What I Wore: An Almost Suit

I rarely wear suits. I like a polished look some days but my profession definitely does not require a suit. In fact, therapists have a not-very-flattering  stereotyped “style” of our own that’s often visualized this way:

Really, I’ve never seen a colleague dressed like this. Therapists are cool! ヅ

My suit today is not a real suit, but a near-suit: classic black trousers by Michael Kors, a thrifted pinstriped Tahari blazer, and a Target sheer floral shirt. A friend made the bead necklace, and the suede dancing shoes are from Goodwill, the best $4 shoes I’ve ever owned. I feel relaxed and put-together; I scrunched up my jacket sleeves to make the outfit more me.

Hope your weekend rocked like a hurricane, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and howl at the moon ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, May 5th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. LOL @ the stereotype outfit! You look wonderful Patti – I love each piece on their own and together they look great!

  2. I love your "almost" suit. This is how I do suits too when necessary. And if you are anything to go by, then no question therapists are very cool!

  3. I love every piece you have on- this is how I do suits, if I have to. And those shoes are such a find, they make me want to run out to thrift store right now! (BTW, my son's therapist wore some version of that long dress for every single session. But I live in Seattle- as far as you can get from fashion)

  4. That is a great outfit! Love the classic style and more importantly, your personal take.
    Thanks for sharing tis look with us!

  5. Hard for me to think about "In Treatment" without getting all girly butterflies for G. Byrne. I liked the show, but strongly tut-tutted over him having an affair with his patient!

  6. haha! I like your true-life social work story. We do like to look "comfortable" and "approachable" but there's no need for ankle length denim jumpers, imho. xo

  7. Okay I have now decided I want whatever magic you are putting on your hair. It looks WAY thicker and fuller lately.

    I love the scrunched up arm sleeves.

    I always think of a therapist looking like Gabriel Byrne from In Treatment ( I adored that show! As a therapist…what did you think of it?). Not a bad look at all ; )


  8. I like this so much better than a suit! You did a really good job here, Patti! I agree with Maricel…it would be fun to do a post on stereotyped styles of certain professions. I hope I do not look anything like the stereotypical teacher!

  9. My friend and I once went into a shop's fitting rooms to try stuff on, and she called out to me from her cubicle, "Ooh, this isn't right at all, I look like a social worker!" To which a random voice from another fitting room replied "Excuse me, I'm a social worker!" We laughed for hours (after apologising profusely!)
    So I don't know whether you look like a therapist or not, but you look smart and elegant and gorgeous! What a sweet little blouse, it Patti-fies the black not-suit perfectly. xxx

  10. Love the floral blouse on you and those gorgeous shoes. Work wear with added personality! x

  11. Now this is my kind of suit! Love everything about it, but that sheer floral shirt is going on my want list. Hope your weekend was 'rockin' as well. Actually it rained ALL weekend here but I just curled up an read a fantastic new book so I guess in a way it rocked.

  12. I love your outfit. It is relaxed, polished and pretty all at the same time. I definitely have an image in my head of therapists being a bit hippyish though I probably like most of the stereotypical therapist clothes.

  13. Love the outfit. Especially the scrunched up sleeves. I do that a lot as well. Makes an outfit more personal.

  14. You look beautiful! Love that blouse!
    Have a fashionable week!

    ♥ carmen


  15. I love you casual but classic suiting, Patti! You always look wonderful.

  16. And here I thought only teachers had the anti-style stigma. We should do a post on stereotyped looks based on profession. You, my dear, are sure to break the mold for fashionista therapists. Am totally digging the floral top!

  17. Love this!! Pulled together,classy yet still not stuffy!!
    you think therapists have a stereotyped "look"???
    Try being an engineer…..accessorized with a pocket protector and taped together nerd glasses!!!

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