Visible Monday #53: Neutrals are Cool

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My blogger friend Sheila of Ephemera just ended a month of neutral outfits, looking fabulous all month. I find as I do my wardrobe review (via my blog pics), that I am more and more a neutral kind of woman, and very happy in that zone. We’re talking wardrobe here, not opinions.

This outfit combines my affinity for neutrals with my loosely-defined office “uniform“: a full skirt, soft blouse and personality-shoes. The blouse is several years old, from Anne Klein. It’s a favorite because it washes and dries in no time, never wrinkles, and works for both office and weekend looks.

The Banana Republic silk skirt and studded suede belt are thrifted, as are the Euro-Soft shoes. I love the retro look of the shoes, but they crush my toes so they are going back to Goodwill, sad face.

A neutral but not-boring outfit (hey, my nails are painted blue  : >)
An approving cat-kick.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. That's too bad. I love those shoes! 🙂 You look awesome. 🙂 

  2. Omg Patti those shoes! So sad that such cute shoes are rarely comfortable. Goodbye shoes, you will be missed, but remembered in photos!

    Sheila's neutral month was so inspiring. I've been trying to pay more attention to my neutral clothing because it's been all about brights since this past winter.

  3. WAITTTTTT! What size are your feet? Oh, I love those shoes, and all of your outfit, but oh, I love those shoes 🙂 

  4. Lovely blouse!  Neutral rocks in my humble opinion.  I love your shoes….sorry they're not comfy. 

  5. The shoes look perfect with your neutral outfit, so too bad that they hurt your toes.  I am a fan of black and would like to reach out to new neutrals, but continue to shop my closet for now.

  6. Awwww, I was just going to say how much I love your shoes.  Grrrr…I hate when I get shoes I absolutely love and then they hurt my feet so bad it's almost unbearable to wear them.  I do love the rest of your outfit too though.  And I've always meant to mention how much I like your curly hair.  Mine used to be more curly like that when I was younger and so in the 70's I wore it long and wild and free.  Sadly, nowadays it's just frizz rather than pretty curls.  You're fortunate.

  7. Agree on the shoes.
    I think I damaged my feet with a pair of too-tight clogs that were too expensive. Argh. Makes me VERY annoyed with myself. I have been hobbling around since early May.

    Your neutral toned outfit is lovely and I can tell that you're happy in it (despite the shoe discomfort). Brava!

  8. Ya know Patti, you could just do a bit of shoe surgery.  Make another cut out on the sides with an exacto-knife and voila – toe spaciousness!

  9. Patti, those shoes are so cool. I am so sad they have to go back. I am sorry I thought I was following you already, but I fixed that! Thanks for letting me link up!


  10. If your shoes don't fit Sheila, maybe they'll fit me (81/2?)  They're gorgeous.  I also think your blouse/skirt combination is perfect.  I love the shapes and texture/print together.

  11. This is a gorgeous, classy outfit.  I tend to grab for neutrals too when I dress leaving my color up to my accessories.  Speaking of accessories…I adore those shoes!

  12. Patti, those shoes are so saucy! I'd keep them just to look at.
    I boycotted color for a couple days last week and went neutral. They give a very secure yet stylish feeling.
    You're looking fabulous as usual.

  13. Yes, too bad about the shoes but there is always another great pair waiting in the wings to fill the vacancy! I love the silk of your skirt. This outfit looks wonderfully light and breezy.

  14. What a wonderful blouse!  I usually really like the Soft brand shoe…it's a shame about the fit.

  15. Patti, this is your signature look! Very flattering, love those shoes!

  16. Patti, this outfit is adorable! I just smiled wide when I saw you! So fun! And those shoes, so sad they have to go back. They look amazing but crushers of toes are not allowed of course. 🙂

  17. Love your floral shirt and the silk skirt – they are very elegant together – I especially love your shoes!

  18. I wish – then they could be yours! They're 8.5, and I think a small 8.5 at that.

  19. I think I really would wear neutrals all of the time, but I love color and shouldn't avoid it like i often do!  You look great in this ensemble and I love your shoes, but I just took a pair of shoes to resale for the same reason…if they hurt, we can't love them!!

  20. Aw, Patti, thank you for the shout-out and link! My summary will be up tomorrow (long weekend for us Canucks). 

    You look amazing in this gorgeous blouse, but I am drooling over those fabulous shoes! Wow, so gorgeous, but if they hurt, they've gotta go (I don't suppose they are a size 9-9.5??).

  21. Your silky blouse is so lovely, it looks great with the skirt and the shoes. Sad about the shoes, just the kind that like! I hope you find a replacement soon!

  22. Fabulous shoes! Too bad they pinch. I find mixing black and white is a good way for me to make a bold statement and keeping my look simple at the same time. 

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