Visible Monday #14: Polka Dots, Pattern Mixing, General Brightness!

Welcome to Visible Monday #14! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

It’s a burst of color and pattern today! I am wearing polka dots (almost – it’s actually a polka-starburst) for Tammy at Silverstyle‘s “Through the Decades” link-up.  Go check it out, and add your polkas to the party.

This lively lime green blouse is thrifted. It’s a very soft poly chiffon, by Liz Claiborne. It’s much brighter than my usual palette but I chose it because:

  • it pattern-mixes so cheerfully with my vintage 80’s herringbone midi skirt,
  • the neckline is low enough to keep the brightness off my face,
  • it feels lovely against my skin, and
  • it’s Visible Monday — no hiding out.
I’m wearing my boots! I laugh at the weather-person,
who predicts a high of 87 today!

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Recycled Fashion

The guidelines to participate in Visible Monday are so simple!

  1. Any Monday, whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on this cute little link:

In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!

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  1. I love how you combined these patterns! and it looks great with the boots!

  2. Oh god i figured out Disqus!
    Love your outfit Patti, love the color of your top, lovely as usual – Ariane

  3. I love combining patterns, and although I'm no expert to my eyes your combination today is well balanced and looks great.

  4. cute! I love the colors a lot. The skirt is lovely. You've got a pair of fabulous boots too.


  5. Nice combination! I love that you've featured some of my favorite bloggers here. If I can get my act together I will join this party but I seem to be struggling with balance lately with kids now back in school. Oh dear.

  6. Hi Reva! thanks for participating with your cool outfit mile gorgeous smile!

  7. Well, you've got it going on.  Thanks so much for linking up. 
     I would have never and I mean never put that top with that skirt and I'm here to tell you it rocks..

  8. I LOVE this combo and boots at 80 degrees? Heck yeah. You know i sport em all year around! I must start participating in the Visible Monday! I'll try now.

  9. Hello Susan – I know what you mean about the boots! But I am in air conditioned places about 85% of the time  : >  And I do love my boots! Thanks for coming by.

  10. Thanks Anne; I did wear the boots for about 6 hours, in the air-conditioning  : >

  11. You are wearing one of my favorite patterns EVER: houndstooth !
    I love it so much I am actually thinking about doing an entire WEEK of it.

  12. My God, woman: Is there any color that doesn't look great on you?  Amazing!  (And as far as the boots go…. I agree that one should never let the weather interfere with some fabulous boot-wearing.  Were you able to keep them on all day?)

  13. Hi my dear!! Whhat a lovely stylish outfit to start Monday morning, a great look for Autumn, I love the colour of your top! Have a great week ahead xx

  14. Yes, Sally – you know you have led me down this boots-in-summer path, and there's no turning back  : >

  15. Thanks, Ginger! I love Anthro skirts, but rarely have the $$$ on hand to purchase one, so this is a great compliment  : >

  16. You're a brave soul to do boots on an 87-degree day … but as a fellow boot-lover, I can hardly blame ya!

  17. Did you get your inspiration from the Antropologie catalog?  I was admiring an overpriced skirt there with a similar look.

  18. Oh my goodness, that green top is amazing on you!!  I love how you've chosen the herringbone skirt – fantastic!

  19. Melissa, thanks for coming by. Your jewelry is gorgeous. Do it, make the leap!

  20. Oh no, Pam! I thought it was cooling down for you. You look fantastic as usual, however, despite any heat wave. Thanks for participating!

  21. Hi Debbi! I had trouble finding polka dots too. I scored this at Goodwill just a few days ago. : )

  22. Yes, let's see the wedding, soon as you can! I can definitely see you in this skirt, maybe we will do a swap at a future date . . . . : )

  23. I really love the concept of these Mondays!  I'm going to have to try it… not sure my office job will like it though : ( lol.. yet another good reason to work for myself full time! ; )

  24. Patti, I really like your skirt…love the length…very classy!  We are back in over 100 degree heat and they say it might be here into October…so sad!

  25. I really like this combination. I wouldn't have thought to do it myself, but now that I see it, I like it. I looked everywhere for polka dots to no avail. I did find a couple of tops at thrift stores, but one was way too small and the other way to big. I couldn't even find a scarf that had polkadots!

  26. Hey Patti–so glad to see you pattern mixing!  Love this combo of the two somewhat graphic prints.  Love that greeen on you!

  27. Patti–I like the color combination here.  And that skirt looks like something I ought to be wearing in the classroom.  Alas, one more week will have to go by without participating in Visible Monday, but at long last I will have the wedding post up.

  28. Really like this color combo. And I like the green on you. Wow, I would have been a puddle in that outfit. I sweat like there is no tomorrow! And I think I have that black and silver twisty bracelet (I may have told you that already though …).

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