Imperfection is Beauty: Pass It On

I first saw this wonderful video via the cool blog For Those About To Shop. The creator is Karen Walrond, who says she took her camera and notebook out to find what makes us beautiful. Her conclusion: our differences and our imperfections. The video is short and delightful — a slideshow actually — of mostly women, most in their 30’s, interspersed with inspirational quotes.

The title of this post comes from one of the quotes, by Marilyn Monroe; “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” (As a mental health professional, I don’t fully agree with the middle part of her statement, but it is poetic!).

My only request to the videographer is to please make another slideshow with more over-40 women, as we love to see women who look like us, feeling happy and comfortable in our skin.


Do you find beauty in imperfection?

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  1. Imperfection is perfection.  And differences become our strength.  I spent my career as a mental health professional.  Would love to know more about what you do!

  2. I get ya, girl — the happiness on the faces definitely makes them more beautiful.

  3. Great point – for example, imo anyway, Tilda Swinton has an arresting beauty, but is no cookie-cutter beauty.

  4. You tempted me but we didn't make it there! But I did sign up for email alerts!  : >

  5. Very interesting, Terri. There are lots of nuances in the everyday word "madness" — and some (all?) great art has come from outside the box to be sure.

  6. totally agree there is beauty in imperfection. I use the word "perfect" in my comments quite often and I simply imply the meaning of something being ideal and excellent. Nothing is really flawless in this world, a little imperfection is part of being beautiful


  7. I do think that uniqueness is beauty.  Look what happens in Hollywood.  Even though women are pressured to have surgery, and there's that disturbing trend where everybody starts looking the same, it STILL happens that somebody with a unique look catches everybody off guard.  It's too bad that everybody forgets!

  8. I disagree with the first part of the quote — it wasn't imperfection that I found beautiful in this slideshow, which was beautiful — I saw happy smiling faces — faces of people who seemed to be comfortable with who they are. I found the imperfection (not that imperfection can't be beautiful. Okay, I'm rambling.

  9. Absolutely, there is beauty in imperfection!  I agree it would be great to see the same thing with women over 40…all of us are beautiful in our own, unique way and we should absolutely celebrate it!

    Did you get anything at Stein Mart??

  10. OMG at the tears!  We must be on a roll….both posting videos today.   The folks I work with are soo beautiful, and so very 'mad' (as in alzheimers) and sooo NOT boring!  Thank you for posting this!

  11. So true!  As for the madness business, I know in working with creative writers that I deeply appreciate students who think differently, "outside the box" so to speak.  It works two ways.  Writing often helps their "madness," but their "madness" is a good harbinger of undercurrents in the culture…

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