What I Wore: Long and Lean, and Retail

I think I am wearing all non-thrifted clothing today! I didn’t realize until I started blogging that such a large percentage of my wardrobe was born in thrifts and consignment stores. Not that I mind; I love pretty clothing from any source and paying less is always OK.

You can see the knife-pleats better here

The black knit dress worn underneath is from Banana Republic, about three years ago. I love the knife-pleated bottom portion, so I often wear the dress as a skirt (plus the dress top is very sheer). The tunic is versatile too; I have worn it with most every solid skirt in my closet. And it’s washable, needs zero ironing and feels so nice against my skin. Win!

There’s not much jewelry, just silver hoops and a couple of bracelets. I like the neckline of this blouse on its own.

I am more dressed-up today than my work requires. It feels ladylike and professional, and gives me a little more internal authority, so I enjoy the change.  I could take the dressiness down a notch by adding my denim jacket and changing into flats when I go out for veggie tacos tonight.

Do you enjoy dressing up a bit more than is necessary, just for the fun of it?

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  1. That tunic is SOOOO gorgeous.  Great look all around. 

    I do enjoy dressing up a little bit, for fun, once in awhile.  The trick for me is doing so in a way that doesn' t make me feel like I'm dressing up as somebody else!  I'm gradually figuring it out so that I get more consistency.  You don't seem to have that problem at all — that outfit is totally you..  It's very consistent stylistically with your more casual outfits, even though it's dressier.

  2. Both pieces are versatile and I'm sure they make great outfits. Personally I came to the conclusion I'm a casual kind of dresser and I tend to dress down . But as my style evolves I will master dressing up at one point !

  3. The blouse is great but I really love those shoes. I think I'm becoming a shoe person. That's interesting you feel "internal authority" dressing up in a ladylike and professional way. I will listen for that feeling the next time I dress up.

  4. I am a huge fan of pleated skirts and I love that the knife pleats help keep the volume down on the skirt of this dress.  I also love the proportions of this skirt and tunic together – they're both longer but so sleek they work well together.

  5. Adore the outfit 🙂 Love the idea of wearing the dress as a skirt too!
    A lot of times I dress up more than I "should" because I feel like it, and it gives me more confidence (especially on a day when you're in your blaa place :P)

  6. I LOVE this outfit!……and the idea of 'internal authority'.  Dressing nicely makes me feel so much better about myself, and doing it without spending a fortune is fun. 

  7. Very elegant ensemble – I'm loving the comeback of knifepleats because I've always loved them – they're very ladylike in a skirt or dress. I love dressing up more than necessary for the fun of it and sadly people don't seem to do it so much anymore.

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