Don’t Fall Down; Visible Monday Reminder

Seriously, friends, be extra careful walking on your wet tile bathroom floor. I think I already knew that, but on Tuesday morning I took a violent spill, and ended up at the hospital with a badly broken wrist. It’s especially scary when the doctor looks at your x-rays and can only shake his head and mumble.

I had to have surgery, and now I have a Frankenstein style metal device sticking out of my forearm. And since my right hand is not usable, I’m finding so many new jobs for my husband, like “can you open this Tylenol bottle for me?” It’s going to be a long recovery, seven weeks until this metal contraption (“external fixator“) can be taken off. It rules out any type well-fitted blouse or dress.

broken wrist

I did get out of the house today, achy broken wrist and all, hallelujah. We had lunch at our favorite barbecue place and since I am not a natural lefty, a lot of my corn ended up in my lap.

So for right now, I’m taking life easy, and trying not to look at my bionic woman arm. Seriously, I am grateful that my injuries didn’t extend any further than my wrist, that I got good medical care, and that I have my wonderful husband at home to help care for me.
Stay fabulous, don’t fall down, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,

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  1. Patti, even though this is my first time reading your blog, my heart went out to you. I’m so thankful that was the only serious injury you suffered! I feel it is wrong to tell you I enjoyed your post when it was about something so bad happening, but it was definitely inspiring! I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  2. Patti — It’s a testament to your strength and determination that you were still able to post this blog — and one-handed! Your readers are grateful. Also, thanks for the important reminder that we all need to be careful, especially with our older, more fragile bones.

  3. Patti — It’s a testament to your strength and determination that you could make the most of your injury and post this blog! One-handed! Your readers are grateful. Also, thanks for the reminder that we all need to be extra careful, especially now that our older bones are more fragile. Hope you heal soon.

  4. A little late commenting but I feel your pain. About 17 years ago when I was in my 60’s I tripped on my purse handle (lesson learned, be aware of where you place your purse), went down like a linebacker and broke my humerus bone (not funny) in my right arm. Doctors said it was like the ice cream fell off the cone. What an ordeal with a big, long pin in arm, doing everything with my left hand, mid summer in south Florida (I know you can relate). Heal quickly.

  5. Oh no Patti! A spill like that on tile is very scary. And the wrist has so many small bones, it’s a tricky injury. Take good care of it so it heals fast. Got to say, though, you still managed to look very stylish despite your Frankestein-ish accessory 🙂


  6. Oh Patti, that looks so uncomfortable – I’m so sorry! As you said, it could have been worse, and I’m glad you have your husband there to do all the heavy lifting (and bottle opening). Hope you heal completely and quickly!

  7. Just found out today about your fall, sweetie. Do let hubby and anyone esle who offers to take care of you. Put your feet and enjoy the pampering. I do hope that you’ve got good pain relief.
    Get well soon!
    Anna x

  8. Be well soon dear heart! Stay inside out of the heat and let that fabulous
    husband spoil you – you deserve it!
    Prayers sent up for you; all my best, Mimi

  9. Oh Patti, so sorry-I broke my wrist in my twenties (my dominant hand) and know how though it is and how you have to rely on others. I was in college at the time and had to take my Philosophy exam orally in front of the professor. Broken wrist=not fun. Take care and think positive.

  10. Ow!!! OW!!! How awful. What a shock to your system. I’m glad you got all fixed again with temporary bionic looks, if not powers. And if you get bored with a black contraption, I suspect you (husband) can fold and pin on other colour from a scarf or fabric. Heal well, Patti.

  11. Argh! How awful. Heal soon!
    To try to put the most positive spin possible on this: if you are right-handed and forced to use your left hand, it’s great exercise for your brain.

  12. I’m so sorry Patti!! Also, thank you for the reminder to be wary of any kind of wet or (in my neck of the woods), icy surface. I’m sure this will be a learning experience, replete with all sorts of creative adapting for the sake of living fully and probably fashionably as well! I can tell that your wisdom and positive attitude are serving you well. You look lovely in this pretty top and skirt!

  13. Oh dear. That’s a crappy way to have to spend the rest of your summer, Patti. So sorry. Pamper yourself… girl. Lots of tea or cooling drinks, good books, and feet up. And stay away from the soup. When Stu had his shoulder operated on and immobilized for six weeks, soup was the one thing he could not master with his left hand, unless I put it in a cup and he drank it.

  14. Ouch! Poor you. I’m impressed that you still manage to look fabulous despite that nasty injury. xxx

  15. What a scary and painful thing to happen! I hope there a some great therapy places in your area. It wouldn’t hurt to start checking. Best wishes to you!

  16. Take best care! Anything sprained or broken is terrible. When I sprained my ankle, I had to use crutches and really struggled with them. No more wearing heels when I ride my bike.

  17. Life is an adventure – we just never know exactly where it will take us! I know you’ll do fine, and I imagine you will come up with some very creative and colorful sling covers!

  18. Sorry for the tumble. Not fun. Tell the doc to work on his poker face. Hope the healing goes well.

  19. Yikes! Double Yikes. What a shock to your system. I’m going to a Healing Circle on Wednesday night and I’ll put your name forward, if that’s okay. Please let me know.

  20. Awwww bless your heart Patti, I hope the next 7 weeks goes by quickly for you and you’re able to rid yourself of the fixator!

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