Five Easy Tips To Style Thin Fine Hair

Five easy tips to style thin fine hair. There’s a lot of advice on the web about how to style thin fine hair. What I’d like to share with you today are the tips and products that have helped me. My hair is baby-fine and thin, but having natural curls does help with the appearance of “more” hair. Without any styling or products, however, I have a pretty prominent exposed scalp on my crown, blergh. But I’ve found fixes if not permanent cures.

This unassuming gel gets me off to a good start. Most any gel will add texture to your hair, and provide hold. The Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel is my latest favorite; I find it does thicken individual hairs. This goes on my wet hair after water-only shampooing (once a week). I scrunch and let it air-dry.

Good stuff, under $12.

Clips and pins create the magic for curly hair. When my hair is damp, I make finger curls and spirals, and clip them in place with small plastic clips. I rarely blow-dry, but my hair air-dries quickly and I get nice, lifted curls this way. If your hair is straight, a good blow-dry is the way to go (see vid below).

A dry shampoo adds volume. I wish I’d invented it; this stuff is great! I have the TRESemme Between Washes as my current favorite; there are lots of good ones. Most days I just lift the top layer of hair on my crown and shoot some dry shampoo underneath. It has a nice fragrance, and I get fluffier hair in 30 seconds.

A sprinkle of hair fibers on my widening back part. I’m using Toppik brand fibers in pure white, as my thinning areas are almost that color now. About eight shakes, and a bit of floofing around the thin spots is all it takes. This stuff is not cheap, but it does a reliable job of creating the look of more hair. I’m worth it.

Here’s my thinnest spot, fluffed with a few sprinkles of Toppik.

Wigs, baby, wigs. Wigs are my hair version of a miracle cure. They keep getting better and more natural looking. Today I wore my Jones wig in silver-white, and did not have to fuss with my baby hair at all. 😊

This is a wearable, any-day shag style.

Stay fabulous, love the hair you’ve got, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

I’d love to hear about your ideas for managing your hair if it’s thin/fine/both.

Stay safe, wash and wash and wash (your hands), xo

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  1. This post provides helpful insights for individuals with thin, fine hair. And the five tips you mentioned are simple and effective. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for these tips. I think I might try the hair fibers. During the pandemic I stopped having my hair colored. I had made the decision previously but was having trouble coming up with the courage to do it. I love my natural hair! It used to be as curly as yours but straightened out after childbirth in my 30s. Then more so after the initial curly chemo grow back. It tends to lie flat on my head where I’m thinning. Do you have any recommendations for “lifting” other than blow drying?

  3. Hi Patti! I have fine hair, but it’s fairly thick but as I only have one big chunk at the front and the rest of my head is shaved, I don’t do anything with it. I notice that when I shave the rest of my head now, there are patches that look like I’m bald but it’s because they are white/grey. I’m just glad that I have a style that I have been able to maintain myself, as I haven’t been to my hairdresser since last March!

  4. Oh wow thank you I bought some of those hair fibres after reading this and well that’s a little bit life-changing. I feel a lot more confident now.

  5. Great article. My hair is thinning, but is not coming out as much since I stopped coloring my hair. My hair dresser said I must be allergic to the dye. I was getting hives.
    My newly gray hair seems to be healthier and even has waves I didn’t know I had. I air dry it now. Thanks for your pointers on thin hair. I’m trying to decide on the best haircut when I go back to the hairdresser. I haven’t been because of Covid.

    • Hello Carolyn and thanks for coming by. Allergic to hair dye sounds like a painful experience! My own silver hair feels stronger than my previously dyed hair as well. Stay safe and well, xx.

  6. My hair is thin and I was alarmed as more and more hair was in my morning comb. I decided to quit using the setting product I had been using (not a cheap one, either) and the hair loss stopped immediately. Now I use nothing but dissolved home-made olive oil soap and smooth a bit of coconut oil on the hair only (not scalp) if it looks dry. The hair around my face is now growing noticeably. I’m curious if my hair dresser will notice a difference in the scalp area. I did choose a different hair style that does not require the lift that the setting lotion provided.

    • Hello Carol and thanks for your comments. I’m happy to hear your natural techniques are helping your hair! I wash my hair with warm water and gentle scrubbing only – no shampoo – and it comes out nicely clean. Stay well and safe, xx.

  7. Thank you so much I will definitely try your recommendations as my hair has been really thinning .I read a side effect of post covid is hair loss so perhaps I had a mild case I thought was the flu. Also Bless you so much for your past post on hair thinning lost it made me feel I was not alone. For hair growth I have been researching on line for natural foods for hair growth and have been dining on a very healthy diet.

    • Good morning, Joan! So sorry to hear you were sick from Covid; I hope you’re feeling completely well now. We are not alone with thinning hair; then again my beloved dad (now gone) used to say about his bald head, “Who wants fat hair?” : > Stay safe, xx.

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