How To Rescue A Dress: Visible Monday

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I almost donated this dress because I thought it was for special events (I bought it for my nephew’s wedding years ago), and my life is casual. When I tried it on again though, I loved it for the funky asymmetrical design – one of my current passions – and the flattering neckline. Keep!

Always room in my closet for a dress with some attitude:

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The dress is by Calvin Klein (similar), purchased at Ross Dress For Less for under $50. I wore it to the wedding with hose (!) and heels. Now I’m adding casual wedge sandals (sim) and non-traditional jewelry. The cuff is an amalgam of stuff, crafted together by an artist on Etsy (sim). Kind of romantic, kind of industrial.

The necklace is a treasure – a camphor glass piece with diamond chips (sim) – from the 1920’s, that my grandmother Lucy wore at her wedding. Grandma Lucy was my virtual mother, and I loved her dearly. This piece makes me well up when I wear it, thinking about how beautiful she was in 1929, and what a challenging life she had.



Give your dresses another chance!


I love the atmospheric black and white version.

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  1. You are absolutely beautiful in this dress, Patti. And what a beautiful story about Grandma Lucy and your necklace. So pleased you kept this dress, it will be fashionable for ever. xx

  2. So glad you kept this dress, Patti! It is especially lovely with your meaningful accessories.
    I also love discovering new ways to wear my old dresses, while keeping a door of my closet open for new friends. 🙂

  3. Beautiful dress, how good of you to keep it! And that necklace of yours is darling, I love treasures like this, the fact that it belonged to your grandma and that she wore it to her wedding – your grandma would be so proud that you treasure it that much! Love, Kirsten xx

  4. So glad you didn’t give the dress away – it is sooo flattering on you, and as you discovered, you can make it casual just by changing the accessories. The necklace is a beautiful momento of your grandmother – I’m sure she would have loved to know you are wearing it over 80 years later.

  5. Patti, how on earth could you ever think of throwing that gorgeous dress out??!!?? It is simple, elegant, different, whimsical, sophisticated. OK I know you have a more casual lifestyle now, but still. What a beautiful dress.
    I think you did a wonderful job in adjusting it to your present lifestyle. Loved the story about your grandma Lucy.

  6. Love that dress!! It’s so playful. And, ok, as a history instructor, the story about your grandma and how she wore that necklace in the 20s, just got me all choked up too. I think about (and teach about) how hard it was for women back then… Thank you for sharing.

  7. That dress is definitely a keeper! You look lovely! I think one could even wear sneakers with it and it would be fun too. A black dress can be so versatile. Have a great week. Peace! Cheryl

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  9. Good decision to keep this dress, it is so good on you. Changing the way you pair it does make all the difference. Many thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

  10. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday once again. The dress you are wearing is the perfect example of an elegant dress with a twist. Suits your spirit.

  11. Hi Patti! I love this post! First off, I love the dress and you look fabulous as always! I just went through the exact same thought process over the weekend with a dress I had purchased more for special occasions, that I had yet to wear because those occasions had yet to happen. (may never happen :)!) Like you, my lifestyle is more casual. I love the dress, so I clipped the tags and styled it with casual shoes and accessories and out for a casual evening with the family it went. I now have a fun dress for everyday that I love. I’ll have a post up with my musings of the dress next weekend. Glad you gave this one a second chance – its a great piece!
    Thanks for the link-up!


  12. I am a big fan of funky dresses! They should be worn whenever possible! Thanks for reminding us that clothing can span many occasion categories. Thank you as always for hosting too, Patti!

  13. Oooh Patti I love the edgy shape of the dress – and how lovely that you’re wearing your grandmother’s necklace…? That’s so precious!!

    Thank you for hosting my lovely, have a great week 🙂

    Catherine x

  14. I’m glad you chose to keep this. It is far too chic to pass on.

    Wearing a memory is so meaningful.


  15. It’s definitely a keeper! I bet this dress would look fabulous in winter with a leather jacket…
    I’m usually a bit over eager to get rid of old clothes. I say over eager because so many times I’ve actually regretted getting rid of something…

  16. That dress is so definitely a keeper, Patti. When the weather cools… if it ever does down your way… wear it with a denim jacket and your sneakers. Attitude in spades!

  17. I sort of think you can’t have enough black dresses-and they are great canvases for jewelry and scarfs and i love what you did with this one.

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