What I Wore, and How Steve Jobs Changed My (Love) Life

Today’s look includes a black cowl neck, as a small nod to Steve Jobs’ uniform of black turtleneck and jeans. I am switching full-bore to Fall colors and patterns even though the temps are still in the mid-80’s. Just because it feels right!

This cowl neck top is from Norma Kamali’s line at Wal-Mart. Have you seen it? There are actually quite a few good-looking pieces in the collection and the prices are insanely low. I think this top was about $10. It’s polyester, but with a very soft, drapey hand. It’s perfect for travel: I’ve washed it in the sink and worn it the next day.

The new-to-me skirt is a thrifted Jones New York. I love an ikat print, and these colors are so warm and seasonal. Is it more animal than ikat? I couldn’t wait to wear my new Soft booties again, even though it’s too warm to add tights. These little boots make me smile all day.

Top: Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart; Skirt: Jones New York, thrifted;
Boots: Soft; Belt: Guess

As for how Steve Jobs played a role in my love life: When I met my future husband in 1992, I had a clunky personal computer, the kind you had to remove floppy (really floppy) disks from, just to start it up and run the most basic programs. Sandy was/is a god of computing. He looked at my sorry technology and said, “That does not work for you, cool girl.” He gifted me a week later with a Macintosh SE – the “toaster”. It was pre-loaded with a couple of loving images, too, how sweet!

The beginning of a beautiful love affair.

Wow. I fell in love twice. With Sandy of course, for he was all the good things I’d been hoping to find in a man. And with that little computer – so smart, so fast, so much fun. Sandy (and Apple) and I have been together for 19-plus years now. I am still impressed as hell with both of them.

So I am sad at the passing of Steve Jobs. A force, a creator of beautiful, powerful things that make life more enjoyable. I wonder who will fill his shoes?

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  1. We were just talking about floppy disks the other day! In fact we were clearing out a big box of the later, 3 1/2 inch disks and found the floppies underneath them. Amazing!
    I didn't have any personal connection with Steve Jobs but always felt as though he represented some of the best parts of our generation – a revolutionary who could work with others to make major contributions.
    Also I love your outfit – I am really excited about ikat now.

  2. I adore your skirt matching your perfect smile.
    About Steven Jobs, I  new his greatness in the last Speach to a group of student. What a humble and wise man.

  3. I love that you're rocking the ankle booties with that skirt. It's a bit unexpected/untraditional. I think the skirt print is very geometric.

  4. My first computer was an Apple too. Must have been '85. It's funny now to think of a computer that wasn't really CONNECTED to anything!

  5. I had a toaster at home, too for awhile. Then I got an LC with OMG a colour screen! Sigh.
    What a lovely story.
    Remember the flying toasters screen saver?

  6. This skirt is seriously awesome.
    I love your story about your hubby as well 🙂
    I have a much shorter less exciting relationship with Apple but I'm genuinely sorry that the man was pulled from the earth so quickly.

  7. Great outfit. I like the Ikat skirt, the enthic print is lovely. Black is the best color to go with it. I'm missing Steve jobs too, I grew along with Apple too. 


  8. That top is really great & the price is even better! What a cute love story 🙂

  9. I really like this outfit too! Love those booties. I would absolutely wear this. In a heartbeat! I was wishing that I could wear a black t-neck and jeans today too. I don't think that anybody will be able to fill his shoes.

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