How I’m Doin’: Shopping List Check-Up

Forgive the New Jersey dialect – you can take the girl out of Nutley, but . . .

I wrote two months ago about my shopping list for Fall/Winter 2012. Here’s the graphic of my wish-list:

I’ve had some great success tackling my list (any of you with a touch of OCD know how satisfying it is to make the check-mark!). I bought cool eyeglasses and feel really hip when I wear them, forgetting that 20 years ago no such device was needed to read. I have a new striped tee by Jones New York that fits the bill.

I bought these surprisingly great jeans via a tip from Angie of YouLookFab. I thought I would dislike the whiskering, but I really love wearing these “curvy” straight-legs: the rise is for grown-ups and the fit is just perfect.

I don’t love the look with the pumps! But I wear these with booties and do like.

I found the full khaki skirt I’m wearing here at a consignment store. It’s perfect for work and weekends.

Two very pretty non-silk scarves made their way into my scarf drawer, via eBay. Still looking for that perfect high-end one that will rock my world. I love the hunt, so no stress here. I also bought a soft, pretty ivory cardigan from (yes!) the 15dollarstore, and it’s a great wardrobe-stretcher.

So I have done rather well, IMHO. Still on the list are:

  • The dream ivory blouse: loosely fitted, three-quarter or long sleeves, low-ish neckline and washable. It’s been a real challenge. If you have any suggestions, I’d be grateful.
  • Ballet flats: I’ve tried on lots but most have felt “too flat” (I know! what a pill I can be!). I’d like a little support and a slightly pointed toe – almond, I think?
  • Oxfords: There’s plenty of good choices at Zappo’s, so I just need to get in motion and order some. I am crazy about the ones shown above but they cost $450, or in my new parlance, a very nice comforter set for the condo.

How are you (NJ: youse) doing with your shopping lists? 

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  1. Have you checked out Geox for flats? Their flats have a little structure and a tiny heel – but I don't know if the toe will be pointy enough for you or if they have ivory. Thought I'd mention this… I have two pairs of black flats from them.

  2. I love making lists too, and checking off! Your new skirt is lovely, and great for pairing with lots of different tops, and both sandals and boots. Have we seen your scarves yet? I'm looking for scarves too, but I think it's really difficult to find just the right colours that will go with what's in the closet already – tops, blazers, coats…  The jeans do look fantastic, I hope we get to see them too!

  3. I see that we go down the same paths in so many ways. You went down the full experimenting path and you now fall hard for basics. Your list is one that i could easily have chosen for me and that I would add just a few scarves to add my love for equestrian style and a pair of  riding boots  .That's what fascinates me about basics.I don't have alist yet for this year as I'm satisfied with what i have and I need no more….maybe a pair of glasses.BTW I love your skirt.

  4. Patti,
    Thanks for stopping by.  Your shopping list is perfect.  Classic styles with a little oomph!  I guess just like you!!!

  5. Patti,  I am so looking for the right jeans. What brand, style and where did you purchase your jeans? Jeans become the agony of swimsuits for me!

  6. Thanks for the update! Good luck with the rest of your dream-items. I also totally adore your Jersey-isms, I have an affection for regional speech patterns. 🙂 

    P.S. Hi Stinky!!!

  7. Hi Patti,
    I love very much your khaki skirt ! I truly hope you will find your dream silk scarf soon. Keep an eye on ebay. Sometimes they have fantastic deals as we all know.
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  8. You'll have to share if you find the ballet flats.  Flats that are cute, but also have good support are hard to find.

  9. Oh, great question!  I am after navy shoes, as always.   For your flats, try the Indigo by Clarks line. They are comfy but very current looking, and at a reasonable price point.  I need to pick up some oxfords too, with the idea of wearing them with retro dresses.  I also am buying some new specs from Zenni, as I can get a ton of glasses for cheap.

  10. I will second the suggestion for Sofft ballet flats. Naturalizer has some reasonable priced, cute pairs with a bit of support as well.

  11. So great to make a list and check things off. My list included a faux fur vest, ballet flats, nude pumps, cropped jackets. leopard belt and scarf and a motto jacket.  I am happy to say I have purchased all but the leopard scarf. I am now restricting myself from making new purchases until I get to my goal weight and then it will be colored skinny jeans!  I know what you mean regarding finding the right flats with some support.  

  12. Well done! I'm whittling down my list as well. I found my ivory blouse at Zara, and a white silk one that has yet to appear on the blog, on the clearance rack at French Connection. It took AGES, so you aren't alone in your search!

    Still desperately seeking my black wool slash-neck jumper and a pair of cream wool trousers. I love the hunt as well, so it's not killing me or anything, but I do wish I'd at least find that jumper before real winter sets in.

  13. Patti, have you tried Clarks for flat shoes? It's a UK brand, but Lynne has mentioned them before, so I am guessing ou can get them also in the US? I find thy have good arch support. I also cannot wear flat-flat shoes.

  14. You crack me up!  We are from Jersey and live in Florida now (actually for the last 38 years!) and my mom still says "youse" all the time!  I agree with you on the flats – some are too flat and not good on the feet – better to have some support.  I found a great pair from Bandolino.  They have a very slight wedge but are the most comfortable flats I own.  

  15. Sounds like you're right on track for your shopping list. Maybe ebay or for the oxfords? I know for ballet flats sofft is really great. 

    The only things left on my shopping list are reselling the rest of my heels and replacing them with flats/super low heels. My knees have been awful since the weather has set in and I can't bear looking at my beautiful heels and knowing I can't wear them. Thankfully I've found a lot of really cute flats (Fluevog! Cydwoq!) that I'm hoping to get once I resell the heels.

  16. This is a very good list! All good things! But shopping for jeans…what a pain in the tush!!! Second only to shopping for a bathing suit. eek!

  17. My shopping list is a mess, ha! ha! ha! but love yours and admire that you follow yours and such pretty choices!

    Ariane xxx

  18. I'm having terrible luck finding the perfect navy blue skirt. I may actually break down and sew one.

    Can't wait to see your cool specs and new jeans 🙂

  19. I can't help you with the ivory blouse or the ballets but I do have a great pair of Born oxfords that I LOVE. I just checked and they are on sale right now! are very comfortable though quite flat. Not sure you will like the flatness of them since you don't like flat ballets. On my shopping list is a black cashmere crew neck sweater, a new leopard belt, a pair of wool blend ankle pants in black and a cool evening bag for the holidays. I bought some ankle pants today….think the leopard belt will be the hardest to find. 

  20. Still no brown boots yet but I'm still looking. Also haven't found the right tartan plaid blouse or leopard ballet flats (but not too flat!!) I've managed to get everything else i wanted.
    I have just added a black tailored jacket to the list this week as the one I have is just too big to wear ot alter!

  21. That's a great list – so versatile. I've bought a few great standards (rust-colored jeans, ivory cardigan, black blouse). Since I've borrowed my sister's sewing machine, I'm also thinking about what I can do with some old pieces – but I don't really like to sew. It might be worth the time to add fake fur to my coat collar, though!

  22. Or "y'all" down here. 
    I'm surprised at how much my list has morphed.  I've let some things go from earlier in the fall, and have reconsidered some items that I'd rejected (cringe … flat equestrian boots, maybe?)  Doing pretty well, though, considering the cruddy financial front …Patti, thank you so much for hosting VM, and being so visible yourself.  I learn a lot from you.  

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