Visible Monday #63: Re-Working Old Faves

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Well, my outfit today is a combination of a lot of re-runs, but I had to include the Cat Stalemate pic! I’m wearing my so-comfortable knit maxi skirt with an ASOS basic tee (they make some nice basic tees). A gray faux-pearl choker and teal bangles add the bling.

I am settling in very well to my shop-less routine, and I reach for my favorite pieces without regret. I plan to buy some new things for Fall/Winter; I’ve composed a collage I’ll post later this week. For now I feel Visible and happy, and hope you feel the same, whether you’re wearing new or familiar.

P.S. Full disclosure: These photos were taken earlier in the week. Our air conditioner broke on Friday, and “The Part” won’t be in till Monday at best. It was 87 degrees in the house yesterday and it’s a brisk 84 right now, so I didn’t feel like dressing up — or dressing. Ah, modern conveniences, how I love thee!

Why must the Silly Human always wear our colors?

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Your look is comfy, but feminine, sporty yet elegant– in other words, very versatile. I can see why that skirt is one of your faves. And I'm all for shopping in one's closet. I found something for today's post that I had forgotten about.

  2. Hi Patti!!  Here's to Blogger Love!!  You and Judith must have had an incredible time.  So glad you were able to meet up.  Your outfit is lovely, as usual.  I'm a huge fan of those neutral colors, especially going into faux-Fall. 🙂  

  3. The picture with your cats made me smile. They probably do wonder what the heck you are doing. You look very comfy and chic in your outfit!
    We have been without A/C before and it is miserable! Why is it that the part that you need is always the one that has to be ordered?

  4. I love this elegant casual look and like Vix says, I like how the cats match the colour of your outfit too!

  5. The maxi skirt is really cool, you are looking good Patti.  Your kittens are really cute, don't you love it when they get in the pictures. I have a similar pair of shoes, mine are clogs from White Mountain.

  6. Oh, I so feel your pain (or heat). Our ac died last month on a Friday and couldn't be fixed until Monday. It was miserable. Thankfully we live in the same town as my in-laws and were able to escape. The heat was just too much for my four year old. 😉
    Love your easy neutral outfit. That grey skirt is so comfy and chic looking. 😉

  7. Patti, you rock a maxi skirt like no one else, Pretty Lady! Thanks for hostessing today!!! ~Sarah

  8.  Heh. My taxi arrived before I could post! You're looking lovely and chic in monochrome, as are your cats. 🙂

  9. oooo, air con less in FLA, not good.  But you still look as cool as always, especially with kitties as consultants!

  10. WORK THAT GREAT MAXI SKIRT, PATTI. I love it. I love how your cats really want to play, here. Also, I must say your hair looks FAB in these photos.

    Thanks for another fabulous Visible Monday. It is my HONOR to Participate!! =))

  11. What your cats said in the first photo is hilarious!
    They say over time we start to look like our pets. Your kitties are cute so that's a good thing!

  12. That skirt has a great shape, and I like your pearls and sandals too! My favourites are the co-ordinating kitties, though they may argue about just who is the accessory here. 🙂 

  13. Whoops! Posted before I noted how fab the grey pearls look with that amazing skirt with the slight shimmer. Visible, yet tasteful!

  14. I know it may seem weird to post a photo in sweaty skating clothes, but this was the first weekend the rink was open for the season, and roller-skating always makes me feel like a star!

  15. Hi Patti!

    I made it early this week! My mom and daughter came this weekend and shopped in my closet so i got rid of some items, they were very happy!
    Those 2 cats of yours are adorable!
    Your outfit is very cute, you look so comfortable and happy
    Ariane xxx

  16. I see kitty paws! Too cute. I love the hemline of your skirt and your metallic shoes. Sorry about the air-conditioner! It's cooled off, but not so much I'd like to be without one.

  17. You look stunning Patti! It finally cooled off here some this weekend. Hope relief is coming your way! Fadra would love to get ahold of your cats! lol

    On my next to last post I put in some organizing tips :o)

  18. You look so effortlessly cool and elegant that no one would guess your a/c was on the fritz! I love your basics. I'm shopping less by necessity, but after a year of scouring many, many thrift stores, I've gained a new appreciation of my old clothes 🙂

  19. i love your maxi skirt since i have seen it for the first time. you look so chic in these different shades of grey! say hello to your sweeties from me. 

  20. Patti–you look wonderful and so "you"!!
    I'm with you on the heat–it's FINALLY gotten bearable here!!
    The kitties are just too cute!!!

  21. Oh, Patti! I'm still laughing at the kitties and their quote. Too funny. You look so wonderful in those classic greys and blacks. I envy that!

  22. Oh, Patti-  I love your style!  Many days when I am choosing an outfit, I think of "Patti's Girls" and wonder if they would like it!  Thanks so much for all the inspiration!  -Marci

  23. I love this outfit.  The tonal colours are so trendy and yet the outfit looks very casual and comfortable xo

  24. You look classic and comfortable. I like the choker! Your cats are too funny. They always want to be where the action is.

  25. I love how you match your cats!!  The skirt is such a pretty one…falls so nicely.  Whenever we have been without air…I stay at work!

  26. I love how your bling lights up everything. And you can never go wrong with that maxi! Beautiful, Patti. Your cats are adorable – they are so clever at finding the hot zones. My cat used to sit on my hands as I typed at the keyboard…Sigh.

  27. i love a nice maxi skirt,comfy and stylish. it looks great on you Patti 🙂 and thanks for the recommendation on the basic tee front, ive not tried asos before for them! xx

  28. How cool to match your moggies! Your skirt is so feminine and sweet and your kitties are the cutest! x

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