Inside Out, and a Delightful Meet-up

I wore this wrap maxi skirt with the other side out here, and liked it – but I thought the contrast was sharp between the tee and the skirt. Here I’m wearing it opposite-side out, with a softer tee. I like both looks, no strong preference. I haven’t yet tried the skirt-as-sundress that Terri mentioned, but it looks intriguing. Don’t you love hard working clothes?

Necklace made by a friend, thrifted wooden bangle
I’ll retire this skirt for the season soon as it has a very summery vibe.

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I had the pure pleasure of meeting Judith of the Style Crone last week while she visited Florida. She’s elegant and gorgeous (you knew that), warm, funny, wise and kind. Our short time together flew by. I hope we’ll get to meet again; I’m still flying high on the memories!

Linking up to Thrifter Thursday at Coffee and Cardigans, a fun spot!

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  1. What a beautiful skirt! I can't believe it's the inside! I love the blue top and shoes with it, it's such a great colour combination!

    Meeting with another blogger is just the best! You both look very lovely, and like you've had a great time!

  2. It looks like you have a mighty high swish factor on that maxi. Mmm. I like this look, especially with the pop of blue in your shoes. You and Judith are shining in this photo. Love that Wendy B ring! And your red nails too.

  3. You do both look radiant. Your smiles are just so lovely. I think you are so lucky to have met Judith. I admire both of you so much. 
    The skirt is so pretty! The blue tee and shoes are perfect with it.

  4. That's a lovely skirt – the floral print reminds me of those pretty Liberty prints. I saw this photo of the two of you over at Judith's blog – how nice to finally get to meet another blogger!

  5. This is a beautiful look for you, wonderful with your colouring – great blue shoes! 
    You and Judith are about the loveliest women ever – must have been amazing to connect in person! 

  6. I love that your wrap-skirt is double-sided, so fun. It looks like a lavish silk material, too. And it's always great to meet with a blogger friend. Love your stripped top for that meeting. 😉

  7. also this side of your skirt is lovely, i like the shining material and the beautiful colors. you both look so pretty, it's fun to meet somebody from bloggerland in real life.

  8. I have two of these skirts; you've inspired me to put one in rotation next week.

    I love that picture of you and Judith so much. I also love the combination of your prints and stripes together, with similar pops of color pulling the two of you together 🙂

  9. The skirt is GORGEOUS and I love how you styled it with the blue top and shoes!!
    How awesome you got to meet Judith–she is an amazing lady!!

  10. How I envy the two of you for getting to meet each other!!  You are both such extraordinary women!  I came to find Judith after the death of her husband…I find her transparency and willingness to open up about her feelings such a motivation to be more myself and less what I think others expect me to be.  And you, Patti, are ever kind and there is such a serenity to you……I appreciate you both so much!

    On a lighter note, you look radiant!  I DO like hard working clothes and find myself focusing more on individual pieces rather than having an abundance of clothes.  Hugs sweet friend!  ~Serene

  11. Great idea for a wrap skirt to be double faced(I'm having ideas of making one!).It must be a great feeling to meet other bloggers in person…and so much to talk about.

  12. I really like this skirt alot and the blue in that T is perfect!  I saw your meetup on Judith's site earlier in the week…it is wonderful that the two of you were able to meet up!  She is a true inspiration for all women.  Two power houses together…I bet the atmosphere around you was electric!

  13. Ohhh, fun to see meet-ups like that!  Isn't it awesome to get to meet bloggers in person!  I like the wrap skirt both ways too, and I had never seen the idea about turning one into a sun dress.  Thanks for sharing that link!


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