Classics: Khaki Skirt, Black Cat

This is a simple outfit I put together for a light day at work: a GAP black tee, khaki midi skirt, and animal print flats.

I think I can do a lot more with this full cotton skirt in future wearings, like using a colorful scarf as a belt. Patterned tights would also be cool, with short boots. And etc. I like to add neutral basics like this to my closet and then play with them.

A favorite photo-bomber is Stinky, my sweet eleven year-old cat. We found her abandoned on our street at about three months old, and she’s been a lovable little friend ever since. In human years, she’s just a little older than I am, but she can leap on the screen and terrorize a lizard. It hurts when I do that!

“I am mildly suspicious of your behavior, innocent as it may seem.”
“You have disturbed the force, now I show you my tail.”

Have you added a simple classic piece lately that you’re having fun with?

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  1. I am starting to wear shorter skirts…oh, I don't mean mini, but skirts that go a bit pass the knee.  They add such a beautiful silhouette 🙂  I like the color of yours… 

  2. A blog reader sent me a lovely oatmeal colored skirt that is somewhat similar to yours and I love it. I will have to try it with black. 
    Your kitty is so big and long! 

  3. The most recent piece I've added to my repertoire is a vintage royal blue wool pencil skirt, circa 1963. Can't get more classic than that! I love this midi skirt on you. And you've accessorized so nicely with such a pretty kitty!!! ~Sarah

  4. Okay, it may tire you out but I would love to see you try to scare a lizard! LOL! Your Stinky narrative is too funny. And by the way, you look fantastic!! I like black with khaki. 

  5. I have to confess that without a doubt, this is my FAVORITE Not Dead Yet outfit/post ever.  Where do I begin?  Um, black and khaki is one of my favorite combinations.  I love the silhouette of the skirt, the simplicity of the top with the beautiful ballet neckline (your figure is amazing), and an intriguing pendant. The animal print shoes finish it off with just the right amount of attitude.

    I grew up with cats, black cats.  I love them, adore them, wish I could have one.  Can't 'cause my hubby to sooooo allergic.  I'll have to admire from afar.  Thank you for my vicarious pet-moment, in addition to a great outfit.  I'm happy now. 

  6. This skirt looks extremely versatile, as you said. Always handy to have one in the wardrobe…

  7. I absolutely love your skirt.You are always so well dressed in your classic, but unique pieces. 

    You also have a sweet little photobomber there. I'm partial to my street cats. Sammy, our black adult male, is so utterly grateful not to be on the street, whereas the kittens are little jerkfaces and spoiled rotten. However poor Sammy was almost called Stinky for the longest time as he began to eat cat food and not garbage. Pee-yew!

  8. I have a longer khaki skirt that I wear with almost every color I have – black, white, red, salmon, turquoise, even lime green. It's so versatile.

    You looked great in the Karina post – loved your scarf!

  9. I have a longer khaki skirt that I wear with almost every color I have – black, white, red, salmon, turquoise, even lime green.

    You looked great in the Karina post – loved your scarf!

  10. I love that skirt!  I recently bought a khaki a-line cotton skirt from Uniqlo that I wear constantly.  I think I have worn an exact replica of your outfit 🙂  Great minds must think alike.

  11. that's a wonderful versatile skirt. i like the combination with black and animal print. but you can also add many other colors and patterns. what i particularly love is the nice neckline at your black tee, simple but feminine. 

  12. I'm actually wearing a similar shape/colour/length skirt today – and a leaf necklace! I love little Stinky – what a sweet kitty.

  13. Love it!! Stinky is quite the glorious accessory!!

    I've been on the hunt for a midi/maxi length khaki skirt and seeing your lovely one has steeled my resolve to find one!!

  14. LOVE this look!  On my last trip through the Portland OR airport, I found a skirt marked at 70% off very similar to yours.  I have worn it with a black sweater and flat black boots.

  15. That is a great skirt. I also love your pendant. Stinky also looks very luxurious and chic in his coat…lol.

    I enjoyed your appearance on The Karina Chronicles. You are one stunning lady.

  16. I can really see this one jazzed up with the other options you described.  The silhouette of the skirt takes it from just being basic to something more special. 

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