Bored With Your Summer Wardrobe? Here’s The Cure

Are you (in the Northern Hemisphere) getting tired of your summer wardrobe? Are those tees and capris starting to look too familiar? If you live where summer is six months long, like here in Florida, you surely are ready for some new creative approaches.

You no doubt are already creative, and you’re eyeballing your closet for solutions. And as per always, the fab women of Visible Monday have inspiration for bringing new energy to the summer closet.

Add a colorful new bag or sandals: Terri of Meadow Tree Style looks fresh with her new leather bag in deep purple. Love how it works back to her hatband too. A simple change of accessories can liven up your summer wardrobe. The cat, of course, is always cool and refreshed.

summer wardrobe


Try an easy maxi dress with light accessories: Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun chose an easy-fitting maxi dress with no cling, no sleeves, and lots of comfort. An airy dress like this, in a fun print, is a great way to add new life to your summer closet. Dawn Lucy added the lightest jewelry and sandals too – a good tip for accessorizing in the heat.

summer wardrobe


Wear strapless in the daytime: Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood is lovely and confident in a strapless sundress. Why not wear a dress you usually save for “special” – on any day of the summer? Daytime accessories and big sunglasses can change up the look of a dressier dress.

summer wardrobe


Play with your makeup: Nina of Sharing A Journey wrote about her summer makeup palette, always a fun and affordable way to change our look. This collection has a groovy bronzer that can substitute for a damaging “real” suntan. Changing to either a bright or nude  lipstick, depending on your skintone, can be a fun summer changeover.

summer wardrobe

Stay fabulous, stay cool, and please share your tips for tweaking your summer wardrobe,

Some warm-weather treats to make your closet happy:


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    • Totally understand that, Jody! When I got home from the hospital last night I threw away what I had been wearing ; )

  1. I love dressing for the seasons but when the rest of the world is wearing real Fall clothing and we’re still wearing Summer clothes I start getting ancy! I long for cardigans, boots, and scarves when in reality I’m still wearing shorts, long flowy dresses and skirts, and sandals! Oh, first world problems, lol!

    • I know what you mean Kellyanne. I feel the same way right about September. xox

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