Visible Monday #80: Great Scarf, Bed-Head!

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I’m still working out all the photography details in the new place, not to mention the decor. (Someone, please come help me?) But I’ve got a great dress and scarf combo going on!

The simple knit dress is by Eileen Fisher, purchased at a consignment store in NYC for just $30. It’s so well-made and makes a wonderful foundation piece for scarves, jackets, jewelry and messy hair.

The silk scarf is by Christian Audigier and I love the colors. I picked it up at a charming local shop, Cottage Rose, for under $20. Here it serves as a necklace and really livens up my neutral outfit. The wood bangle was found at the Molly Mutt Thrift, my absolute favorite thrift store because they save the kittehs.

The Chrysler Building at my hip!
It’s too warm to wear tights. We’ll hit 80 degrees today.

 Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Oh, how I covet Eileen Fisher dresses! And pants, and sweaters…they're so elegantly understated, and they seem to serve as the perfect backdrop for so many things. I must renew my haunting of consignment shops. Thanks for another great post!

  2. Oh I love your look! Grey dresses are a staple for me – I have several. The scarf give a lovely colour accent.

  3. Oh, Patti, if I didn't live in the opposite corner of the country, I may pop by for a little decorating sesh in your new place! Until then, lovely scarf and I hope you're settling in well!!! ~Sarah

  4. Nothing like a colorful and unique scarf to jazz up a dress that fits perfectly and has great lines.  I'm enjoying your varied backgrounds!

  5. love the pops of color in your scarf against the lbd
    hope the move is going smoothly

  6. Patti!  Your bed head is cute!!  What an elegant outfit!  I think that dress is fabulous and you're right….it's such a great canvas for so many different accessories!  Hugs to you my friend!  ~Serene

  7. I'm jealous of your dress! Eileen Fisher stores have opened in London but full-price are quite spendy – I'd love to thrift one! And that scarf-as-jewellery is beautiful, what a find.

    The challenge with my indoor photos is finding a wall without a damp patch!

  8. That scarf is beautiful & so colorful. I also like the new spot of your photos. Gorgeous carpet & painting behind you.

    Always great linking up as usual, Patti. =)


  9. Hi Patti,

    That is a gorgeous scarf and the colors are beautiful on you. But telling me that you can't wear tights because it's 80+ degrees….that puts you in the "mean girl" category. Sigh.

  10. I love your very chic and elegant dress, especially with the addition of the bright scarf, Patti! You look lovely – and so does your much-maligned hair! (I long for curls, can you tell?!)
    Btw, I have linked to your recent series of posts in my latest post, hope that's OK. xxxxx

  11. You're so pretty, Patti.  The colors in your scarf really make your skin glow!  And also, it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees? Really?  Just rub it in, whydontcha?  On the same token, if you'd like to fund my trip down to warm and sunny FL, I will happily come decorate your entire apartment!  🙂

  12. Lovely happy photo, Patti and a great combination of simple dress and decorative scarf. Oh, "too hot to wear tights" you lucky woman! Here in Blighty we have frost and snow promised for tomorrow.

  13. I thought you had said you didn't know how "to do" scarfs…Well that one looks very snazzy the way you've tied it up.  Makes you LBD look fresh and lively.  And that painting is great, so glad I was able to get a glimpse of it! 

  14. Patti,
    What a beautiful, classy dress! quite jealous at the price you paid for it.  You will be able to wear this dress for ages and in so many different ways.  The scarf you chose in simply amazing.  I'm also quite jealous that wherever you live its too warm to wear tights.
    Thanks again for having your Visible Mondays and allowing us to get together.

  15. I love, love your new hair, and WANT your gorgeous scarf.
    Thank you for welcoming me every week.
    Much love and admiration, dear Patti.

  16. Patti, I love the scarf also. I feel like I have been wearing so many scarves lately. I just love them.


  17. What a colourful, lovely scarf Patti. It's set off beautifully by the classic dark dress.

  18. Beautiful outfit, Patti, I love the drape of the dress, and the scarf and bling are wonderful – nothing like statement accessories to really add zing to an outfit. My fave charity shop in the UK was called Furry Tails and also helped stray animals. It was way less glossier than the corporate-run charity shops but it held a special place in my heart. Plus the deals were too good!

  19. Oh, you've got some real treasures here Patti.  The dress has lux written all over it; love the lines.  And the scarf is so pretty.  We curly girls don't have messy hair.  It's just sometimes more expressive.

    Sue xo

  20. What a cute dress! The shape is so feminine and elegant. I like dresses with 3/4 sleeves and a small waist. The scarf of course is great, a wonderful color mix.

  21. Gorgeous rich tones in that scarf. And, thank you, for supporting a thrift shop that helps kitties.

  22. The scarf is absolutely beautiful! I adore the colors. Can't help too much as my painting is still sitting in the floor after nearly two weeks.

  23. That dress looks like one of those classic wardrobe staples that you will wear forever. The scarf really is stunning. I love the colours in it!

  24. Gorgeous scarf–the dress is stunning–great "bones" but "plain" enough to be able to change it up with accessories!

  25. What a great scarf. With so many colors you could also wear it as a necklace (posting a photo) or as a belt. Would be great too with your dress…
    Have a great / warm week (amazing winter we are having in Florida!)
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  26. Great dress, Patti! I'll bet you find many opportunities to wear it. The scarf is lovely, both the pattern and the vibrant colors.

  27. Love the whole outfit, but you are right that scarf really elevates the whole look.  

  28. You look gorgeous!  I love foundation pieces that give accessories a chance to shine.  I don't know how you even wore long sleeves.  It was so hot today!  I just need a little more 'winter' plz!!!

  29. What a stylish dress, and you're right, it's like a blank slate you can dress up any way you feel. The scarf is so pretty – I love those colors, too!

    Happy Monday (on Sunday)!

  30. This is a great dress to work with, jazzing up with different accessories to suit your mood…J

  31. This is a huge winner, Patti — a beautifully structured dress in a dark neutral with an artfully-tied scarf in a a beautiful, bright pattern that compliments your coloring. 

    Bed head takes top honors, too. 

    Bonne Année, M-T

    P.S.:  Love the Kitties.

  32. Patti~I love this scarf too and it looks like it could be a wonderful wall hanging!  the print is gorgeous!
    I've been thinking about you and your new place; and wondering how you would photograph it all.  I like having one spot that sort of looks good, unfortunately in the winter the light is so bad in my house, I have never found it!

  33. Your scarf, yes, that's the magic. What a steal. I love your style here. It looks like you suprised the cat on your bureau when you took that last photo. LOL

  34. OOh! Great scarf! And your hair doesn't look too "bed-head"… it's pretty cute, actually.

  35. This look is fierce, Patt!!  The EF dress is an amazing fit on you and with the scarf …it is fabulous…one of your best!

  36. Patti, indoor photography continues to be a struggle for me, too, but the temperature, lack of time, and daylight savings time pretty much put the kibosh on outdoor pics for a while. I do enjoy seeing a little bit of your home with your fabulous outfits, tho'. This LBD is perfect, and the scarf is absolutely gorgeous. You go, girl!

  37. Patti, 

    That is a gorgeous scarf and a great price! I like the way that you've tied it. It really allows those vibrant colors and pretty pattern to show. 

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