ISO: Striped Knit Jacket (Am I Too Late?)

I’m in search of a navy and white (maybe black and white?) knit jacket. It seems I saw a ka-billion of them a few months ago, so maybe I am late to this party. Are they over already, or just out of focus because Fall styles are coming into view?

I think it would look terrific with straight leg jeans for casual outfits or with a full skirt for work. I love the idea of knit, because the usual woven jackets often bind me by the end of the day, around the armholes and neckline.

This is the look I’m craving (but not at this price):

Yummy jacket by Moschino, on sale for $287
The price is much more attractive here, but I’d have to change out
the buttons, yes? And it’s not as fabulous.
And a fairly classic version, on clearance for $44. A little boxy,
but I picture it belted, and with a new modern button.

Do you like this piece or are you over it/never cared for it? If you do like, is the Moschino version worth the extra $200+?

Happy Friday to all, and thanks so much for stopping by.

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  2. I have been longing for a striped jacket, but didn't like the prices of anything I found, or if I did, my size wasn't available. My sister handed me one out of her GoodWill bag this weekend, which worked out great. 

    I'd say if your heart sings for the first one – and it's within your clothing budget – go for it. If it will feel like a "guilty" purchase, i.e. maybe wishing it hadn't cost so much, I'd start thrifting for a striped jacket with a vengeance. I'm discovering that between a half dozen or so GoodWills, thrift and consignment stores, I can usually recreate a look I'm longing for – for a lot less. Then you can spend the extra $ on SHOES ūüėÄ

  3. After seeing that¬†Moschino jacket, I am not over it!! So cute! Wish I had it to style for the 4th. The others are nice too. But the first one, there is something about it that looks, well, yummy, like you say. Maybe changing the buttons to white would work to kick it up a notch. ūüôā¬†

  4. Here's another option, and only $33.

  5. No you are not too late.  I got a similar one from Zara a couple of years ago Рso interesting that the likes of Moschino are still pumping this style out РI think it's a great style with a lot of staying power.  My Zara one has big shoulders which were in a couple of years ago but I still love wearing it to work and it still gets compliments.

  6. My favorite is the first one–I like the different thicknesses of the stripe.¬† The price would be a struggle for me.

  7. I like the mossimo one, but it's only worth it if it looks amazing on! I'm still seeing a lot of stripes at the stores though I'm sure they'll be gone soon, only to reappear next spring.

  8.  Thanks for all your ideas, Mariette! ISO = "In Search Of"

  9. Although the Moschino  is very charming I do think it's less classic than the other two Рit'll date sooner. The bottom one looks like the quality is low, as if the fabric is too soft or thin. If you change the buttons on the middle one you get a classic jacket that has a lot of personality and a lovely waist definition. You have so many beautiful skirts and dresses that will go with it. But I do think you should save the $ 200!

  10. Have you tried ebay? I found a similar jacket thrifting with a 1/2 sleeve. I almost bought it, but I have a lot of trouble styling graphic bxw prints/stripes in interesting ways so I personally wouldn't find the $200+ investment unless you believed it was something you'd truly wear multiple seasons for many years. I think I'm over the bxw love because it's part of my own personal style rules not to buy anything else in a graphic bxw print (or really anything in black period).

  11. I definitely wouldn't pay the high price, but there is something to be said for better quality and better fit which usually comes with the higher prices. I love the striped jacket idea and I can see you wearing one totally! Even with a floral skirt!
    I wouldn't think with your figure that you need to be concerned with needing it to be longer in length so a shorter one would be really cute. I always have to look for longer lengths because of my body type and height. Good luck finding just the right one!
    As a matter of fact, I just saw one like these at my local consignment shop but I didn't try it on even though I loved it just because it was a little cropped. But I bet it'd be perfect for you. ūüėČ Want to come over and I'll show you it? lol

  12. Having seen #1 I don't care for #2 which seems like a knock-off.  I like #3 which simple instead of trying to be something else. 

    I think this is more a Spring item.  I don't know how wardrobes in Florida go in the Fall, but in the Mid-Atlantic we move to darker cottons in the long Fall transition.  Blue/White is summery.  Stores are putting their summer things on sale now, in another 3-4 weeks they'll be full of Fall, I'd be watching sales.

    I can't think of a single wardrobe item I've ever spent two hundred dollars on. Wonderful as it may be it wouldn't be worth it to me.  

  13. I really like the first one.  I think the price is justified if you would wear it frequently.

  14. Dearest Patti,

    The Moschino price is too high for what you get. It is not the most flattering of the three. Too short, not covering the derrière. Even though the fabric content is all cotton and it is lined.
    The third one has the same problem and it is like the center one made out of 70% polyester. Here in the south I would never want to wear anything made out of polyester. Always aim for natural fabrics.
    The center one is 74% polyester, even higher, but the shape is more figure flattering. It shows a lapel in the front but there is no collar in the back. You get what you pay for. 
    Again, just for design the center one I rate highest, not for fabric content.
    A woman must consider that everywhere a hemline stops, that line will exaggerate the body part it is on. Be it your hips, it will make them look bigger. Be it your calves (for pants) it will make your legs look shorter as it does stump off the silhouette. What we want to achieve is a slimming look and all that at an affordable price. There is only one solution for that, hit the designer outlets and snatch away great bargains! Their designs are best and the fabric content will make for a more pleasant wearing experience.
    Hope you will find what you like.By the way, what does ISO stand for?

    Love to you,Mariette

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