Visible Monday #93: Masculine plus Feminine

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Here’s a simple formula I rely on frequently: one part girly, one part manly, plus a statement accessory. When I went strongly masculine with my new trousers, it didn’t feel completely “me” (thanks for lots of great suggestions).

This outfit is totally me. Up top is a pale blue man’s shirt, over-sized but not enormous. I bought it at Goodwill for under $5. The skirt is layers of tulle (similar), girly as all get-out, from Target via eBay. You’ve seen the spider-web Cydwoq booties before; I think they defy classification  : >

A woman at ease in her clothes today . . .
But with a completely goofy smile. Visible!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

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  1. I like your skirt and booties. Very nice, makes your outfit modern. As it was my birthday I had no time to link up to Visible Monday. Will do so next week though.

  2. You have developed a formula that I could immediately add to my idea list. Love the tulle and the smile!

  3. I love your style mix! It really looks effortless and comfortable.
    Thanks for the shoe link, I followed it but could not detect your booties. Unless they are Spats?

  4. Your smile is so not goofy – it's gorgeous!

    I like the way you break down the parts that work for you, and the outfit looks great. You do look comfortable and confident in it. I guess I'm more likely to do it the opposite way – boyish jeans with a girly top. Ah, now I know what to wear tomorrow!

  5. Hello again, and thanks again, dear Patti! I'm really pleased you chose today to show this particular outfit (which looks especially cool on you … very pretty and feminine … suits your style!) I 'm waiting on my just-purchased tulle skirt and pondering what to wear it with. I will immediately try the masculine/feminine approach! Thanks so much for being psychic!

  6. This whole outfit! I wish I was wearing it! Those awesome boots, your beautiful blonde hair, rugged top with flirty skirt. This look is a total winner.

  7. I can tell you feel happy and comfortable in this outfit, Patti, you radiate relaxation and beauty! You always look gorgeous in blue, and the ankle boots add a bit of quirky pzazz. Lovely! xxxx

  8. I really do like the booties. I checked out their website. I will definitely have to save up to get my own pair. I like how you merged masculine and feminine, which is my usual dressing style.

  9. You look amazing. Rocking the man-shirt with such a stunningly feminine skirt and to-die-for boots. You look happy and comfy and beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting again!

  10. You are certainly onto something with the girly + masculine. This look is pretty perfect. I love the thick brown belt you added, too. It pulls everything together so well. And also, NICE find on that top! That shirt looks like it costs way more than what you paid!!


  11. Patti ….. awww … I LOVE your style every week! you always look stylish yet comfortable … if I saw you like this at the grocery store I would be thinking "wow, she looks amazing!".

  12. I love your tulle skirt and I still want one. I guess I just have to make it. Anyway all your outfits with it are just lovely. And those boot/shoes are the best.

  13. Love those booties Patti, they are so awesome!
    Have a great week!
    Sheree xxx

  14. Hi Patti-this is one of my favourite looks on you and so inspiring too-I love the masculine and feminine mix and I have similar pieces that I will definitely try and style this way. Hope you have a good week ahead! xx Sharon S-Mystyle

  15. I absolutely love masculine and feminine items together – its just up my alley. You look stunning in this outfit Patti and truly comfortable in your own skin – just what we are all striving for.
    have a wonderful week

  16. Oh, wow, I am taking lessons from you on how to wear a button-front man-style shirt. I love them, but have such trouble styling them. You look utterly gorgeous!

  17. "A woman at ease in her clothes…" Patti, you just summed up what I've been talking to clients about all week. Just being comfortably confident in your clothes and yourself. Thanks for setting such a glorious example of this ideal!!!! ~Sarah

  18. Looking really beautiful in that wonderful, simple and stylish outfit my dear! Shirts suit you so well and I LOVE those great boots!

  19. This style works so well on you Patti! It's the kind of outfit that would never work so well on my figure but I love it on others 🙂 x

  20. Your smile shows that you feel realy comfortable in this outfit! I love your mixture of today. A cute office outfit.

  21. What a fun way to mix the masculine and femine. I'm especially loving the tulle with the oversized denim and with those boots you are ready to go anywhere. Great idea!

  22. You have the best shoes! Great outfit–you look lovely and stylish.

  23. Love the idea of masculine + feminine! I've never really considered it that way before but think I incorporate parts of that as well! Love the button-down on you and tulle skirt too…. Great combo!

    XO ~Kim @

  24. What a great combination, Patti, such a comfortable yet confident look. I love your booties!

  25. Patti, I decided to keep my way too big (size 10) thrifted J. Crew shirt, because of the way you wear menswear shirts. I'm also keeping my eye out for my first menswear shirt to thrift. You look amazing, but those Cydwoqs absolutely steal the show, which is hard to do with someone as lovely as you.

  26. This is FANTASTIC. The men's tailoring plays nicely off of the feminine skirt…the belt toughens it up a wee bit…and don;t even get me started on those boots! Well-played!

  27. I'm a big fan of mixing masculine & feminine items. Love this look. That tulle skirt is fabulous!

  28. Fun mix, Patti! Those boots are fabulous, and really make the outfit something special.

  29. Men's classic button down is my all time favorite and I have many.. yet, I am still looking for that 'perfect' pair – white, crisp and evergreen! Great pairing, Patti!

  30. A touch of masculine really works for your Patti!! Looks great! As always, thanks for hosting this event!!

  31. I love how comfortable you are with your ensemble – simple and chic – also what I aspire to!

  32. That shirt in that pale blue color works so well on your slight build and pale skin. I'm also glad to see another woman as fond of wearing skirts as I am. But I think your best accessory by far this week is that mischievous smile!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  33. 1 part ladyish, 1 part masculine and 1 part AWESOME, I say. This is lovely, Patti – and accessorised with a gorgeous smile x

  34. I love the tulle skirt. It is just so cute and you are right those shoes are beyond classification but suit your sophisticated taste in clothing so well.

  35. I love the tulle skirt Patti! And the one part girly, one part manly is a pretty good formula you've got going there!

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