Visible Monday #71: Camouflaged!

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I’m wearing my Vivienne by Vivienne Tam camouflage top today. I love this warm shade of green, it matches my eye color. I read in a style book that matching one’s eye color with a top or scarf is a fool-proof color selector. I like fool-proof. And this top is really fun to wear. It’s long and flowy, but not baggy, and has a cool exposed zipper.

The layers are a simple GAP tee and a new knit pencil skirt I bought on Have you ever shopped there? I’m cautious because my research has shown they don’t always offer a true discount. But this Thalian skirt was only $18. It fits perfectly, so I went back and bought a teal one too!

It’s still warm enough in Florida to show toes.
Love that zipper, although I was sure I had the top on
inside-out the first time  : >
Can’t go wrong with a knit pencil skirt that moves well with you.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Green eyes!  Lucky!  I love the tip about matching to eye color.  Come to think of it, I never go wrong when I choose something the color of my eyes! 


  2. Woo, Patti! You have got such a great figure, Lady! I'm with you on the exposed zipper trend. I always have to look twice to make sure it's not inside out. That top of yours is so darn cute!!! ~Sarah

  3. Cute outfit! I love the idea of a knit pencil skirt, but every time I try one on, they just end up accentuating my hips in a trashy way. 😉 You however look amazing classy and lovely in yours. 😉

  4. I would like the tip about picking up your eye color in a top or scarf… but mine are brown. Booring!

    Your top looks great on you, though!

  5. I love the camo shirt and I am so envious that you can wear a outfit like that now, it is soo cold here.


  6. Patti,  Very cute look on you.  I don't know if it's because I'm a sewer, or what, but the outside applied zippers get me every time.  I'm not sure I would have noticed yours because it looks tone on tone.  Thanks for hosting the link party!


  7. Great use of layering! I like the fact that your camoflauge print looks like a floral print. I love the visible zip down the back of the top too, it gives it a very modern feel.

  8. Really nice top, Patti. I like the Visible (hee hee) zip and a great print. Makes me rethink the possibility of Camo….

  9. Great skirt! I wish I could find a knit pencil skirt that truly fit well. Love the zipper detail on the back of your tank. Green is definitely a great color on you.

  10. That top is so much fun!  and you have to love any outfit that is both pulled together AND comfortable!

  11. Love your outfit! I suspect that warm colors suit your coloring better than cool ones do because that vest is a great addition to your ensemble.

  12. I have always wanted green eyes…my mother has them. 
    Love the zipper in the back! 

  13. I like the asymmetrical hemline too.  And it almost looks like a print other than camouflage, it's so pretty.  Nice combination you put together, Patti. 

  14. A simple and fun outfit, Patti, love that little zip detail! Wish I was still in sandals, it's freezing here! xxx

  15. I am not a fan of camo, but will reconsider because of your top!  I like the exposed zipper.  

  16. So nice to meet my dear friends every Monday.
    You look gorgeous patti.

  17. an extraordinary top, patti, with the zipper on the back. i like that comfy style. and i envy you still wearing sandals. 

  18. I really love the zip at the back too – love details like that!  Yay you found a skirt you love and looks amazing so you got two – clever and gorgeous:) xo

  19. Hi Patti! You're lookin' cute as usual. Hope you have a happy week! Thanks for hosting again, and again, and again….

  20. I agree with everyone else – you look very cool in this. I really love the shoes, and also can't wait to see the teal skirt.

    It's warm enough to still wear sandals here, too, which is unheard of! Freakishly warm in Eugene, Oregon.

  21. Hi Patti!  Green is one of my favorite colors too, and camo is always good in small doses with black (and denim, I think).  Artful layering in warm weather!!

  22. Patti, that's just enough camo to look trendy without being full on commando! I tend to go a little overboard with it myself…

  23. love the back shot!  Aren't you curious of how you look from the back?  Now you know!

  24. Looking very funky Patti, that top suits you! Like you I love wearing green, to make the green of my eyes stand out.

  25. Patti, I am digging the layers and especially like the asymmetrical hem on the camouflage top.

  26. So jealous you can still show your toes! I love the embellished sandals.


  27. You look very modern and cool. I love that pencil skirt with the fun print. I'll have to check out that website, although I likely rather have too many pencil skirts 😛

  28. You look lovely Patti, I'm big on camo this season.  Will try to post another pic of myself on your Visible Monday board (though another blogger emailed to tell me that the first/last time I tried it, it didn't link through?)

  29. I totally love this look! Am brand new to your blog, and a new follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your style.


  30. Love the top–it's really flattering to you!!  I read about matching color to your eyes. guess that's why I love teal so much!!!

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