Paint It Black (With A Dash Of Color)

Some women wear black every day, by choice or as a uniform. Orchestral musicians, for example, almost always wear black head to toe when they perform. It’s well known that New York City fashion editors follow the law of: black, black, and more black. For the rest of us, it’s an option, and one that can add foundation and variety to our wardrobes.

Here is a cool, moody cover of the Stone’s hit:

I chose to do all black today, anchored by an unstructured thrifted dress by COS (similar). I love wearing this easy dress, especially now, because it slides over my cast like a dream, and it’s a great canvas.

I went with green jewelry – I don’t often match my jewelry, but I think these two pieces work well together. The pendant is from Citizen Rosebud, and was a birthday gift from Sandy. The enamel bracelet (sim) was thrifted eons ago, I still love wearing it.


Super comfortable metallic sandals finish the look. All my shoes since the Big Fall are either rubber soled or made by the Michelin Man.

Some of the gorgeous women from Visible Monday are also rocking black this week. Like me, they’ve added splashes of color and their own personalities.

Black can be sassy and summery: Kellyann of This Blonde’s Shopping Bag looks terrific in an off the shoulder knit dress. She makes it sparkle with a turquoise floral necklace and multicolor clutch. Black doesn’t always have to be serious. ๐Ÿ™‚

Black can make any outfit look dressier: Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living And Style combined a black tunic top with distressed jeans, an oversized bag, and the cutest shoes ever. So chic.

Black is a great foundation: Carmen of Fashionable Over 50 is amazing in an all-black capri outfit, with a floral kimono as a topper. She also happens to be visiting the High Line in Chelsea, one of them must-see venues in New York City.



Stay fabulous, and wear what you love every day,


Some inspiration from the darker side:

Header image via this site.

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  1. You’re looking fabulous in black and I love the green accents provided by your bangle and necklace. I used to wear black almost exclusively in the past, which might be why it doesn’t feature much in my current wardrobe. I do have a fabulous vintage LBD somewhere, but haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet … xxx

  2. You know when someone sings about wanting to paint it black there’s simply got to be impact residing somewhere thererin right? You look comfy and COOL AS MICK.

  3. I adore black. And I too like the colour in the bangle with it. The love how these other women have styled their black too. It’s an incredibly versatile colour. Love the soundtrack with this!

  4. I love Carmen’s outfit.

    Black is classic but I like how you’ve added the green. It makes it much more “you”.


  5. My wardrobe “turned aqua” within a year of my retirement to Florida. Time for me to get my edge back. You look great and I wish you a complete recovery.

    • Nothing wrong with a wardrobe that turns aqua! And thank you for your kind thoughts on my recovery, XO

  6. You look so comfy & Chic. There was a time when we could not wear much black in the Florida heat. But fabrics are so favorable to summer weather now, and you rock this look.

    • Oh yes, I agree, Neti. Florida summer does not seem made for wearing black. But Iโ€™m wearing a black tank top today feeling good. Thanks for reading and commenting, xo.

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