What I Wore: Animal Prints are So Hot Right Now

I am out of my comfort zone yet again – blogging does this to one – with a wild and crazy leopard print top. I de-wilded it with a very safe gray pencil skirt and light accessories. Although, looking at it now, I’d like this top with a more colorful skirt next time, to really play up the print. Maybe a red pencil skirt?

I just picked up this DKNY knit top at Ross Dress for Less. It’s very soft and flowy, and it has a cool detail at the back, where my team number can go. I’ve had the To The Max skirt for ages, and I can’t remember where I got it – consignment, I think.

Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes

The blog goddesses are smiling, because I’m able to link this up to Tammy’s “Trends Through the Decades” party, and I can repeat it for Bloggers Do It Better in a couple of days. Animals everywhere, man.

Have you embraced the animal print in a large or small way? All-out with a fabulous dress, or just a touch, with a belt or bag? I would like to get some animal print gloves, even cotton ones, for my NYC trip. That would add interest to my mostly-solid looks.

These zebra print gloves are a fun way to add animal print without too much risk!
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  1. "Have you embraced the animal print in a large or small way? All-out with a fabulous dress, or just a touch, with a belt or bag?"
    Never bought a big item on my closet with animal prints except my bag and belt. Now, I am encouraged to buy clothes with leopard animal prints, eh. Looks good and flattering. Wow!

    Cathy@best scrubs

  2. I think this is a great match.  I agree with some of the other comments, you have to be small to pull this off and you do it wonderfully!

  3. You look great in leopard print. You should definitely wear more of it!

  4. I love the word 'de-wilded'. Yes the top would look great with a red pencil skirt. As for animal prints, I have one leopard print scarf that makes me feel very chic and current.

  5. With your tiny waist, you could belt the top!  I love the shoes too.  I'm a shoe fanatic.  Digging the animal prints.

  6. Beautiful! This looks great on you.
    I don't know why, but I've never owned or worn any animal prints in their natural colors. I did have a purple zebra stripe shirt in the 70s and Irecently made a dress in an intense green and black Pucci print with zebra and cheetah in it! Maybe this is the year I will break down and do a more realistic animal print in an accessory. Those gloves are tempting.

  7. Your top looks very elegant with the grey skirt.  And while you could try it with a colored skirt (red sounds great), colored shoes might be interesting too!

  8. I love animal prints, too.  Like you, I usually tone them down by pairing them with more subdued pieces.  My leopard gloves are much beloved (the zebra ones, alas, are lost forever).  You are inspiring me to run out and wear my leopard top again!  That top you're wearing would look good with so many things — red pencil skirt, yes, but I am also thinking denim.  (But then, I'm always thinking denim, aren't I?)

  9. I love animal prints!  I am one of those who have to be careful or I will buy too much of it…you can always find great pieces in thrift.  I LOVE this skirt…what a great purchase from Ross!

  10. Oh Patti, a red pencil skirt would be smashing! But it looks great with gray too. I don't think you could look anything less than beautiful in any outfit. The zebra gloves would be so neat with a  winter coat.

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