Visible Monday #56: Full Over Full

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I usually go for fitted-over-full, or full-over-fitted for my silhouettes, following the traditional wisdom of the fashion gurus. Today I chose a very flowy blouse over my much-worn full silk skirt (soon headed for clothing heaven, see here). I think I pulled it off because the top is so sheer and light.

The blouse is by Buffalo David Bitton, and I found it at Marshall’s for under $8 on clearance, a very good buy for that brand, I think. Old faithful skirt is from Talbots, and the comfortable studded sandals are by White Mountain.

The hair’s been an ordeal in the extreme humidity, so I wrapped it in a silk scarf and walked around feeling much less fussy than usual. I do love my curls, but some days they turn to frizzy, stubborn balls, and we are not amused.

Light and breezy, and Visible, in soft florals.
I like the asymmetrical hem of the blouse.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I LOVE this outfit.  The silk scarf headband looks awesome!  

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

  2. I wonder how your hair might look straightened,mayby you can show us sometime.As for the clothes I like the muted colors and the light fabrics.

  3. This is such a fresh and pretty look – I love the billowy blouse and the feminine print. And the way you have pushed your hair back.  I hear you on the frizzy hair – I am forever having to my hair up or pin it back!

  4. Your full over full works and with your hair pulled back (headwear!) it flows together.  Beautifully summer!

  5. My dear you look so beautiful in your scarf…a perfect summer solve!

  6. I love that wonderful blousy top! So pretty. Great shoes too!

    I am loving scarves in hair right now. 

  7. This doesn't look full over full. You look very slim and chic in this outfit. I love the top. It looks so lovely and cool. With the weather in your part of the country you should get a lot of use out of it.

  8. I, too, have curly hair.  There are days I could just shave my head!!  You always look beautiful.  'Love the scarf!  -Marci

  9. I need to figure out how to wear scarves in my hair, without them slipping off, and without needing obvious hairpins holding them. Yours looks fab, and I love the breeziness of the outfit.

    Happy Visible Monday, ladies!

  10. I think since your top almost hits your waist in center front you avoid some of the full-over-full-and-getting-drowned-in-fabric issues. Your top looks like a dreamy floaty cloud.
    Talbot's has great quality items. Good for classics that last beyond the fickle whims of fashion.

  11. That blouse is pure poetry! I love the "mullet" hem factor of it- and the sheer fabric paired with being over sized. I also love the turban on you- I hope you play around with that look more too- you look fabulous! 

  12. When I first saw your photo I thought that your outfit looks flowy, breezy or airy. It looks comfy to wear. And I love your curly hair and all, but I do like lookig at you with your hair all kept in a scarf and I can see your face more. You're beautiful! 🙂

  13. Cute outfit, and I love those colors! I bet it would look good with a thin belt, too, if you did want to create one of those other silhouettes you mentioned.

  14. ooo, Patti, I know you were just covering up stubborn hair, but I LOVE it like this!  And your flowy-on-flowy outfit looks so nice & comfy for hot, sticky weather. Wonderful!

  15. I have been a silent stalker follower of your blog for a while but this is my 1st time linking up. Thanks for the link… I can’t wait to check out all the others bloggers that shared their link.

    BTW, I love your entire ensemble! 

  16. Flowy and breezy…so comfortable in the muggy heat.  Your hair looks really cute that way!

    I didn't know White Mountain was still in business.  I remember their shoes fondly; I had a pair of white oxfords in college that I wore instead of Ked's.  I felt very Victorian wearing them with my long, flawy dresses.

  17. You look great!  The scarf is great and doesn't look like a cover-up at all.  I like the unexpected bright green bracelet too!

  18. the silk scarf in your hair, I like it very much! it is so amazing with the silk skirt and the beautiful flowered blouse, a wonderful dress for a hot summer day.
    this time I was able to upload a photo fortunately. 

  19. Love the scarf in your hair. Your skirt is such a great color. It's one of my favorites. 
    Thank you for putting on VM! 

  20. I like the scarf headwrap! I am leaving on my honeymoon in Paris tomorrow morning, so I cannot participate but I will jump back in to Visible Monday when I return!  

  21. I am drooling over those sandals! Perfect for summertime at work. 

  22. I LIKE this outfit, the full over full!  There for a second I thought you had chopped off your hair–and I was relieved to read that you hadn't!

  23. Hi Patti, nice to see you on this Monday again! I love this new angle of your photos you're displaying. You did something different and I'm not sure what but it's good!
    I've recently discovered my best way to wear skirts and that is to do a long or blousy top over the skirt. With my pear shape it's about the only way a skirt works on me.
    Hoping you have a wonderful week!

  24. I love your hair wrapped up like that. I've been resorting to it a lot this summer because of sweat/humidity. This weather has been too much.

  25. If ever there's a time to go full over full it's summer time. It' looks so breezy, cool and comfortable.

  26. CRACK UP! "frizzy, stubborn balls, and we are not amused" :-)!!! The humidity is so bad in Atlanta right now that even my synthetic hair hat is acting up! Patti, your smile in the first photo is just precious! Love it!!! Your outfit is quite visible too and I am loving your scarf action! Happy Monday (on a Sunday night). 🙂

  27. I think it works also because the colors of top and bottom and coordinate so well. Pretty blouse!

  28. your hair looks sweet up like that!  Also, love your lipstick, it's a great colour for you 🙂
    Laura @ brknpoet

  29. Patti, I love this whole look, but I really really love the blouse.  It is a great find!  I also have had many bad hair days lately.  In fact, one of my summer school students noted that he had never seen me with my hair pulled back.  I told him he might have to get used to it now that I walk in the mornings!  You look lovely!

  30. You look nice and cool. I like your hair in a scarf. It's sort of an elegant hippie look.

  31. Patti–I love the whole outfit!! Flowy, breezy-looks cool in this weather!!
    The sandals are really cute, too!!

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