Six Piece Wardrobe for A NYC Trip

May I start my boring pre-trip travelogue now?? I’m going to my favorite city for two weeks. Arrggh, I cannot wait, but I want the time to pass slowly, so that when the trip starts, it won’t end . . . babble, babble. This trip is Part One of my scheme rational plan to persuade my husband that we could “make it there,” nibble on the Big Apple, etc. He loves to surf, so this is not going to be a slam-dunk.

I have been playing with Polyvores for my wardrobe and I like this set for our Autumn visit:

Six Pieces for NYC
Six Pieces for NYC

I got fascinated with the idea of a Six Piece Wardrobe earlier this year. This capsule has six actual clothing pieces, but allows plenty of accessories. I appreciate the casual but polished look of these pieces. When I’m in New York I wear a lot more black than here in Florida, and I feel comfortable with it. The red scarf will give me a shot of color, and a fitted black blazer will go with everything. How I wish I owned a spectacular bag like the one shown, but I have a very nice Anne Klein that will do the trick.

I won’t be bringing these exact clothes because I already own a lot of clothes (and most of these pieces are way above my price-zone). But this capsule gives me good mixing ideas. For two weeks’ stay, I’ll need a couple of pairs of dark wash, straight jeans, and multiples of great neutral tops like the ones above. We’ll have access to a washer/dryer so all the washables can be cared for easily. And some shopping will be done, especially at the thrifts and vintage shops I’ve discovered on earlier visits.

For me, so much of the joy of vacations is the planning and anticipation. We are going happily crazy with our lists of things to see, do, eat, and drink. Our tenth wedding anniversary happens while we’re there. The Halloween Parade is not to be missed, I have been told. Wardrobe will be a fun part of the whole experience!

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  1. so lovely youare taking a trip to your favorite place. I love the idea of minimal pieces and lots of accessories.I notice all classic pieces you've picked.

  2. I've seen the 6 piece project before,I think its a great idea especially for trips! Your picks are classic and very chic – I like that striped shirt you included. I usually go to NYC around christmas time with my aunt but we only do day trips, I would love to do an extended stay like youre doing. I think your outfits will fit right in there.

  3. Our longest trip to date has been four days – so this is a special vacation. And we really are trying the city on more seriously this time, to see if we could eventually live (retire?) there  : >

  4. You and Tammy are getting pretty good at the Polyvore thing!  Looks like it helps to organize.  I may try it on my annual trip to FL.  Be there for a month–email me and maybe we can hook up.
    Jill posted about that exhibit and I may travel to NY to see it.  Its only about a 5 hour drive from here.  And you can take the Fung-Wa bus for about 10 bucks.
    Let us know how the six piece wardrobe works.  I dont think I could do it! 

  5. I'm having a NYC deficit just reading your post.  How exciting and the perfect place to spend your anniversary.  Looks like you have the outfits down and waiting to hear of your adventures.

  6. NYC! Jealous… that's all I'm saying 🙂

    Great picks but you always look great! This is an accepted fact!

  7. I'm not a light packer!
    You could add a skirt or a dress.  If you celebrate with theater tickets from the same-day discount ticket place you might want to doll up a bit and wear a dress. 
     I'd also add a multi-colored scarf.  If it cools off everybody will be stretching their fall jackets by swathing their neck/chests in big scarves.   Since everybody isn't automatically disappearing into their car outerwear is a chance to show your style.

    I also like a cross-body bag.   You can tuck it into you shopper and then separate it out when you don't feel like carrying the kitchen sink around with you. 

    Two weeks is quite a luxurious holiday!

  8. Hi Jill – I didn't know you were there! I've been to Fantasy Fest in Key West, and I am imagining the NY parade will be similar, but with less nudity (?)   : >

  9. WOW! Love your pieces!  I think they're sooooo versatile and classic.  When in doubt or limited space; I tend to always go black.  It always looks good and can be changed up with great accessories!  Hugs to you and I've got to tell you….I'm a tad jealous!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  10. OMG! NYC !! I have destination envy 🙂
    I think your capsule is perfect and you should get a lot of outfits out of it.
    My only recommendation: comfy flats and another colorful scar. Maybe yellow?
    However you can always buy them when you get there. A good excuse 🙂

  11. This looks like a perfect travel wardrobe – basics that are both stylish and comfortable. I used to travel a lot for business, and my biggest challenge was trying to pack lots of pretty, fun clothes for the off hours along with the bulky business suits.And that was long before all the airline restrictions we have today!

    Funny how we always associate NYC = black clothes. I do the same thing, and I think it is because I live in a state that is essentially a gigantic resort, climatologically and sartorially (the mode of dress is beyond casual, people even wear shorts to the symphony!). Wearing my wild colors and big prints seems natural here, but doesn't translate well to my mental image of Manhattan.

    I look forward to hearing about the trip!

  12. I hope you have a great time here in NYC! If you get a chance you should see the Daphne Guinness exhibit at the Museum at FIT. It's just amazing. The Halloween Parade, btw, is crowded and crazy, but can be fun.

  13. When we travel BF and I have turn into an old married couple. We each take a little carry-on, and only check one bag (that we share).
    I used to be a much lighter packer, I can still pack a weekend into my purse (as long as I don't bring my huge camera) but I love the freedom of traveling without a lot of luggage. Once I get there I rarely really THINK about what I am going to wear anyways. A couple cute solid Tees and skinny jeans I think will be perfect for NY.

  14. Oh, I'm so envious!  I haven't been to NY in years. Your capsule wardrobe looks perfect. You'll do lots of walking, so be sure the shoes are comfortable.

  15. Oh lucky you to go to NYC! I would love to go there.
    I think your capsule wardrobe is an excellent idea, especially since most airlines charge for baggage. I know when I have traveled in the past, I took way too many clothes. I didn't wear most of them. I think the things you have chosen are great items. Are you also taking a coat?
    I hope you will take a lot of pictures!

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