Would Ya? Just For Beauty’s Sake

Some clothing is just plain beautiful. My lifestyle doesn’t require gorgeous dresses. But, like gazing at a beautiful painting, sunrise, or big city skyline, some dresses evoke happiness and even awe.

I was inspired by the following dresses in a brochure from Rent The Runway (they are not a sponsor), where you choose and “book” a designer dress for an event, then return it. And although it’s impractical and a little loony, I might rent one for a weekend. The pizza shop may not recover from the sudden infusion of beauty. 

Alberta Ferretti “Flora” dress. Perfect for dinner at Continental Flambe (or Beachside Cafe)
Matthew Williamson gown. Love the black side panels and Asian print.
Makes me feel like dancing: possibly my favorite, a rich green frock by Nina Ricci.

And/or I could own a lovely dress for well under $100, if I Shop Secondhand.

I could shop at Etsy, or eBay, or sew my own.

Would you/ have you ever considered renting a pricey designer dress? And what does a dress need to possess to make you smile?

Have a beauty-loving day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I might consider renting one for a special occasion (not the pizza joint hahaha). Not for the name, but for the beauty. Like the top dress…. How pretty. The second too.
    But I never have any events anymore which require such dresses.
    What a sress needs to possess to make me smile??? Making ME look good instead of everybody thinking "what a great dress and what a waist on her" LOL

  2. Nope, I wouldn't rent a dress. I love the hunt of finding a great dress on a deep discount for special events (but I don't have many dressy events to go to these days).

    What makes me smile about a dress is the fit. If it skims but doesn't cling, if it's truly kneelength (not sort of kneelength but actually rides up to flash lots of thigh), if it has flattering sleeves…

    Also, a great colour or pattern.

  3. Such pretty dresses!!! I can't explain what I like in a dress… I just know it when I see it lolzzzzz

  4. Great looks for spring.

    Happy Friday!




  5. I would rent one and a fabulous bag ,too. But I would be far happier if I could sew one of those on my own!

  6. I am going to think about that Matthew Wiliamson gown all day..it is gorgeous! Because of fit…i think I would struggle with renting a gown. It is so hard to know sometimes if it will work or not. I have considered renting a designer handbag before just to see how the process does.

  7. helpful to have a lawyer for a parent, I always say : >

  8. That first dress is an explosion of flowers. How gorgeous!

    If I had something extra special to attend I might consider renting a gown. It would make the evening truly memorable.


  9. I admit to having several Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dresses (that I wear to work, on holiday, wherever). Unlike most 'designer' dresses, they are washable (very omportant for a sundress) . A fabulous dress is something I would be willing to spend money on, provided it does not need dry cleaning, as I wear a lot of dresses. However, I don't have dresses, or other clothes, for going out or special occasions. My going out clothes are pretty much the same as my everyday clothes…

  10. No, I'd never rent a dress – seems like a waste of good beer money! Even for my posh night out I'll probably just wear something I already own.
    Liking the look of that eBay dress. xxx

  11. Wow, the first two dresses are wonderful for me, I would rent immediately …
    But here in a small town, I never had that opportunity. And so I often even beautiful clothes sewn for special occasions – I was always my own designer!
    But I would much rather not have this trouble, but simply rent and feel enjoy in a beautiful dress

  12. When I was studying in Oxford a bunch of my friends decided to rent the runway rather than confront the mad exchange rate on already expensive dresses. I had my Dad ship me an old BCBG outlet dress we had gotten on super sale two Christmases before. Everyone who rented looked breathtakingly gorgeous- real old Hollywood. I have to admit, I was jealous and a little self conscious at my scrimping. However, our event (a ball) lasted until 7 in the morning and was all you can drink! When we each respectively emerged at the end of the evening, the girls who had rented dresses were holding parts of the trains of their dresses. One girl's dress had literally ripped almost entirely off. Another girl's white dress was black at the bottom, and my best friend had stepped through her train with her heels.
    While I would recommend just avoiding a dress with a train, I will tell you, none of my friends had to pay to get their dresses replaced (although it probably helped that the girl with the ripped dress had a lawyer for a father). Still, I don't know if they were just gone or careless, but the train of my dress was a bit dirty but otherwise, none the worse for wear.
    tl;dr: stay away from dresses with trains, you can get away with more damage than you would think, but the dresses are pretty fragile

  13. It seems like a good idea if you go someplace that's way out of your usual sphere. Imagine yourself being invited to a state dinner at the White House. It's not like a fancy formal is a part of my usual wardrobe. Renting a dress, paying a bit for insurance against red wine stains, would be a way to have a great dress. Otherwise I'd be there in whatever TJ Maxx had available.

  14. I think renting a dress would actually be a fantastic idea for a wedding or graduation or one of those events where you buy a dress you are likely to only wear once. I love that green one by Nina Ricci too, though I want it in purple. 🙂

  15. …and now I must go Mad Hunting for a similar floral dress. Gorgeous!

  16. No, I can't imagine ever renting a dress. I have plenty of dressy frocks, I'll just wear those! I like the dress on Ebay, love that print and I would definitely be tempted by it at the right price.
    To make me smile, a dress should both fit and flatter, be a good price, usually vintage, often in a great print or fabulous colours, and angel sleeves make me particularly happy! xxx

  17. I agree with fashmr paul…the first dress is incredible! I have not considered renting a dress but I also seem to never have an occasion to wear anything formal. I think the main thing I would worry about is that something would happen to it. I am a bit of klutz and would hate to have to replace a $1000 dress because I spilled red wine on it! But who knows? Maybe I'll take the risk one day?

  18. Just read a blog by a woman who rented a dressy gown — she was disappointed by the condition of the garment. Wish I could remember the name of the blog . . . Petite something.

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