What I Wore: Familiar Favorites In A Time Of Change

As you probably know, we recently moved house. That means (I think I’d forgotten this) every single Q-tip from the old house has to leave and find a place in the new house. That goes for shoes, tights, scarves and earrings too, who knew?

To steady my nerves, I have relied on old reliables and simple looks. My workplace is casual and friendly and there’s no need for corporate attire. So I reached for these pieces:

Even the wooden cats had to go! They were more amenable to the
move than the actual cats.

My sequined Old Navy skirt has had dozens of wears. It doesn’t wrinkle, it’s hand washable, and dries in a few hours. That’s the kind of basic you need when everything is in bags, boxes and trunks! A cozy ASOS tee, good for work and weekends, gets polished up with a suede belt. A scarf can be tossed in my bag. Red lipstick is in the purse already, and away we go. Not the chic-est look I’ve ever pulled off, but it’s neat and deliberate.

How do you dress amidst physical uproar? Have a very favorite knit dress, or ponte trousers, or reliable dark jeans?

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  1. Aww, poor actual cats! I can relate. You, on the other hand, look beautifully put-together, I love this outfit with its restful tones and great shapes. During uproar and for physical hauling of stuff, I go for comfort, washability, mobility, and reliability!

  2.  Thanks Tamera! This pic is still at the old place, but I will keep that color compliment in mind!  : >

  3. I'm in total awe that you manage to look so "together" and stylish despite the chaos! xxx

  4. The colours of the scarf are so pretty and I love the detail on the skirt. Our house is usually in a state of chaos, so that's normal for me and I swan about in frocks like there is NO problem at all! xxx

  5. There's definitely something to be said for having one reliable aspect in a time of upheaval! Once when I was having severe anxiety attacks at work, my therapist suggested that I wear the most comfortable clothes I could get away with – and not just the most physically comfortable, but the most calming colors or the items with the best associations. It did help a lot, and it was interesting how giving myself a physical grounding in familiar clothes helped with the psychological turmoil.

  6. What a very lovely outfit, and really pulled-together despite the recent move! When all is in uproar I retreat to favourite clothes, the softest scarf I can find and usually a drapey cardi.

    Patti, I added a Visible Monday link this week but forgot to link back to you, sorry. My bad. I will do it properly next week. Head not screwed on properly this week.

  7. I'm astonished you can actually *find* matching things after recently moving house! In similar circumstances, accessories tend to go by the by and it's just trousers and a top with whatever shoes I can find both of. Maybe you're a better packer than I am…


  8. Moving can be difficult.  You still look beautiful!  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Congrats on the movie, Patti. I usually throw on whatever sounds comfortable to me. I guess I've been so picky about my closet, almost anything will do. I do like my jeans, but jeans don't solve every day. Sometimes it's an easy dress and boots. Boots solve a lot of my problems.

  10. Love that skirt!  Ugh, I could not imagine moving out of my house.  Right now I am preparing to have my master bathroom renovated and I am already stressing about how inconvenient that will be.

  11. oh Patti! hi!  my GUESS skinny jeans are my recent go to guy.  i got them thrifted for a sheer $5!  They looked absolutely never been worn.  and … i love them.  last year when we moved to this, new to us, home,  i packed a suit case and lived out of it for 4 days.  it was a life saver because i had everything i needed in one little corner of the bedroom while the rest of the home waited to be properly "put".  Congrats on the move!!

  12. I am currently in physical uproar!!  I am going to post about it tomorrow…but I relate to your post.  I really like your look today…especially the touch of the scarf  and your fireplace looks beautiful, Patti!  I will be living in chaos for at least another week…see how I handle it tomorrow…besides screaming, of course!

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