Hot Pink And Florals: Visible Monday

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It seems that every season, the fashion runways announce “Florals are back!” For this fall/winter season the formula is “dark florals” for the win. I think I remember dark florals being the latest thing about three years ago too. Lesson learned: wear florals whenever you like 🙂

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

I do like florals, especially the vivid print in this full flouncy skirt, from Modcloth (similar). I have even worn this skirt here with a floral top, mixing prints like the total badass that I am. Today I’m wearing a hot pink tank top, and a softer pink cardigan (sim). The pink-plus-pink put me in danger of “too precious”, but I think I steered clear of that. A lovely green pendant, from Citizen Rosebud – a gift from Sandy – and a thrifted emerald cuff (sim) are my jewels for the day.

Without the sweater, you can see my sassy dog-print cast cover.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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Stay fabulous,


Here are some pieces I’d like to play with:

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  1. I still love my hot pink pants from Lerners. I sure miss that store! I made a blouse and skirt so I can interchange my hot pink jacket and pants with it. I am not one who stands on the sidelines! LOL

  2. Oh man, I missed it! Hahaha. But you look dazzling in pink. I love your doggy cast cover. People may misconstrue is as a huge honkin’ bangle. Heh. I love your dark florals too.

  3. You look so dangerous in your pinks and florals. It’s that paw print cast cover that puts you over the edge, Patti. Good to see you back in real time again.

  4. Hope the arm isn’t to painful now. You certainly know how to wear a dressing Patti.
    Super colours and I do love a bit of floral
    Lynn x

  5. Patti, you look amazing! You are seriously rocking the hot pink and you’ve got so much sass and attitude there’s not a hint of being too precious or girlie. xxx

  6. SO CUTE!!! Right down to the paw print cast!!
    Flrals are just so darn delightful and I think black backgrounds have a way of making them just a bit more sophisticated. The bright sweater is great but boy do you have a lot of optional colors to try!!

  7. I am mad about florals and wear them whether they are in fashion or not. Your skirt is fabulous and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of pink! xxx

  8. Such a great look, Patti! The vivid pinks are great with your coloring and that floral skirt is beautiful! Just lovely!

  9. You look amazing in this skirt! Dark florals were all the rage last year too! I remember hearing that a lot. Maybe they say it every year? 🙂 I bought a dark floral top last year because I kept hearing it!

  10. Wow, what a pretty look! I am not a pink person, and I really like the double pink combination. It is quite striking and looks perfect with your flouncy floral skirt. Cute dog brace, too!

  11. Very pretty outfit! I’m glad to learn the new trends each season. I have been adding a little floral to my closet over the spring and summer. I could kick myself for getting rid of several floral things last year when trying to clean out my closet! Great post! Happy Monday! Peace!

  12. Your cast matches your outfit!

    Love the vintage vibe this has. Very 1950’s.

    It is like every year when spring comes around and gingham is “in”. Florals are a classic just like gingham.


  13. Dark florals and hot pink are always a wonderful combination and suit you perfectly Patti. It always amuses me when colours and patterns are considered the thing of the season , they never really go out. Hope that arm is mending nicely.

  14. This is a lovely outfit! And pink is such a great colour for summer, and it takes a real badass woman to wear hot pink…

  15. I’m way more into stripes than florals, but I’ve been trying to branch out a little bit. Dark florals are everywhere now. BTW, that cat is killing it!

  16. I’m kinda having a moment with florals right now and I am obsessed with all the darks and red dominant prints this season. I love red, so a dark red floral or a red/pink combo makes me so happy. I wore florals this past weekend as well – they are an instant mood lifter! Love your skirt and I’m with you, pattern mix to your hearts content!

  17. Great floral skirt! It looks great with the pink top. And, I agree, wear florals whenever you like!

    I hope your wrist is healing okay!

    Thanks for the link up & have a great week!

  18. Loving the cast cover! and excellent lesson which I totally agree with, “wear florals whenever you want”. This floral skirt is one I know I’d be wearing a lot!

  19. I’m always amused when the mags and other media outlets announce florals as a big trend for the upcoming season. When did they go out of style? Dark, bright, big, or small, I wear them all. I’m glad to know that you’re a fellow floral lover too. You’re looking great, Patti. Always stylish even with your temporary added accessory. Thanks for hosting and bringing in the new week.

  20. Cute look, the shoes are precious! Thanks for the link up…I am here listening to the howling wind and rain from Hurrican Harvey. We are not getting what Houston is…but we all need Harvey to go away!

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