Shopping List for Fall!

I’ve been reducing rather than expanding my wardrobe for the last six months. I’ve followed a one-in, one-out policy and just-plain-purged quite a bit. I am enjoying my smaller closet, even though I find myself repeating pieces a lot. I’m wearing more of what I truly love rather than something that’s “novel” but just OK.

But the change of seasons (Florida seasons, heh) brings memories of shopping trips for school, and many wonderful years of living in the Northeast. I have an urge to refresh my Fall/Winter wardrobe. For my climate, that means pieces that can be worn when it’s merely cool out. So layers of silk, very light wools, jersey knits and closed-toe shoes are all on the menu.

Here’s a collection I put together. I plan to shop from this list, and not dither around, adding “cute stuff” like I have in past years. (I won’t be buying these exact items, unless dollars rain from heaven.) I’m not going to rake through the deep discount racks looking for deals that may or may not work in my wardrobe. I’ll include the thrifts and consignment stores in my rounds, but with my list in hand. And recognizing that I may not find my style basics there, and that’s OK (but I bet I’ll find a couple of fabulous scarves!)

Fall Basics

There’s nothing very trendy here, but lots of pieces I can blend into my existing wardrobe of skirts, simple knit dresses and lightweight print tops. A soft ivory blouse will be a favorite for mixing with all my skirts and with jeans on the weekend, so I might buy two!

I am pining for those cool lace-ups to be my “personality” shoes for Fall. And note, I didn’t add any boots. But don’t write that down. I’m also crazy at the moment for some modern “readers”; I go through them quickly but I want to update to this fun oversized style.

Over to you, fellow wardrobers: are you updating a lot or a little for the new season? Adding classics or statement pieces? Shopping the closet or the retailers, or a mix?

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  1. What a great idea.   I really like your list and I want those lace up
    shoes – any suggestion for finding them?

  2. It must be something in the air when autumn comes as I have been doing the same thing.  I've not done what you have and chosen basic pieces, but I am going to as it is such a sensible idea.

  3. Daisha, I had to smile when I read your comment.  I had just told my husband about Patti 'purging' her wardrobe, comparing it to what I am doing myself at this time.  I said, it is hard to get rid of items I had paid money for as it just brought home the money wasted on things that were just okay!

  4. If you find perfect oxfords, I hope you'll share the shopping link. The ones I bought last year are too boxy, and are moving on. I'm shopping my closet, and trying to wear everything in it. I'm also taking a hard look at my outfit pics, determined to let go of those pieces that viewed most objectively by the camera just do not cut it. I really want a much more edited wardrobe.

  5. I like the skirt.  For the past few seasons it's all been about the slim pencil shape and I feel like the tides of fashion are ready to ebb.  Adding other shapes seems like a proative idea.

  6. I'm just shopping the closet for fall, I haven't lost quite enough weight to justify new purchases. I love that you have a plan to fill in gaps in your wardrobe- when I do shop, I'm going to at least try to shopping plan too.

  7. I enjoy hearing about peoples' shifting approaches to their wardrobes – so interesting! I especially appreciate how you don't discount the possibility of dollars raining from the heavens. 🙂 

  8. Hi Patti.

    You are right. I think we should shop basics much more then trends. I love all your pieces here and you should get them all. I especially love the full black skirt, the dark red cardigan and both pairs of shoes. =) I am on the lookout for the perfect pair of Black Ballet Flats this year and of course they have to be comfy since I will be wearing them through Fall and Winter while I will also be pregnant with a full belly. =)

    Happy Hump Day!! <3 Ada.

  9. I'm trying not to shop – it's difficult. I get the sewing bug in the autumn and feel a slash-and-sew spree coming on for those pieces in my closet that I'm itching to give away but would be willing to sacrifice in the name of…whatever I do to them next. I love your choices of basics, especially the glasses, Breton top, and Oxfords.  

  10. I have odd things on my fall shopping list.  I need some sort of navy slacks, the elusive green cardigan (perhaps in a letter sweater style), and a thin, thin pair of pale pink suspenders!  Admiring the oxfords you're looking for and the gathered skirt.

  11. I've been purging and editing, too, and it's actually given me direction in my shopping this autumn. I sort of have a big picture in mind, and I now have a fairly short hit list I'm going after, piece by piece. I'm also being as picky as heck and willing to invest in higher-end stuff if it's the sort of basic I'll wear for years.

    An ivory and a white blouse are on my list, too! Floaty, light ones, just like yours.

  12. I love your picks. They're all well thought out and a good reference for shopping. I did a lot of updating of both my summer and future fall/winter wardrobe. I kept everything that I really loved from last winter and added a lot in the way of sweaters, cold weather dresses, tights, low-heeled boots and shoes to replace the heeled ones. I have a super duper amazing pair of tall boots that I'm aching for truly cold weather to wear. I've been rockin' the ankle boots since the temperature fell below 90, but I've saved the taller boots.

    I've really stuck to a narrow shopping grid of colors, shapes, and remixability. I wanted something I could 'shop' from all winter without feeling down about not shopping during that time. I've really had to step back from the mentality of getting things because they're cute. They need to be both cute AND work with my style. It's meant passing on a number of really cute things, but I've really had a strong goal to commit to a personal style.

  13. This is such a great approach.  I like that your choices mix basics and fun!  I unexpectedly ended up making a list like this over the summer – didn't find everything but the focus was SO helpful!  I looked all summer for a suitable maxi skirt or dress (love your one in the last VM post) and still haven't succeeded, so that will stay on my master shopping list into fall, I think…

  14. Ahh, I love your list!!  Those shoes are glorious!!  The lace-up oxfords, I mean.  I want some of those myself.

    I am a frequent flyer at the thrift stores, and I have a sort-of budget for the thrift.  I don't go crazy and buy everything I see, but I do love fun and unusual items.  I need to take a lesson from you and purge a bit!!


  15. Hi Patti, I've been purging too. In fact I have it narrowed down to pretty much only what I really love. Betsy Johnson once said that if you want to find your best style, only wear your favorite things. And then of course as Vix would say, "get rid of the rest." haha
    I'm not buying just for fun much anymore because I end up adding things that just don't stay in my closet. In fact while purging during the last two weeks I noticed that pretty much all the stuff in the donation pile was thrifted. Not my favorite things. 😉

  16. I really love that collection of classics you've selected, and they all seem so "you". And OH! those oxfords are perfect, they are so cute yet look like they'd be comfortable for walking. 
    I don't seem to be able to downsize since creating wild frippery to add to my closet is currently my primary creative outlet. Maybe one day I will be able to gain some self control and create the ultimate zen closet of only a few excellent pieces, but it is not yet time.

  17. Patti, I don't think you'll go wrong with any of the pieces you've shown here. They're all classic and versatile. I've updated mostly with some colored pants so far, and shoes. Boots are my weakness too, and the cornucopia of ankle boots available this season has been tempting me sorely. But other than maybe a dress or two 😉 once Karina's fall line is available, I'm pretty much done for the year.

  18. As much as I try to 'shop my closet' I always find myself picking up a refresher or two each season.  this year it was a bright suit.  

    I am a sucker from Breton Stripes though.  So I already own several tops like that which I might add will go lovely with the new suit.

  19. These are excellent basics and will do everything to enhance you wardrobe as it currently exists.  Glad to see a red cardigan…you would look so vibrant in that color!  Good job!

  20. I've really just been shopping for cardigans.  I wear the so often that a few of mine wore out towards the end of last spring, and need to be replaced.

  21. I've been purging like crazy for fall so I can "see" the holes. Like you-I have a list I'm looking for. Not to say I won't jump on something fabulous that will work in my wardrobe- but I REALLY consider long and hard how it will work. I've been passing by a ton of stuff i would've brought before. 
    I had olive drab trousers on my list–but found the brighter olive green micro-wale cords that will fit the spot just as well.
    I wanted a leopard print top-and wound up with 3–but they are all a bit different-one is a mini-print mock turtle knit top great for layering, one is a jersey peasant top and the last is a silky tunic blouse. All for under $10!!
    I love those oxford shoes–I'd like to find a pair in black for fall/winter (with a lower heel)

  22. I think I need to post this again.  Somehow my link got screwed up by Disqus.  Here goes:

    You can't make a mistake with these classic, must-have items.  Judging from your pictures, the color palette looks absolutely right for you. 


  23. You can't make a mistake with these classic, must-have items.  Judging from your pictures, the color palette looks absolutely right, as well. 

    Happy closet….happy woman!

  24. I've done a closet purge too…
    I am liking the colours that you have as your basics and those shoes are fun!

  25. I, too have been downsizing my closet & refining my style. I have purged so much from my wardrobe that at one point it made me almost sick to see how much money I'd actually spent on things that were just "ok". On the bright side though, most of my shoes were given to a small organization of women escaping domestic violence who were in need of them. My other clothes were donated to a small charitable organization in my town that uses the funds to assist people with rent & utility payments.

    I am now buying more quality pieces for the foundation of my wardrobe. Many of these items have been thrifted, though I know I'm going to have to purchase some of them new. And that's ok because I know I will be purchasing what I REALLY like from here on out.

  26. I've been working on getting basics, recognizing that I've already got a lot of "icing" in my closet. I have also been purging, and trying to winnow down my wardrobe into a functional system. Mostly, I'll be shopping second-hand. I can't handle the crap quality of most of what's in the stores.

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