We sold our house today – closed on it and shook hands all around. It was a pleasant and simple transaction, with a delightful new buyer who promised to love the house and keep it well.

It’s a special house, we think – a cottage built in 1925 from Old Florida cypress and cedar. We’ve lived here for eleven years, and have so many happy stories. We survived the four Dread Hurricanes of 2004 with nary a scratch to our solid old house. We were not married when we bought the house, but wedded soon after. Our kitties were born in the backyard to a feral mom-cat. And so on.

Skinny G., born in the yard, lives happily with us.

We’ll be here for a while, as we wait for our contract on a new place to work its way though the banking maze. Our new “landlord” is renting the house back to us (thank you!) so everyday life is not changing. But it feels strange, after all this time.

That’s what a milestone is, I guess. A bend in the road, a marker, neither tragic nor ecstatic. Things are different from this point forward, and we will paddle down a new river toward new adventures.

Love you, old house. Thanks for everything, I really, really, mean it.

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  1. Congrats on the sale and thanks for sharing the pic of your lovely home. I look forward to following the next chapter in your life.

    All the best,

  2. What a beautiful home, and looking forward to your new choice.  Change is what we can count on, and this is a big one.

  3. First, congratulations on selling your home. Not an easy thing to do these days. Second, this is a big milestone. Eleven years is a long time.
    Third, I hope you two (and your kitties) will be very happy in your home, Patti.  

  4. Patti, congratulations on the sale of your home.  It is a beautiful, colorful place.  Here's to new adventures and kitty cats.  dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. What a sweet house! I love houses of that vintage. But getting away from the house–your cat Skinny has something in common with my cat Jeoffry, who came to me from the shelter a year ago. The tip of one ear was trimmed off (no explanation in the otherwise detailed medical record) at the same angle, which may have been one of the reasons he stayed in the shelter for two years. He is just as beautiful as a cat with two intact ears and perhaps a bit more distinguished looking. Very special, just like your Skinny!

  6. What a gorgeous home!  I certainly know what it means to leave a home of many years.  I left my home of 23 years, two youngest kids in two, to get myself into a healthy atmosphere.  But there are ghosts of memories that will always reside in that old house!

    But here's to the new!  Onward and Upward.

    Happy Independence Day!!

  7. Okay. So I am rubbing my hands all over this screen hoping to grab ahold of some of that "sold" energy. j/k, but I have been trying to sell a house on and off for 3 years and I really need to sell it! I am inspired now. Sell, house, sell! 🙂 The sold house is adorable btw. It looks incredibly peaceful. 

  8. Oh, it's so pretty! Lovely that you have some transition time, as renters, AND that you feel good about the home's new owners. And, especially, that you know there will be more adventures, just round that bend. . . 

  9. Oh, Patti.  Your little house is adorable.  Congratulations on selling it–not an easy thing to do in this economy but maybe it is better where you are than where I am.  It reminds me a little (size and color!) of the house we lived in before moving to Bliss House.  I called it my little cottage and we were there about the same amount of time as you have been in yours.  Once in awhile I look at old pictures to remind myself of it but overall I am super happy in our new home (not so new any more…it will be 3 years in October).  I hope the rest of your transition goes smoothly too.

  10. It must be bittersweet…
    but you'll have some time to adjust.
    I find packing a great way to declutter if that is any consolation.

  11. Aww congrats on the sale. I hope things continue to work out for you guys and your new place is ready soon. I've moved around so many times in my life I've never really considered any place "home", I'm still waiting for day I get to live in a place that belongs to me by rent or own – for now I live with family.

  12. Dearest Patti,

    That sounds like a bundle of happiness stories about your little house. Skinny G. is a pretty feline, with big eyes. Wishing you all well for the summer and for finding your new place. 
    Happy 4th of July to all of you.

  13. Wow, congratulations on the sale! I don't know what the Florida market is like, but there's a glut of houses/condos in my city. It's sad to let go of an old place, but so exciting to think of making a new place all yours!

  14. Love the old house, but now you get all the fun of decorating a new one!  Green with envy I am.  :-))

  15. Your old house is really very beautiful, but moving to a new home will as you say, bring new adventures! Looking forward to see pictures of your new home too!

  16. Not sure yet – it's a short sale, and that can mean, I have learned, a long time! I'll keep you up to date, and thanks for asking.

  17. Congratulations on your house selling!  It really is lovely.

  18. Oh, this is a poignant moment.  I know that the home where I live is where I finally put down my first true roots as an adult and I would have a difficult time parting with it.  How soon before the new home is ready?

  19. Wow – it's an odd feeling and there is always a sense of loss, of course it also depends on where you are going.
    When I was growing up we had to leave our apartment, it was from the 40s and i loved everything about it. I grew up there and it was a safe have, the neighbors were family. I cried for endless nights and sometimes dream i live there. There were just so many wonderful things tied to that home.
    Then 4 years ago my husband and i sold our apartment to move to a bigger one. I don't miss it. In fact i almost forgot i ever lived there !
    So it all depends. i hope that your case its for the better.

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