I Am A Comfort Queen, Are You?

I secretly have wanted to be a Dancing Queen, but I’m a Comfort Queen (I looked this up in the Urban Dictionary to be sure I wasn’t some new kind of misfit). There are certain looks I love, but are just too painful to wear.

I see them all the time on Pinterest, and want to copy them, but I know myself too well: I hate to be uncomfortable, even for beauty. These looks often involve form-fitting skirts, fitted tops, sky-high shoes, and cruel jewelry.

Gorgeous, but I have to breathe, eat, and walk. ASOS.
So pretty, but I would feel it all day. Nordie‘s.

Because I am a Comfort Queen, who still wants to look good, I depend on pieces like these:

  • Slim but not tight jeans. I like some breathing room at the waist and thighs. I always “size-up.”
  • Camisoles with built-in bras instead of real bras. This wouldn’t be ideal for large-busted women.
  • Relaxed tees with relaxed armholes.
  • V-neck tops and blouses. Keeps my neck from feeling crowded! This top, from Nordie’s has all the right stuff: roomy armhole, open neck and lots of style:
  • Low heels, wedges, and flats. Need I say more? These wedges from Nine West are right up my alley:
  • Jewelry I can’t feel. Like this pretty resin bracelet from Kenneth Jay Lane. Or these colorful drop earrings.

  • Skirts instead of pants and shorts.


How about you? Will you suffer a little for the sake of style?
Have a lovely evening, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I suffer a lot for the sake of style. Knowing that is stupid. But as I grow older (how much older do I need to grow before…) I do find that comfort is getting more and more important.

  2. I think I need to listen a bit more to my need for comfort. Some of my 'wardrobe orphans' are because the item is just too uncomfortable. I've got a gorgeous sparkly pastel coloured necklace that would go beautifully with lots of things but I hardly wear it 'cos it's so jolly heavy.

    And shoes! Don't get me started on shoes!

  3. I am a Comfort Queen, too! We comfort queens should have our own song, too. Where is Abba when you need them? i wear flats, comfortable jewelry and don't even get me started on all those uncomfortable underpinnings. I mentioned your blog in my post today for the Shine On and Sunshine blog awards. I just wanted to let you know! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  4. Cute post, Patti! I older I get, the less willing I am to suffer for fashion! I'm all for comfort! I love knits for this reason. I'm also lazy. No ironing for me! 😉

  5. I'm a real comfort freak! Flat shoes all the way or I get sore toes and hip. But I still try to be interesting:-) I can't wear anything tight around my middle and I know what you mean about jewellery. I can't wear dangly necklaces for too long. And in summer my skin needs to breathe…earrings at the most!

  6. Comfort all the way for me, too. I drool over high heels, but I rarely wear anything over one inch.

  7. I'm with you Patti – a stylish Comfort Queen.

    Comfort + style = clothes I love! I won't wear jogging pants and unflattering things. However, like you, I need to feel comfortable or else I can't wait to take it off and it will hang in my closet wasting precious space. Anything itchy, scratchy, stiff, too tight, painful is not my style, no matter how beautiful.

    Stilettos look great in photos, but not only are they uncomfortable, they do damage to our feet and backs. I have a couple of curb-to-car shoes for going to a restaurant, but then my shoes are hidden under the table and no one sees them, so what's the point?

    I love the shoes you have featured. I have a black pair of sandals like the white ones with zippers. (check the link to see them)

    ♥ carmen

  8. I don't mind to suffer…a bit. For an evening out…or in ; ) that is fine. I know it'll just be a few hours and there are usually martinis or champagne to numb any kind of discomfort. When I'm on vacation or need to walk lots I'm more into comfort. If I'm cranky because of my shoes or clothes I can't enjoy the moment. I'm packing for France right now and it is all about the shoes and being comfortable.

    That first photo has me squealing. I want all of it, especially those hose!


  9. I am prepared to suffer a little, but only for a very short time – like wearing high heels for an evening. Generally, I like to be comfortable. I like fitted clothes, not tight, but I hate loose/baggy things too; I always wear a bra (if your bra isn't comfortable, it's the wrong bra!); and medium heels or flats are a must these days. I don't find big jewellery or belts annoying or restricting, and wear both a lot! I guess we all have our own version of comfort. xxx

  10. I don't like belts, hate the look of pencil skirts – too corporate – and rarely wear a bra so I suppose I'm into comfort, too! x

  11. Clothes have to be comfortable. Shoes in particular. I am a real person: I walk, run, move… Life is hectic and complicated enough as it is, there is no need to try to complicate it further with difficult clothes. I agree with you, Patti, clothes have to be stylish but easy.

  12. Yes, but only up to a point. And a lot has to do with for how long. It's one thing to be discomforted during a fancy dinner-party; it's another to be unhappy all day long. My tolerance is tied to the length of time.

  13. I do not suffer for fashion now like I use to for sure, especially in the shoe area. I have to feel the solid ground beneath me. Just do not want to chance a fall at this stage. I don't mind heavy jewelry but cannot stand tight fighting clothes. I don't want them baggy but with a little wiggle room. Good post!

  14. Not so much anymore, especially not my feet. I have given away most of my heels, especially over 2 inches high. Unfortunately it's hard to find the comfort I want in a cute shoe. 🙁

  15. LIke you I am not willing to be uncomfortable. I often find that I don't like my waist belted, I don't like heels and I don't like heavy jewelry. I love the idea of the built in bra camisoles and I do sometimes wear them but they don't give me the best support so I usually only wear them at home or if I am going to be heavily layered anyhow including a coat. Unlike many people I am actually very comfortable in tights, though I always buy control top because they stay up. There is nothing worse than tights that are sliding down.
    I love those pink wedges.

  16. These are SuperFeet!


    And they are awesome. They have them for heels above an inch as well as below and I wear them in everything. From riding boots to my actually heels and they keep the weight off of the ball of your feet. And they're hard plastic so they last forever!!

  17. What is this Super Feet? Is it as amazing as it sounds and where can I get me some if so?

  18. I will corset, bind, pin, poke, prod my body into submission for the sake of fashion. That said, I cannot live without my travel flats, and I look forward to the end of the day and the end of my commute when I can shed my armour – for that is what I consider my work clothes: armour – and throw on a pair of shorts and an oversized tee. That's the Gemini in me talking.

  19. I've definitely become a Comfort Queen. But I think I let the pendulum swing too far that way in the past (years of Merrills, clogs and fleece). Now I'm more willing to wear real shoes that are comfortable enough and clothes that are a step up from yoga pants. The key for me is just being willing to invest the time to shop- takes time to find those comfy and cute pieces!

  20. Comfort all the way. My wardrobe is completely anti-suffering now. A truly foolproof outfit is one that you can put on and completely forget to think about for hours on end. I don't want to have to think about even so much as whether my neckline might drop too low and flash.

  21. I think I'm still willing to suffer a bit for fashion. Although I only wear heels that I can stand to wear all day (usually with the help of Super Feet), I am less picky in other areas. For example, I'll belt an outfit even if it's not comfortable and I do tend to love heavy jewelry. I'm really only picky about my feet, I guess.

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