Visible Monday #15: An Ode To The Dress

Welcome to Visible Monday #15! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

I’m a recent convert to dresses. I now own seven or eight, a huge increase for me. I love them all, especially on a busy morning when coordinating top + bottom + accessories is a lot of effort. And by studying my fellow bloggers, I have learned that a dress can actually be quite versatile. It can be a skirt, a skirt again (WhatIWore2Day), a tunic (Already Pretty), a blouse/tunic (Fashion for Nerds), a jumper (Thrifty Girl Vintage) a jumper again (Ephemera)  — and probably a hat, but I couldn’t find any pics!

This wrap dress was a find at Goodwill, for $6. It’s by Tommy Hilfiger, all cotton knit, in a print that I think can work year-round here in the hot zone. I could add a camisole in any number of colors for a bit more modesty.

It’s still too hot for boots! But I don’t care, I am wearing them, and loving it. Today it’s just little-bitty boots — booties, I guess. I picked them up during the same Goodwill trip as the dress. They are by Sofft, and they are incredibly comfortable (similar). They are a half-size too big, and I think it shows with bare legs — they look a tad clunky here. But with some tights, or worn with straight leg jeans, these babies will be perfect.

The navy cotton jacket is my kind of cover-up — a little structured, but not too corporate. It’s by DKNY Jeans, and I bought it at my favorite consignment store, Cottage Rose. I really like it over this dress for the office. Just Visible enough! Now let’s see what you’re wearing, my beautiful fashionistas.

Meet Virginia Design

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  1. very cute and chic dress, I love the print! 


  2. Aw, thanks Paula. It is good to see lots of dresses in all the stores, at all price points.

  3. Terri, I think I owned two dresses just six months ago. I thought they were too "fussy", or something, but they are simple! I love Soft too.

  4. Yes, I love them so much! All the employees know me, and vice versa  : >

  5. I remember the time, when you could not find a single dress out there – because they where out of fasion. I am glad they are (still) back! Your smile crowns your dress!

  6. You know, blogging has greatly increased the number of dresses in my closet.  when I began, I owned exactly one!  I think those booties must be the same that I have in brown–mine are also by Soft, a brand I really like.  Lookin' good!

  7. Thanks so much for the inspiration and for hosting this — what fun, now, to explore these other blogs!

  8. Thank you Susan. I do like that little jacket; it's very Florida-weight.  : >

  9. Yes, deafening would be bad but loud is good, on Visible Monday  : >  thanks for coming by!

  10. Wendy, a dress tutorial is in order for you  : >   Thanks for stopping by.

  11. LOL, Paula – I do understand that boots in Florida are for fun, and in Massachusetts, well — not so much  : >

  12. Happy Monday back at you, Pam, and thanks as always for participating. You look chic and lovely.

  13. I knew you would like my jacket, Debbi   : >   I thought about you when I edited this pic.

  14. Beautiful dress, I love the print.  Great dress for the office or place of worship.

  15. Very cute dress & it looks great with the jacket layered over it. Love it 🙂

  16. Patti~Love your dress with the jacket.  I always try to work a dress as a sirt–but It ususally doesnt work for me.   But I love the ease of a dress also; no coordination necessary!
    I understand how you would need a change of shoe and do a boot being in the warmth.  me?  I am so sick of boots.  They just mean cold and ice to me!

  17. Your dress looks great!  I do not know why I don't wear more dresses…they are so stylish and easy!  You encourage me to look for more!  Thanks for putting the link up early…it really helps on workdays!!  Have a Marvelous Monday!!

  18. Patti, you look fabulous in this dress! With the jacket it is just perfect-and the jacket is such a cute one. What cool booties. I envy you with your fine thrift purchases! Ya'll must have some great thrift stores there.

  19. That is a great dress! I love your visible Monday's – I recently discovered what it all meant and it's such a great idea.

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