Wide Leg Trousers – They’re Back! (And I Like Them)

I guess my minor foray into 80’s pegged pants got me in a trousers mood. I am generally a skirt and dress woman, with jeans on the side for weekends. But these new “palazzo” silhouettes look fresh/vintage to me at the same time. Is that possible?

I posted this look on Facebook a few days ago and several of you gave it a thumbs-up:

The whole look, put together by Nordie‘s. Great purse.
And a close-up of the look-at-me trousers! Not sure I’m ready for this much fun.
This color and style would suit me better, I think. Out of stock, darn! at ASOS

The Guardian has a slideshow today featuring “Wide Legged Trousers For All Ages”. Check it out here. My favorite is the first picture: love, love that ivory monochromatic look for Summer

Maybe I’m drawn (back) to this look because the loose, flowy pants could almost be a skirt. If cut properly, they skim over hips and thighs. And they swoosh! I’d wear my (yet to be owned) wide leg trousers with simple tops, like the Nordie outfit above. Either a slouchy-but-not-bulky tunic, or a more fitted tee. A short blazer or cropped cardigan up top would make for a great (casual) office look.

And check here to see how the always-fabulous Sheila of Ephemera wore her “swooshy culottes”. Love this look.

Over to you: like or no like? For others but not you? Or would you take a spin?

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  1. I will never, ever tire of giant pants. They're so awesomely girly and kick-ass all at once:)

  2. Love them, but not sure they'll work for me, unless I find exactly the right cut and rise. I wore the heck out of palazzo pants back in the '90s, and would gladly wear them again, but my figure's a lot different now from then, so it'll be tricky.

  3. Great choices Patti! I think the palazzos will look lovely on you. I've always loved mine so they've never gone away – white linen or sailor cotton.

  4. I like wide legged pants very much, especially when they look like a skirt. Already have bought a pair for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. After watching Gellhorn and Hemingway I've been in love with these trousers, Nicole Kidman looks so chic with wide leg trousers and a crisp white shirt.


  6. Yes, I like! This style is probably the only way to get me wearing trousers, exactly because they look like a maxi skirt! The floral ones are beautiful. I couldn't risk ivory – far too likely to get them dirty in the first five minutes of eearing them…

  7. I love them particularly when they have a floral print. The one I have is like that, unfortunately I can only wear it with shoes having heels. Maybe I get an idea how to avoid that when I see how others are pairing it with their flats.

  8. I love them, but have only owned one pair of wide-leg pants that actually hit me proportionally right and short enough not to drag the ground. I'm always up for different than 'norm' – however call me late to the party, I'm just getting into printed cropped pants.

  9. Yes, palazzo pants! I'd love to see more of these, and culottes. But what's fun now is that there are so many different style options going on at the same – skinny, wide, short, long. Anything goes!

  10. I love them, but hard for me to pull off because of my wide hips & short & stocky legs.
    Becky ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The print is pretty but I wore something very similar in the 70's and did not like that much fabric dangling around my ankles. I think I would have to pass on this particular style.

  12. Tall. Lanky. So taking these out of storage! And stitching up some fresh new ones. I love the print!

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