love the leopard belt and the clean lines. The pale boots are a nice change from the usual black (she said, wearing black boots!). 

    Aw, I love your kitty tree! Hee, it's fun writing dialogue for them, isn't it?

  13. Classic and simple can be so nice on a Thursday. I find my outfits are more ambitious early in the week, then simpler as the week goes by. But you can't go wrong with the standards you have here (no children will scream – lol)!

    I love seeing all the cat pictures that my blogging friends post. I don't have a pet anymore, but I love cats!

  14.  They do look accusatory, as in "my bowl is only two-thirds full, this is not acceptable."  xxx

  15. Simple, elegant, great boots – as good  a style mantra as any, I'd say!
    And look at those handsome boys in their cat kingdom – they look faintly accusatory, do you think they are up to something?! xxx

  16. The cats are too much lolzzz!  You have to have the 'go to' everyday staples!!!  You look great— boots and pencil skirts are one of my all time favorite combos 🙂

  17. Hi Patti, I really like that scarf you are sitting on!!  Looks llke a fun one!  I don't think anyone hits a homerun every day…but it is fun to try!  have a great day…keep that pretty smile glowing!

  18. "I await your doom"… LOL  That's funny, and you look smashing today. Simplicity is a good thing to remember.  It sometimes speaks louder than any other fashion statement and it's a always a safe bet.  🙂

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