What Are Your Fall Style Cravings?

I don’t take my style inspiration from the runway, at least not most of the time (exception here). And Florida Fall is still about two and a half months away, so perhaps I am premature. But as the calendar – if not the temperature – changes, I think we all look forward to the next season’s offerings.

And even though I am not a runway diva, I do like to browse through the designers’ collections, to get an idea of what I want to add to my closet. Here are some pieces I look forward to playing with, whether via retail or the thrifts. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments.

Something new in the Pantone colors of the season. Especially a sweater or blouse in Tawny Port, and a scarf/skirt/shoes in Shaded Spruce. Love these deep, rich colors.


A long, open topper in faux shearling or faux suede.  This piece makes a cool fashion statement, and is just right for Florida Fall and Winter. It will look great over jeans or a midi skirt and boots.


I like this two-tone faux suede elongated vest.

Velvet. I’m on the hunt for a velvet jacket. I just love the feel of the fabric, and whether it’s pricey or thrifted, it looks rich. I am crazy for this slightly oversized version, in an unexpected, iridescent neutral. This one‘s from Anthropologie.


Some glitter and shine. Glitter and sparkle are trending hard on the runway. I am not a big sparkle lover, but these sneakers can definitely find a home in my closet. So cute.


The Queen of Dragon’s winter coat. I don’t wear real fur, so the Game of Thrones stylists will need to create me one of these in faux. I can wait. Here’s a picture of Dany herself wearing this magnificent piece.

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  1. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow youif that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blogand look forward to new updates.

  2. I’m just looking forward to wearing layers, including jackets, again. The coat worn by Daenarys was STUNNING! I had seen a few people post online that after that episode, the mystery about where Jon Snow’s Direwolf, Ghost, had disappeared to, had been solved 😉

  3. I do love the autumn/falls hues. I might be adding a few new sweaters with the fun sleeves to my wardrobe and possibly a new velvet something.

  4. OK, that coat from Game Of Thrones i STUNNING!!!
    Please vonsider making those “ruby tenis shoes yourself with cheaper shoes and craft paint from Michaels…
    Do you follow Jodie Filogamo Patti?

    • Hi Jude! Yes, that’s a good idea about the sneakers, and I am a big fan of Jodie’s. xo

  5. I am quite partial to Autumn, which I’ve always attributed to having been born in September, and I’m actually looking forward to reacquaint myself with my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. The new colours for Autumn always excite me more than the new ones for Spring/Summer. Boots, hats, opaque tights, winter coats: bring them on! My favourite of the Autumn colours is tawny part, perhaps a velvet piece in that colour? xxx

  6. Nice post, Patti! The Pantone colors for this fall seem an odd, mixed lot, but there does seem to be something for everyone’s taste. This season, I can easily find most of these colors already in my closet, since I love pink, red and pretty much all shades of blue! I think Shade Spruce is the color I am most inspired to add to my mix, and textures, like velvet.

  7. I just druled over at the Zara site! Floral skirt in beautiful colors, pointed ankle boots and a leather skirt i know I can’t resist!

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