What I Wore: Sharp Pencil

Today we are feeling the chill of Florida winter! But yesterday was a more typical 75+ degree day, and I dressed accordingly.

I showed off the black version of this knit pencil skirt for Visible Monday. Here’s the blue one I ordered as soon as I tried on the black one! The blue gives a different vibe I think. It’s more a focal point here than a solid background piece. It will do well with simple neutral sweaters all Winter, or I can go bolder and pair it with burgundy or green.

I chose a classic topper, a chocolate bow-tie blouse with mini polka-dots. It was thrifted, along with the suede belt and colorful bangles. And the skirt was a steal, via Ideeli.com.

How do you style your bright skirts/trousers? Are they the stars of the show, or equal partners with your other pieces?

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  1. I love this classic twist on you. I style brights as the stars of the outfit. It was hot here until yesterday with sort sleeves and all.

  2. Great pencil skirt and I love the color.  Makes me want to run out and find a skirt or three.  Mini-polka dots in brown and white pair nicely with the blue.

  3. Brown with blue is a wonderful combination – though not so many people dare mixing the two…I usually like to style a bright skirt with a quiet top.
    xo from the West coast of Florida where it's getting cool too.
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  4. Swooning over the colors here, Patti. I love that shade of blue (I call it "alice blue") and it pairs perfectly with your polkadot chocolatey blouse.

    I like to strive for balance when wearing anything, but sometimes I do let my brightly colored bottoms be the centerpiece. I'm hardly a black pants or jeans type of girl.

  5. Usually I'll wear a deeper solid color with a bright skirt or bottom.  But I think your print blouse looks more modern, and I applaud the brown-blue combo.  Cool.

  6. That pencil skirt is lovely on you; I love that shade of blue.

    Because I'm a bit of a spaz, I actually often pair my bright bottoms with other brights.  Not always, but often enough that I'd say my brights aren't the star of the show.  I love them with prints too.

  7. I am so in love with pencil skirts right now. I lack blue, but seeing yours here, I am now wondering why.

    Brown/blue is a long-standing and much loved colour combination for me. You nailed it. 🙂

  8. so pretty!  I love adding a bright pops to an outfit.  It really can make the difference.  That skirt is stellar!

  9. Very fresh and classy looking Patti!  You know me well enough by now…my bright skirts and trousers are usually equal partners with my other pieces.


  10. the skirt is beautiful and the polka dot top too! i love the mix of brown and bright blue so much. i sometimes combine bright colored skirts or pants with simple black tees but sometimes also with a bright color, green with yellow or green with red.

  11. Nice Patti i like the brown and blue combination –
    I do both i guess to reply to your question, it depends what mood i am in i guess
    But i do like to put more than less !

    Have a great day

    Ariane xxx

  12. I really like this smart, fitted, shapely silhouette on you, Patti's, shows off your gorgeous figure!
    I don't suppose it's any surprise that I like a mix of brights in an outfit, and often a mix of patterns too! xxx

  13. The chocolate brown with that cerulean blue is such a great color combination. I usually wear black or white with my bright pants and skirts. I will have to branch out to other colors…like brown. And yes, I do make them the star of the show. 

  14. Wow, Patti, you look fabulous! (Well, except for your head…where's your head??) I love the pencil silhouette on you! 

    I usually do both. With bright bottoms, other brights can really pop – it's a real statement look. I'm also learning the value of letting a bright piece shine and not having to shout with my colour – yay for neutrals!

  15. i like to let the bright pieces speak for themselves
    isn't great when you find something you love that fits so well you want more than one

  16. Great look, Patti! I'm still wanting a bright skirt, but feeling as though it puts me all out of balance whenever I try one on. 

  17. Oh I love this blue pencil…there is just nothing like a great pencil skirt!  Since I wrote about my red pencil a couple of days ago, I guess I would say that I style them as the star of the show!  This was a wise wardrobe purchase!

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