Dressing Down And Looking Good Over 50: Visible Monday

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Dresses are wonderful, because they are simple, one-step style. And I like an unadorned dress as much as an accessorized one. Some days you can just let your hair and lipstick do the talking.

Nothing wrong with a simple, unadorned dress.


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I have a very casual lifestyle, so I don’t wear dressy-dresses much. But here’s a Calvin Klein sheath (similar) I bought a couple of years ago for a family wedding. I glammed it up that day with sparkly jewelry and heels, and (gasp) hose. A very pretty look here. I don’t want to retire that dress though, because it has a little funk, a great neutral color, and good length.

Today I dressed it down, with casual oxfords (sim) and an artsy necklace, created by the fabulous Suzanne Carillo. A simple mixed metal bracelet (sim) and messy natural hair, and now I am ready for shopping, lunching, coffee shop or wine bar. I hate to see a good dress languish in the closet, waiting for a special day.



OK, that is a shadow, not fur, under my arms – and not that there’s anything wrong with fur! I just don’t have any there.


gray dress

I love the cascading drape down the skirt of this dress. Jazzy.


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  1. Just noticed my comment didn’t come through on Sunday, so let’s try again. Casual dressing with a basic throw over the head little dress just doesn’t get any better. This LBD is a long time keeper! That Suzanne is one talented gal, isn’t she?

  2. What a lovely dress Patti and I agree dresses are so easy to wear.
    I love the way you’ve dressed this down with brogues and that necklace from Suzanne. is fabulous.

    Have a great week!


  3. Your dress has a wonderful feminine silhouette and details, and I love it with casual (yet classy) shoes and the artsy necklace. I think you just must have had a great day wearing such an elegant dress! 🙂

  4. Fabulous dress, Patti, for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus, it’s so flattering on you. Great style, as usual!

  5. Today’s dressing down of that gorgeous sheath dress is perfect to give it another breath of life. I love the original outing when you wore it to your family wedding too, although I didn’t realise that it’s unusual for you to wear tights. You look quite beautiful in both the dressed up and dressed down versions, Patti. Thank you for the linking up party!
    Anna’s Island Style

  6. First time here and stop in from Vix. Isn’t it wonderful now that middle age woman can have fun with fashion and life.
    If you fine the time stop in and have a cup of coffee.

  7. I just adore sheath dresses and this one is simply beautiful! The fun ruffle detail is so unique I really like how you paired it oxfords. I would have never thought of it, and may just have to give it a try myself.

  8. I totally agree sheath dresses are easy to wear, dress up or down. And I love draping on a dress. It is really figure flattering and adds a nice touch to a streamlined silhouette. Lovely outfit 🙂

  9. I love your dress Patti! The neckline and side ruffle are lovely details. I really like your necklace too 🙂

    Emma xxx

  10. I had some shoes like that and they were so comfy … they just ended up with some holes in them :(. That dress looks super comfy! I love the style on the side.


  11. Very form fitting dress without being too clingy ~ love it. Calvin Klein makes the best dresses, I think! Esp for the pear shaped gal.


  12. I used to dress up so much when I worked in finance. Now that I do freelance photography my closet is decidedly more casual but I every now and then I like to dress up in my old work clothes just to change it up.

    After four years of working in finance, it’s a hard habit to kick entirely!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  13. Hi Patti, Hi ladies,
    I adore this kind of energy.
    Patti, thank you for this exciting idea. I’ve joined it. Also in my blog http://notonlytwenty.com/ I support the cause to be your self and play with fashion at every age. It has been created to express joy and tasteful elegance to dress up in overforty age.

    Have a nice Visible Monday!
    Rita – Not Only Twenty

    • I haven’t been able to leave a comment at your site, so here I am: Thank you so much, Rita, for your kind words – they mean a lot to me! And thanks for sharing your awesome tee over at Visible Monday, xo


  14. A fab dress, Patti! Far from plain and unadorned with that stylish frill and cool neckline.
    Love Suzanne’s neck piece! xxx

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  16. I love the neckline on this dress; this is one of my favourites! The necklace and the ruffle are fabulous too. xx

  17. Patti you look gorgeous in this dress – I especially love the neckline with that necklace, it’s so modern! You suit dressed up casual very well…!!

    Thank you so much for hosting, see you later for #iwillwearwhatilike 🙂

    Catherine x

  18. Re-styling dresses is also the best way to get the most out of your wardrobe. I’m always looking for other ways to wear my clothes – I agree with you Patti it’s a crying shame to leave something beautiful in the back of your wardrobe only for special occasions!

  19. Dang! I would have been more interested if that was your inner wolf in your pits, Patti. Hahaha!! Love this dress. I should have posted my sheath dress too. Puh, too late now. You’re dazzling here. Love Suzanne’s pendant with this too.

  20. Dressed up or dressed down, you always look fabulous in a dress Patti. I love the dress and necklace. The side cascading ruffle is awesome!

    Thanks for the linkup and Happy Spring!

  21. That is just one of those dresses that always comes in handy when you want to look chic beyond chic. Which you do!

  22. Ha ha! I thought that was Chewbacca fur for sure! NOT!

    I am loving that necklace worn shorter. That is the cool thing about a necklace with an adjustable length.

    This is super chic.


  23. That dress is lovely and the drape suits you really well! Suzanne’s necklace is dreamy too and sets it off to a tee!!x

  24. Fabulous look Patti! I have a very similar CK dress, also in neutral tone! It looks great with the shoes, and have to add that your necklace here is amazing!! Thank you for hosting 🙂 hugs xxx

  25. Patti, you look amazing in this dress! I think it is my favorite look of yours over the whole time of your blog! I need to add some dresses to my wardrobe. Thanks for the link up!

  26. Hey, I thought you were a genuine hippy chick, Patti! Oh well, I guess you wouldn’t be wearing Calvin Klein then…Such a rebel, one way or another.

  27. What a lovely fit that dress is on you, Patti, and as you say, the drapey detail at the side adds a certain extra something! It’s clever to accessorise a smart dress differently to make it more casual as suits your lifestyle, no point leaving a great frock behind! Xxx

  28. A simple dress is a good investment. It can be anything you want, depending on the accessories, as you so cleverly prove here. It’s a great dress, the cut is very flattering.

  29. I don’t wear my dresses nearly enough either. Especially in winter. Felt majorly uninspired to wear dresses or skirts this time around. But this is a great dress that works well for day and night and I don’t think you should retire it. Love the necklace as well, I may have to borrow the idea from Suzanne!

    Alex – Alex

  30. A simple dress makes me feel polished. Not only do you look polished, but you look pretty as a picture!!!

  31. Hi Patti! I adore this dress on you. The side ruffle detail is such a lovely accent. I hope you have a great week.

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