Visible Monday #75: The Aunt of The Groom Wore . . .

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Well, Aunt of the Groom isn’t a very prestigious title, but we had a wonderful time at Daniel and Gina’s wedding. The bride and groom were gorgeous, naturally, and the food and wine flowed. There were sweet dances between the bride and her dad, and the groom and his mom, then crazy dancing by all. We don’t care that line dancing is passe!

You all helped me accessorize this Calvin Klein sheath. I chose the vintage rhinestone earrings (although my hair hides them) and a couple of simple bangle bracelets. My Wendy B “G” ring is a go for all occasions. I had the toughest time choosing shoes, and in the end decided on simple black low-heeled pumps by Franco Sarto.

Because the wedding was outdoors and the temps threatened to plummet to as low as 65 degrees (the horror!), I added a teal Calvin Klein scarf for color and warmth. It hit the floor when the dancing began. Thanks for all your help in putting this look together! I will most definitely be wearing this dress again, with casual accessories like tights, boots and cardigans.

The G-ring goes everywhere. This time, for “Gala.”
Oh yes, I wore hose. It’s been a long time!
A most appropriate, and enjoyable, afternoon wedding look, imho  : >

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. How very elegant!  You must have turned many heads at the wedding, cause you're turning mine.

  2. You look really pretty, love the dress and that scarf tops everything off. Very nice.

  3. Patti — I love your hair and your makeup in this! Very pretty. I would love to come to Florida, but I don't think that it's going to be in the cards for a while 🙁 

  4. The aunt of the groom looks lovely! Aperfect wedding outfit, in my opinion.

  5. Wow, that dress has a wonderful construction, and I love the blue scarf with it. So glad you had a lovely time at the wedding, and thanks for having us all over for Visible Monday! Thank you so much for your kind comments as well. 

  6. Wow, that is an incredibly chic outfit! And the teal adds a lovely swath of color. You are stunning, if I may echo everyone else here. Glad you had a good time.

  7. wow patti
    that dress is stunning on you
    i just love the draping
    glad you had a great time

  8. You look beautiful, Patti.  What a perfect dress to wear to a wedding 🙂  Your hair looks amazing, too!  I love it this length.  Congrats to the happy couple!!

  9. That's a lovely dress!!! I like that you added that pop of color with the blue scarf. I can't wait to check out some of these blogs. I am gonna start with number 69 Lisa's.. what an interesting name for a blog!

  10. I think you should re-title this The Groom's Hot Aunt Patti 🙂 Wow, you look so lovely and perfect. I call that kind of dress a "forever dress" because it's always in style and perfect for so many occasions. The "G" is also for goddess. I also love it when Ross Dress for Less gets a new stock of reasonably priced Calvin Klein sheath dresses from last season, because who can tell? 

  11. Sounds like you had such an incredibly fun time, Patti! And you look so lovely!!! ~Sarah

  12. What a pretty wedding look! Love that scarf on you – the turquoise/teal color just makes you glow. 😉

  13. Va va va va vroom you look so pretty and wonderful. That dress is to die for on you. Yes wear it again. I love it on you. 

  14. What a beautiful, understated dress, Patti.  You look divine in it and the turquoise scarf/shawl is exquisite as an accessory.  Way to go!

  15. Patti!  What can I say?  This is pure perfection!  And proof positive that often simple is best!  GORGEOUS!!  Hugs to you my friend!  ~Serene

  16. You look gorgeous the silhouette of this dress. Glad you had fun..I miss weddings..I think I was the last one out of everyone I know…
    Thanks again for hosting and have a great week!
    sheree xxx

  17. Patti you look awesome, that dress was meant for you and I love that neckline.

  18. This is such an elegant and simple outfit, perfect for the occasion and very lovely. The wedding sounds delightful! xxx

  19. You look fabulous, that dress is gorgeous and that vibrant blue wrap is stunning. Glad you had a good time. x

  20. the dress is gorgeous from tip to toe, i love the waterfall neckline and the color of your scarf particularly. you look fantastic!

  21. Wow! What a beautiful color combination. I would not have thought of pairing that gorgeous blue/teal color with grey. It really works on you. 
    You always look fantastic, Patti, but this look is my all time favorite!

  22. Damn girl, you are rocking that little grey dress. What a stunner. The first photo is fab!

  23. You look amazing in that dress Patti, the colour and shape really suits you, stunning.

  24. You look absolutely stunning, Patti! The blue scarf is so pretty against the grey. I really like that you did very simple accessories, the better to show off your gorgeous self! 

  25. I just love that dress! I imagine you'll be able to find many occasions to wear it.

  26. For aunty-of-the-groom you look as radiant as a bride!  Absolutely the most beautiful dress on your lovely figure:) xo

  27. Patti, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS…this is a stunning look…I bet your nephew was so glad to have Aunt Patti at the wedding.  You just look amazing…great fit on the dress.

  28. Patti you look wonderful! I love how the outfit turned out – and how fab you wore one of Wendy's rings to accessorise! Love the red lipstick!

  29. Patti you look an absolute stunner…!!! It's such a simple outfit but makes a big statement because the silhouette and colours are perfect on you. Glad you all had a great time – sounds like it was such fun!

    Thanks as always for hosting 🙂

    Catherine x

  30. WOW Patti, You look STUNNING!! and look at those amazing legs in that perfect dress! The pop of blue is just perfect too! So glad you had a wonderful time, it sounds perfect and congrats to the happy couple!x

  31. I get to be the first to comment… 🙂 
    Patti, I love to see your smiling face every week. With all the crazy things going on in my life, it is nice to have a constant happy face to count on. 
    You look amazing! And I LOVE those shoes, I might need to borrow them. 🙂 
    Happy Monday, you are so totally visible!!!! 🙂

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